fidonews SHORT
Num From To Subject Date
6083Ward DosscheAl KaiserRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-16 10:45:17
6082Al KaiserBj”rn FeltenNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 08:47:09
6081David DrummondLee LofasoThe Psalms Prophecy2018-01-16 11:31:01
6080Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: IPv62018-01-16 02:27:17
6079Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Psalms Prophecy2018-01-16 02:22:00
6078Lee LofasoAllIPv62018-01-16 02:21:22
6077Lee LofasoJanis KrachtBread for the Masses2018-01-16 02:21:14
6076Lee LofasoGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 01:46:14
6075Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 01:46:02
6074Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 01:45:24
6073Lee LofasoGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 01:45:16
6072Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnNo Peace Possible2018-01-16 01:45:07
6071Lee LofasoRoger NelsonAmazing ...2018-01-15 23:22:29
6070Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 23:22:21
6069Lee LofasoGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 23:22:13
6068Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 23:22:04
6067Lee LofasoGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 23:21:26
6066Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe possessive does not have an apostrophe. DUH! :)2018-01-15 23:21:18
6065Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe possessive does not have an apostrophe. DUH! :)2018-01-15 23:21:09
6064Lee LofasoWard DosscheNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 23:21:00
6063Gerrit KuehnGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-15 18:28:01
6062Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-15 08:10:08
6061Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-15 01:35:00
6060Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-14 19:26:16
6059FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2018-01-15 00:57:20
6058FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [06/07]: Special Interest2018-01-15 00:57:20
6057FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-15 00:57:20
6056FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-15 00:57:20
6055FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2018-01-15 00:57:20
6054FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2018-01-15 00:57:20
6053FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [01/07]: General Articles2018-01-15 00:57:20
6052FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:03 [00/07]: The Front Page2018-01-15 00:57:20
6051Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Almost Lost Hawaii2018-01-14 13:21:19
6050David DrummondLee LofasoThe Psalms Prophecy2018-01-14 14:04:26
6049Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-13 20:16:00
6048Carol ShenkenbergerGerrit KuehnOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-13 19:48:06
6047Lee LofasoWard DosscheNo Peace Possible2018-01-14 01:10:26
6046Lee LofasoAllAlmost Lost Hawaii2018-01-14 01:10:18
6045Lee LofasoAllThe Psalms Prophecy2018-01-14 01:10:09
6044Gerrit KuehnGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-13 15:08:12
6043Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-13 07:22:15
6042Gregory DeyssGerrit KuehnRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-13 07:08:02
6041Gerrit KuehnGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-13 09:00:20
6040Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-13 02:51:18
6039Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-12 18:45:10
6038Paul QuinnBOB ACKLEYOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-13 06:56:25
6037BOB ACKLEYGREGORY DEYSSRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-12 11:40:11
6036BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: No Peace Possible2018-01-12 11:37:07
6035BOB ACKLEYPAUL QUINNAmazing ...2018-01-12 11:32:19
6034BOB ACKLEYCAROL SHENKENBERGEROn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-12 11:23:10
6033BOB ACKLEYJOACIM MELINRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-12 11:21:08
6032BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: On this day in 2004 ...2018-01-12 11:17:19
6031BOB ACKLEYJOACIM MELINRe: Stealing Elections2018-01-12 11:16:20
6030BOB ACKLEYJOACIM MELINRe: Forever Man2018-01-12 11:07:20
6029Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: The possessive does not have an apostrophe. DUH! :)2018-01-12 11:46:28
6028Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondThe possessive does not have an apostrophe. DUH! :)2018-01-12 11:17:17
6027David DrummondRoy WittAmazing ...2018-01-12 18:15:26
6026David DrummondBj”rn FeltenNo Peace Possible2018-01-12 18:13:23
6025Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-12 09:10:29
6024Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 19:15:19
6023Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 19:09:12
6022Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 18:02:15
6021Roy WittRoger NelsonRe: Amazing ...2018-01-11 16:21:09
6020Roger NelsonWard DosscheAmazing ...2018-01-11 08:11:06
6019Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 13:44:13
6018Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 13:19:17
6017Kees van EetenWard DosscheNo Peace Possible2018-01-11 12:27:03
6016Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-11 11:49:09
6015Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-11 06:28:21
6014Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-10 20:35:06
6013Paul QuinnWard DosscheAmazing ...2018-01-11 11:15:27
6012Ward DosscheAllAmazing ...2018-01-11 01:52:17
6011Lee LofasoAllChallenge to Ward2018-01-11 01:25:21
6010Joacim MelinBjörn FeltenRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-10 16:39:25
6009Joacim MelinGregory DeyssRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-10 16:37:08
6008Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-10 15:59:16
6007Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-10 07:40:23
6006alexander koryaginBjâ– rn FeltenRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-10 09:39:07
6005Bj”rn FeltenTIM RICHARDSONNo Peace Possible2018-01-10 06:20:11
6004Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginNo Peace Possible2018-01-10 06:18:20
6003Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-10 06:07:03
6002Gregory DeyssJoacim MelinRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-09 19:04:23
6001Joacim MelinTIM RICHARDSONRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-09 08:33:05
6000Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-09 08:27:08
5999alexander koryaginTIM RICHARDSONRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-09 08:45:19
5998Gregory DeyssTIM RICHARDSONRe: Forever Man2018-01-08 20:12:24
5997TIM RICHARDSONJOACIM MELINRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-08 17:11:00
5996TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-08 15:53:00
5995TIM RICHARDSONJOACIM MELINRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-08 16:48:00
5994David DrummondGerrit KuehnOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-09 07:52:16
5993FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2018-01-08 00:49:05
5992FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [06/07]: Special Interest2018-01-08 00:49:05
5991FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-08 00:49:05
5990FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-08 00:49:05
5989FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2018-01-08 00:49:05
5988FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2018-01-08 00:49:05
5987FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [01/07]: General Articles2018-01-08 00:49:05
5986FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:02 [00/07]: The Front Page2018-01-08 00:49:05
5985Gerrit KuehnCarol ShenkenbergerOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-07 20:43:24
5984Carol ShenkenbergerGerrit KuehnOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-07 13:47:24
5983Gerrit KuehnCarol ShenkenbergerOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-06 21:24:00
5982Carol ShenkenbergerDavid DrummondOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-06 13:35:22
5981Carol ShenkenbergerGerrit KuehnOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-06 13:32:28
5980alexander koryaginJoacim MelinRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-06 20:37:17
5979Joacim MelinTIM RICHARDSONRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-06 12:22:11
5978TIM RICHARDSONJOACIM MELINRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-05 09:41:00
5977TIM RICHARDSONJOACIM MELINRe: Forever Man2018-01-04 22:01:00
5976David DrummondWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-04 18:04:11
5975Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: On this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 22:10:13
5974David DrummondLee LofasoOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-04 06:26:05
5973David DrummondLee LofasoOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-04 06:24:19
5972Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: Forever Man2018-01-03 11:40:18
5971Gerrit KuehnLee LofasoForever Man2018-01-03 10:33:24
5970Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: On this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 09:47:21
5969Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: On this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 09:47:17
5968Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2018-01-03 07:24:26
5967Lee LofasoAllWords of Wisdom2018-01-03 07:25:01
5966Lee LofasoAllKontrol Freaks2018-01-03 03:40:21
5965Lee LofasoJoacim MelinForever Man2018-01-03 03:16:25
5964Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnForever Man2018-01-03 03:16:21
5963Lee LofasoGregory DeyssNo Peace Possible2018-01-03 03:16:19
5962Lee LofasoWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 03:16:15
5961Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 03:16:12
5960Lee LofasoDavid DrummondOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 03:16:08
5959Lee LofasoWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2018-01-03 03:16:05
5958Lee LofasoPaul QuinnGeneology Area2018-01-03 03:16:00
5957Lee LofasoNicholas BoelGeneology Area2018-01-03 03:15:26
5956Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2018-01-03 03:15:23
5955Lee LofasoRobert BasheStealing Elections2018-01-03 03:15:20
5954Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2018-01-03 03:15:16
5953Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections2018-01-03 03:15:11
5952Gregory DeyssJoacim MelinRe: No Peace Possible2018-01-01 08:37:20
5951Gerrit KuehnJoacim MelinRe: Forever Man2018-01-01 12:11:24
5950Joacim MelinGerrit KuehnRe: Forever Man2018-01-01 11:34:28
5949FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2018-01-01 07:52:29
5948FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [06/07]: Special Interest2018-01-01 07:52:29
5947FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-01 07:52:29
5946FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2018-01-01 07:52:29
5945FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2018-01-01 07:52:29
5944FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2018-01-01 07:52:29
5943FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [01/07]: General Articles2018-01-01 07:52:29
5942FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 35:01 [00/07]: The Front Page2018-01-01 07:52:29
5941Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2018-01-01 00:10:01
5940Gerrit KuehnJoacim MelinRe: Forever Man2017-12-31 14:42:06
5939Joacim MelinTIM RICHARDSONRe: Forever Man2017-12-31 09:55:07
5938Joacim MelinTIM RICHARDSONRe: No Peace Possible2017-12-31 09:52:20
5937TIM RICHARDSONALLForever Man2017-12-30 20:12:00
5936TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDNo Peace Possible2017-12-30 20:09:00
5935TIM RICHARDSONALLPalestinian Statehood2017-12-30 20:04:00
5934Lee LofasoAllPsychic Predictions2017-12-30 14:42:07
5933Gregory DeyssCarol ShenkenbergerRe: sorry2017-12-28 18:36:06
5932Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: On this day in 2004 ...2017-12-29 00:22:14
5931David DrummondLee LofasoOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-29 06:51:04
5930Bill McGarrityBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-27 08:51:00
5929Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-27 09:50:08
5928Ward DosscheLee LofasoOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-27 05:12:00
5927Carol ShenkenbergerLee LofasoOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-26 21:58:19
5926Carol ShenkenbergerWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-26 21:41:29
5925Lee LofasoWard DosscheOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-27 01:55:25
5924Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-27 01:55:17
5923BOB ACKLEYBILL MCGARRITYStealing Elections2017-12-26 11:10:22
5922Ward DosscheAllOn this day in 2004 ...2017-12-26 12:32:25
5921Lee LofasoDavid DrummondForever Man2017-12-25 05:22:17
5920FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-12-25 01:43:02
5919FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-12-25 01:43:02
5918FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-25 01:43:02
5917FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-25 01:43:02
5916FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-12-25 01:43:02
5915FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-12-25 01:43:02
5914FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:52 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-12-25 01:43:02
5913Lee LofasoAllImam Mahdi2017-12-25 01:01:04
5912David DrummondJoacim MelinForever Man2017-12-25 07:33:13
5911Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Forever Man2017-12-24 17:19:03
5910Lee LofasoWard DosscheForever Man2017-12-24 17:23:15
5909Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Forever Man2017-12-24 08:02:10
5908Lee LofasoAllForever Man2017-12-24 01:56:12
5907David DrummondHenri DerksenNo Peace Possible.2017-12-24 07:39:27
5906Henri DerksenDavid DrummondNo Peace Possible.2017-12-22 14:03:00
5905Lee LofasoAllAdvice for Trump2017-12-23 07:43:26
5904Lee LofasoAllBan Circumcision Now2017-12-23 03:03:28
5903Lee LofasoDavid DrummondNo Peace Possible2017-12-23 03:03:19
5902David DrummondLee LofasoNo Peace Possible2017-12-22 19:41:24
5901Lee LofasoDavid DrummondNo Peace Possible2017-12-22 09:35:26
5900Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: New Pledge2017-12-21 19:56:24
5899David DrummondLee LofasoNo Peace Possible2017-12-22 08:08:12
5898Lee LofasoAllPalestinian Statehood2017-12-21 21:44:20
5897Lee LofasoAllNo Peace Possible2017-12-21 19:01:17
5896Lee LofasoAllCult of Trump2017-12-21 04:49:28
5895Bill McGarrityBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-18 21:03:00
5894BOB ACKLEYJOACIM MELINRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-18 11:11:00
5893BOB ACKLEYBILL MCGARRITYStealing Elections2017-12-18 11:09:28
5892FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-12-18 02:01:00
5891FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-12-18 02:01:00
5890FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-18 02:01:00
5889FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-18 02:01:00
5888FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-12-18 02:01:00
5887FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-12-18 02:01:00
5886FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:51 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-12-18 02:01:00
5885Robert BasheLee LofasoThe First Principle2017-12-15 10:16:12
5884Nicholas Boelmark lewisGeneology Area2017-12-16 22:05:29
5883mark lewisNicholas BoelGeneology Area2017-12-15 20:54:21
5882Lee LofasoAllNew Pledge2017-12-16 03:08:03
5881Lee LofasoAllAnother Pledge2017-12-16 03:08:00
5880Lee LofasoPaul QuinnGeneology Area2017-12-15 21:39:11
5879Paul QuinnLee LofasoGeneology Area2017-12-15 15:30:05
5878Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-15 04:59:22
5877Lee LofasoPaul QuinnGeneology Area2017-12-15 04:59:18
5876Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-14 20:21:29
5875Paul QuinnLee LofasoGeneology Area2017-12-15 11:27:08
5874Lee LofasoNicholas BoelGeneology Area2017-12-15 03:12:01
5873Nicholas BoelLee LofasoGeneology Area2017-12-14 17:04:19
5872Lee LofasoNicholas BoelGeneology Area2017-12-15 00:31:10
5871Lee LofasoAllThe First Principle2017-12-15 00:10:00
5870Nicholas Boelmark lewisGeneology Area2017-12-14 15:18:07
5869mark lewisWilfred van VelzenGeneology Area2017-12-14 08:27:19
5868Wilfred van VelzenAl KaiserRe: Geneology Area2017-12-14 11:39:18
5867Al KaiserAllGeneology Area2017-12-14 10:25:08
5866Joacim MelinBOB ACKLEYRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-14 08:20:16
5865Bill McGarrityBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-13 18:16:00
5864Lee LofasoJon JustvigStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:21
5863Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:18
5862Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:15
5861Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:12
5860Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:09
5859Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-14 01:25:06
5858BOB ACKLEYROBERT BASHEHurrah!2017-12-13 11:59:13
5857BOB ACKLEYALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-13 11:52:07
5856BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOStealing Elections2017-12-13 11:39:08
5855BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENStealing Elections2017-12-13 11:36:06
5854BOB ACKLEYJOACIM MELINRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-13 11:32:29
5853BOB ACKLEYBILL MCGARRITYStealing Elections2017-12-13 11:26:15
5852BOB ACKLEYROB SWINDELLUSA Bashing2017-12-13 11:15:09
5851BOB ACKLEYGREGORY DEYSSRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-13 11:12:03
5850BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: USA Bashing2017-12-13 11:08:23
5849BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENStealing Elections2017-12-13 11:05:19
5848Lee LofasoAllFTSC Nonsense2017-12-13 17:15:11
5847Robert BasheLee LofasoHurrah!2017-12-13 13:09:09
5846Robert BasheGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-13 13:15:02
5845Lee LofasoJon JustvigStealing Elections2017-12-13 05:57:21
5844Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-13 05:57:17
5843Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-12 23:45:00
5842Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-12 23:43:00
5841Lee LofasoAllHurrah!2017-12-13 05:57:12
5840Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-13 03:55:13
5839Gregory DeyssRobert BasheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-12 18:53:20
5838Lee LofasoAllWho Dat?2017-12-13 02:43:07
5837Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-12 18:29:20
5836Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-11 21:40:05
5835Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-11 19:58:25
5834Lee LofasoFidoNews RobotMerry Christmas2017-12-12 14:10:01
5833alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-12 14:49:17
5832Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections.2017-12-12 05:24:22
5831Lee LofasoAllEcholist Rules2017-12-12 05:24:18
5830Jon JustvigLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-11 20:54:11
5829Lee LofasoAllFidonews Moderators2017-12-12 04:18:11
5828Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections.2017-12-12 03:23:29
5827Lee LofasoBill McGarrityStealing Elections2017-12-12 02:05:06
5826Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections.2017-12-12 02:05:02
5825Lee LofasoJoacim MelinStealing Elections2017-12-12 02:04:29
5824Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginStealing Elections2017-12-12 02:04:26
5823Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-12 02:04:20
5822Lee LofasoAllGodwin's Law Update2017-12-12 00:13:20
5821Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-11 18:24:05
5820Bill McGarrityLee LofasoStealing Elections2017-12-11 09:27:00
5819alexander koryaginBj”rn FeltenRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-11 09:32:21
5818Henri DerksenJoacim MelinStealing Elections2017-12-10 17:11:00
5817Lee LofasoAllStatus of Jerusalem2017-12-11 05:00:16
5816Lee LofasoWard DosscheThird Temple2017-12-11 02:47:15
5815Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Third Temple2017-12-11 01:10:03
5814FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-12-11 00:43:29
5813FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-12-11 00:43:29
5812FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-11 00:43:29
5811FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-11 00:43:29
5810FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-12-11 00:43:29
5809FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-12-11 00:43:29
5808FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:50 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-12-11 00:43:29
5807Lee LofasoWard DosscheThird Temple2017-12-11 00:15:13
5806Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-11 00:15:10
5805Lee LofasoBill McGarrityStealing Elections2017-12-11 00:15:07
5804Lee LofasoHenri DerksenStealing Elections.2017-12-11 00:15:04
5803Lee LofasoHenri DerksenStealing Elections.2017-12-11 00:15:01
5802Lee LofasoHenri DerksenStealing Elections.2017-12-11 00:14:28
5801Ward DosscheHenri DerksenRe: Stealing Elections.2017-12-10 08:47:17
5800Henri DerksenLee LofasoStealing Elections.2017-12-10 04:38:00
5799Henri DerksenLee LofasoStealing Elections.2017-12-10 04:46:00
5798Henri DerksenLee LofasoStealing Elections.2017-12-10 04:39:00
5797Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-10 00:28:23
5796Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-09 21:46:05
5795Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginStealing Elections2017-12-09 20:21:18
5794alexander koryaginJoacim MelinRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-09 21:19:18
5793Bill McGarrityLee LofasoStealing Elections2017-12-09 12:31:00
5792Björn FeltenLee LofasoStealing Elections2017-12-09 17:01:20
5791Tommi KoivulaLee Lofaso***VIRUS***Stealing Elections2017-12-09 09:54:28
5790Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-09 06:27:06
5789Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-09 06:26:26
5788Lee LofasoBill McGarrityStealing Elections2017-12-09 06:26:20
5787Lee LofasoJoacim MelinStealing Elections2017-12-09 06:26:13
5786Lee LofasoHenri DerksenStealing Elections.2017-12-09 06:26:07
5785Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Third Temple2017-12-08 22:47:21
5784Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-08 22:43:29
5783Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-08 19:52:07
5782Lee LofasoWard DosscheThird Temple2017-12-08 19:17:04
5781Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-08 19:16:25
5780Lee LofasoTommi Koivula***VIRUS***Stealing Elections2017-12-08 19:16:17
5779Lee LofasoHenri DerksenStealing Elections.2017-12-08 19:16:09
5778Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-08 19:16:01
5777Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-08 18:00:26
5776Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheStealing Elections2017-12-08 17:08:07
5775Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-08 15:15:15
5774Todd YatzookAl KaiserMerry Christmas2017-12-08 09:31:22
5773Al KaiserAllMerry Christmas2017-12-08 09:01:20
5772Henri DerksenWard DosscheStealing Elections.2017-12-07 17:29:00
5771Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Third Temple2017-12-08 07:35:17
5770TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDNookie2017-12-07 22:04:00
5769TIM RICHARDSONJAMES COYLERe: Nookie2017-12-07 21:30:00
5768TIM RICHARDSONJOACIM MELINRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 21:23:00
5767TIM RICHARDSONJAMES COYLERe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 21:19:00
5766Lee LofasoAllThird Temple2017-12-08 06:55:01
5765Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-07 21:20:00
5764Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 19:26:10
5763Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 19:12:26
5762Bill McGarrityWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-07 20:00:00
5761David DrummondJoaquim HomrighausenNookie2017-12-08 10:19:26
5760Ward DosscheJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Nookie2017-12-08 00:34:17
5759Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-08 00:34:14
5758Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 23:10:24
5757Joaquim HomrighausenTIM RICHARDSONNookie2017-12-01 07:58:10
5756Joaquim HomrighausenLee LofasoYummy Swedish Cuisine2017-12-01 08:01:00
5755Joaquim HomrighausenWard DosscheNookie2017-12-01 07:45:12
5754Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 21:14:25
5753Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-07 10:53:00
5752Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheStealing Elections2017-12-07 16:16:29
5751Bj”rn FeltenLars van DijkBLACK452017-12-07 16:13:01
5750mark lewisLars van DijkBLACK452017-12-07 09:50:08
5749Daniel KiddPaul QuinnRe: where can u download FIDONEWS?2017-12-07 08:32:03
5748Lars van DijkALLFIXBLACK452017-12-07 15:21:02
5747Robert BasheLee LofasoStealing Elections2017-12-07 14:51:29
5746Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 07:36:08
5745Paul QuinnDaniel Kiddwhere can u download FIDONEWS?2017-12-07 17:37:04
5744Henri DerksenLee LofasoStealing Elections.2017-12-06 16:12:00
5743Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-07 06:20:24
5742syrinxcultistAllwhere can u download FIDONEWS?2017-12-06 18:37:25
5741Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 20:19:24
5740Rob SwindellBOB ACKLEYUSA Bashing2017-12-06 11:49:26
5739Bill McGarrityWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-06 13:00:00
5738Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-06 12:53:00
5737Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 18:09:21
5736Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 07:41:07
5735Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 07:27:12
5734mark lewisGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-06 06:13:10
5733Ward DosscheTommi KoivulaRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 12:11:00
5732Tommi KoivulaWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-06 12:53:26
5731Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 11:14:11
5730Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 11:14:07
5729Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 07:56:22
5728Joacim MelinTIM RICHARDSONRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 07:53:25
5727Joacim MelinGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-06 07:51:11
5726Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-06 07:44:26
5725Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:27
5724Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:24
5723Lee LofasoJames CoyleStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:21
5722Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:18
5721Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:14
5720Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:12
5719Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:08
5718Lee LofasoWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-06 03:54:05
5717Gregory DeyssJames CoyleRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 19:09:02
5716Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 18:56:18
5715Lee LofasoGregory DeyssEli's Coming2017-12-06 01:31:10
5714mark lewisWard DosscheStealing Elections2017-12-05 07:29:18
5713Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 10:03:28
5712James CoyleTIM RICHARDSONRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 02:10:27
5711James CoyleTIM RICHARDSONRe: Nookie2017-12-05 02:09:08
5710Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 09:23:13
5709TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Stealing Elections2017-12-04 20:57:00
5708TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-04 20:54:00
5707TIM RICHARDSONJAMES COYLERe: Nookie2017-12-04 20:46:00
5706James CoyleWard DosscheRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-04 22:36:06
5705Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 03:14:26
5704Gregory DeyssBOB ACKLEYRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-04 19:37:08
5703Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Stealing Elections2017-12-05 00:20:07
5702Ward DosscheBOB ACKLEYRe: USA Bashing2017-12-05 00:17:24
5701Bj”rn FeltenBOB ACKLEYStealing Elections2017-12-04 20:24:00
5700BOB ACKLEYJAMES COYLERe: Nookie2017-12-04 11:20:05
5699BOB ACKLEYDAVID DRUMMONDUSA Bashing2017-12-04 11:17:15
5698BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOStealing Elections2017-12-04 11:08:20
5697FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-12-04 00:51:02
5696FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-12-04 00:51:02
5695FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-04 00:51:02
5694FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-12-04 00:51:02
5693FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-12-04 00:51:02
5692FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-12-04 00:51:02
5691FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [01/07]: Ftsc Information2017-12-04 00:51:02
5690FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:49 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-12-04 00:51:02
5689James CoyleTIM RICHARDSONRe: Nookie2017-12-02 03:12:00
5688TIM RICHARDSONALLNookie2017-12-01 21:09:00
5687Kurt WeiskeTIM RICHARDSONNookie2017-12-01 21:10:29
5686Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Eli's Coming2017-12-01 19:46:24
5685Lee LofasoGregory DeyssEli's Coming2017-12-01 02:19:13
5684Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-12-01 00:10:10
5683David DrummondLee LofasoUSA Bashing2017-12-01 07:40:18
5682Conrad J. KoehlerLee LofasoNookie2017-11-30 11:44:05
5681Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Eli's Coming2017-11-29 20:04:27
5680Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: do you know these operators?2017-11-29 19:47:15
5679Lee LofasoDavid DrummondUSA Bashing2017-11-30 02:41:20
5678Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Suicide at the Hague2017-11-30 00:22:25
5677Lee LofasoGregory DeyssEli's Coming2017-11-30 00:33:22
5676Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenBlame Game2017-11-29 22:50:24
5675Lee LofasoAllSuicide at the Hague2017-11-29 22:50:18
5674Lee LofasoConrad J. KoehlerNookie2017-11-29 19:50:03
5673Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYSome interesting facts2017-11-29 19:50:00
5672Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONNookie2017-11-29 19:49:27
5671Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONNookie2017-11-29 19:49:24
5670Ward DosscheKees van EetenRe:2017-11-29 16:09:29
5669Kees van EetenBOB ACKLEY2017-11-28 19:24:11
5668Conrad J. KoehlerMike MillerNookie2017-11-29 14:26:04
5667Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONFoods2017-11-29 11:44:08
5666Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: do you know these operators?2017-11-29 08:17:19
5665Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: do you know these operators?2017-11-28 22:45:03
5664mark lewisGregory Deyssdo you know these operators?2017-11-28 19:33:22
5663Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: do you know these operators?2017-11-28 18:22:05
5662BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: 2017-11-28 11:16:13
5661BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOSome interesting facts2017-11-28 11:11:02
5660Mike MillerDavid DrummondNookie2017-11-28 10:19:17
5659David DrummondMike MillerNookie2017-11-28 17:56:02
5658mark lewisGregory Deyssdo you know these operators?2017-11-28 02:25:11
5657Kurt WeiskeRobert BasheFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-27 23:29:14
5656Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONNookie2017-11-28 00:07:20
5655Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONHelter Skelter2017-11-28 00:06:04
5654Mike MillerDavid DrummondNookie2017-11-27 23:58:09
5653TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-27 18:11:00
5652TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHENookie2017-11-27 18:05:00
5651TIM RICHARDSONBJÖRN FELTENNookie2017-11-27 17:55:00
5650TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHEThe difference between sc2017-11-27 17:27:00
5649TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHEHelter Skelter2017-11-27 16:45:00
5648TIM RICHARDSONBJÖRN FELTENNookie2017-11-27 18:55:00
5647Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: do you know these operators?2017-11-27 20:25:27
5646Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: Foods (was:Nookie)2017-11-28 00:38:18
5645mark lewisalldo you know these operators?2017-11-27 16:17:18
5644David DrummondMike MillerNookie2017-11-28 06:57:08
5643David DrummondWard DosscheFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-28 06:51:10
5642Henri DerksenWard Dossche"Old Timers".2017-11-27 02:37:00
5641FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-11-27 03:55:08
5640FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-11-27 03:55:08
5639FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-27 03:55:08
5638FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-27 03:55:08
5637FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-11-27 03:55:08
5636FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-11-27 03:55:08
5635FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [01/07]: Ftsc Information2017-11-27 03:55:08
5634FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:48 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-11-27 03:55:08
5633Dale ShippBob AckleyRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-26 00:00:00
5632Mike MillerRobert BasheYummy Swedish Cuisine2017-11-25 12:11:12
5631Mike MillerDavid DrummondNookie2017-11-25 12:09:07
5630Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheYummy Swedish Cuisine2017-11-25 13:13:17
5629Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-25 12:44:19
5628Robert BasheLee LofasoStealing Elections2017-11-25 11:15:06
5627Robert BasheLee LofasoSome interesting facts2017-11-25 10:49:20
5626Robert BasheDavid DrummondFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-25 10:47:09
5625Robert BasheLee LofasoYummy Swedish Cuisine2017-11-25 10:06:27
5624Lee LofasoGregory DeyssSome interesting facts2017-11-25 06:07:27
5623Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRigging Elections2017-11-25 03:39:09
5622Lee LofasoGregory DeyssStealing Elections2017-11-25 03:39:07
5621Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: Foods (was:Nookie)2017-11-25 02:39:26
5620Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: Nookie2017-11-25 02:39:24
5619David DrummondMike MillerNookie2017-11-25 10:22:00
5618David DrummondWard DosscheFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-25 10:18:29
5617David DrummondWard Dossche"Old Timers".2017-11-25 10:17:19
5616Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-25 01:30:08
5615robert wolfeWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-24 17:38:18
5614Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Nookie2017-11-24 20:21:17
5613mark lewisWard DosscheNookie2017-11-24 09:27:21
5612Mike MillerWard DosscheNookie2017-11-24 10:22:29
5611Michiel van der VlistWard Dossche"Old Timers".2017-11-24 13:23:03
5610Lee LofasoAllYummy Swedish Cuisine2017-11-24 13:27:11
5609Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Turkeys2017-11-24 12:47:01
5608Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Foods (was:Nookie)2017-11-24 12:42:16
5607Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenFoods (was: Nookie)2017-11-24 11:11:19
5606Robert BasheWard DosscheTurkeys2017-11-24 11:05:10
5605Robert BasheWard DosscheFoods (was:Nookie)2017-11-24 11:01:19
5604Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Nookie2017-11-24 11:06:15
5603Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The difference between science and religion2017-11-24 11:05:07
5602Ward DosscheHenri DerksenRe: "Old Timers".2017-11-24 11:03:13
5601Ward DosscheMike MillerNookie2017-11-24 10:42:24
5600Mike MillerGregory DeyssNookie2017-11-24 01:26:13
5599Mike MillerWard DosscheNookie2017-11-24 01:20:07
5598Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-24 08:21:08
5597Ward DosscheMike MillerNookie2017-11-24 04:13:26
5596Bj”rn FeltenMike MillerNookie2017-11-23 21:22:13
5595Ward DosscheAll AmericansTurkeys2017-11-23 20:42:01
5594Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: Nookie2017-11-23 10:38:12
5593Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Nookie2017-11-23 01:32:06
5592Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-23 08:46:00
5591Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Nookie2017-11-22 20:03:04
5590Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenNookie2017-11-23 04:20:26
5589Lee LofasoWard DosscheNookie2017-11-23 04:20:23
5588Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenNookie2017-11-22 19:42:03
5587Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheNookie2017-11-23 01:01:26
5586Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: Nookie2017-11-22 23:00:29
5585Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-22 21:45:02
5584Joacim MelinMike MillerRe: Nookie2017-11-22 21:43:14
5583Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYNum3ers2017-11-22 21:52:02
5582Lee LofasoMike MillerNookie2017-11-22 21:51:25
5581mark lewisRobert BasheNookie2017-11-22 11:23:06
5580Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Nookie2017-11-22 17:45:13
5579Robert BasheWard DosscheNookie2017-11-22 15:19:12
5578Robert Bashemark lewisNookie2017-11-22 15:05:05
5577Mike MillerWard DosscheNookie2017-11-22 08:51:05
5576Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Nookie2017-11-22 10:12:27
5575Mike MillerAllRe: Nookie2017-11-21 22:44:12
5574Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Nookie2017-11-21 20:52:28
5573mark lewisRobert BasheNookie2017-11-21 12:29:16
5572Robert BasheBOB ACKLEYNookie2017-11-21 14:53:15
5571Robert BasheWard DosscheNookie2017-11-21 14:50:03
5570Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Some interesting facts2017-11-20 20:31:14
5569Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Helter Skelter2017-11-20 23:22:03
5568Joaquim HomrighausenWard Dossche"Old Timers"2017-11-20 22:05:14
5567Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYNum3ers2017-11-20 20:08:10
5566Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYSome interesting facts2017-11-20 20:08:07
5565Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe difference between science and religion2017-11-20 20:08:04
5564Lee LofasoWard DosscheHelter Skelter2017-11-20 20:08:01
5563BOB ACKLEYROBERT BASHENookie2017-11-20 11:30:13
5562BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASONum3ers2017-11-20 11:27:19
5561BOB ACKLEYDALE SHIPPRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-20 11:17:18
5560BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOSome interesting facts2017-11-20 11:15:09
5559Nick AndreWilfred Van VelzenRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 10:19:28
5558Michiel van der VlistBj”rn Feltendid you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 14:50:16
5557Wilfred van VelzenNick AndreRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 14:03:27
5556Bj”rn FeltenNick Andredid you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 13:59:09
5555Nick AndreWard DosscheRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 07:33:00
5554Nick AndreMichiel Van Der VlistRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 07:30:15
5553Ward DosscheAllThe difference between science and religion2017-11-20 13:13:24
5552Paul QuinnWard DosscheHelter Skelter2017-11-20 20:25:00
5551Ward DosscheAllHelter Skelter2017-11-20 10:56:04
5550Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 10:45:15
5549Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-20 08:54:07
5548FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-11-20 02:15:02
5547FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-11-20 02:15:02
5546FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-20 02:15:02
5545FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-20 02:15:02
5544FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-11-20 02:15:02
5543FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-11-20 02:15:02
5542FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:47 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-11-20 02:15:02
5541Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-19 22:50:18
5540Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-19 19:45:07
5539Michiel van der Vlistmark lewisdid you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-19 18:11:08
5538Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: did you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-19 17:21:02
5537mark lewisward dosschedid you know about this dupe MSGID?2017-11-19 10:45:00
5536Robert BasheLee LofasoNookie2017-11-19 11:48:23
5535Henri DerksenWard Dossche"Old Timers".2017-11-17 15:45:00
5534Lee LofasoRobert BasheNookie2017-11-18 03:05:06
5533Lee LofasoAllNum3ers2017-11-18 03:04:16
5532Kees van EetenWard Dossche"Old Timers"2017-11-17 10:25:20
5531Gregory DeyssDale ShippRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-16 20:38:26
5530Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: "Old Timers"2017-11-17 01:04:03
5529Michiel van der VlistWard Dossche"Old Timers"2017-11-16 23:57:22
5528Ward DosscheJoaquim HomrighausenRe: "Old Timers"2017-11-16 23:35:18
5527Joaquim HomrighausenAl Kaiser"Old Timers"2017-11-16 23:17:24
5526Robert BasheWard DosscheNookie2017-11-16 15:21:11
5525Robert BasheRoger NelsonHey!2017-11-16 15:25:01
5524Roger NelsonBOB ACKLEYHey!2017-11-16 07:19:25
5523Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheSome interesting fac2017-11-16 09:51:26
5522Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-16 09:37:09
5521Bj”rn FeltenBOB ACKLEYSome interesting fac2017-11-16 09:24:05
5520Dale ShippBob AckleyRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-16 00:17:00
5519Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Nookie2017-11-16 01:35:01
5518Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSome interesting facts2017-11-16 01:10:19
5517Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenNookie2017-11-16 01:10:15
5516Kurt WeiskeAl Kaiser"Old Timers"2017-11-15 14:25:18
5515BOB ACKLEYDALE SHIPPRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-15 11:20:02
5514BOB ACKLEYAL KAISER2017-11-15 11:16:10
5513BOB ACKLEYROGER NELSONHey!2017-11-15 11:12:00
5512Robert BasheAl Kaiser"Old Timers"2017-11-14 10:41:23
5511Al KaiserWard DosscheRe: "Old Timers"2017-11-14 08:39:13
5510Bob SeabornAl Kaiser"Old Timers"2017-11-13 17:57:00
5509David DrummondAl Kaiser"Old Timers"2017-11-14 09:52:21
5508Mike MillerWard Dossche"Old Timers"2017-11-13 15:27:10
5507Ward DosscheAl KaiserRe: "Old Timers"2017-11-13 18:40:24
5506Al KaiserAll"Old Timers"2017-11-13 16:53:10
5505Al KaiserTIM RICHARDSONTrump Accomplishments2017-11-13 15:55:26
5504FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-11-13 00:06:13
5503FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-11-13 00:06:13
5502FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-13 00:06:13
5501FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-13 00:06:13
5500FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-11-13 00:06:13
5499FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-11-13 00:06:13
5498FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [01/07]: Ftsc Information2017-11-13 00:06:13
5497FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:46 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-11-13 00:06:13
5496Lee LofasoRobert BasheChild Molester Candidate2017-11-12 21:34:09
5495Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-11-12 21:34:07
5494Lee LofasoRobert BasheTrump Accomplishments2017-11-12 21:34:04
5493Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-11-12 21:34:01
5492Robert BasheLee LofasoChild Molester Candidate2017-11-12 09:55:09
5491Robert BasheLee LofasoTrump Accomplishments2017-11-12 09:52:17
5490Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-11-12 10:37:26
5489Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONWhat Americans Believe2017-11-12 09:28:15
5488Lee LofasoMike MillerTrump Accomplishments2017-11-11 21:41:27
5487Lee LofasoAllChild Molester Candidate2017-11-11 21:41:22
5486Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONTrump Accomplishments2017-11-11 10:47:06
5485Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONTrump Accomplishments2017-11-11 13:33:28
5484Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONReal Fact2017-11-11 13:33:25
5483Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONWhat Americans Believe2017-11-11 13:33:21
5482Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONSharia Law2017-11-11 13:33:18
5481TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHESharia Law2017-11-10 19:32:00
5480TIM RICHARDSONBOB ACKLEYHey!2017-11-10 19:19:00
5479TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEWhat Americans Believe2017-11-02 18:11:00
5478TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEReal Fact2017-11-02 17:56:00
5477TIM RICHARDSONALLTrump Accomplishments2017-11-02 17:48:00
5476David DrummondAl KaiserMail Flow Test2017-11-10 05:51:02
5475Robert BasheAl KaiserMail Flow Test2017-11-09 15:40:15
5474Dale ShippBob AckleyRe: Some interesting fac2017-11-09 01:50:01
5473Bj”rn FeltenAl KaiserMail Flow Test2017-11-09 03:43:05
5472mark lewisAl KaiserMail Flow Test2017-11-08 20:56:29
5471Al KaiserAllMail Flow Test2017-11-08 20:49:07
5470Robert BasheBOB ACKLEYSharia Law2017-11-08 12:23:15
5469BOB ACKLEYDAVID DRUMMONDWhat Americans Believe2017-11-07 11:50:18
5468BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOSome interesting facts2017-11-07 11:48:21
5467BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOSome interesting facts2017-11-07 11:44:03
5466Roger NelsonBOB ACKLEYHey!2017-11-07 10:35:15
5465BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENSome interesting facts2017-11-07 11:37:04
5464BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: Some interesting facts2017-11-07 11:32:19
5463BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENSome interesting facts2017-11-07 11:30:25
5462BOB ACKLEYROBERT BASHESharia Law2017-11-07 11:24:22
5461BOB ACKLEYROGER NELSONHey!2017-11-07 11:05:19
5460Robert BasheLee LofasoSome interesting facts2017-11-07 14:25:20
5459Robert BasheLee LofasoSome interesting facts2017-11-07 13:18:16
5458Bj”rn FeltenJoacim MelinFidoNews 34:45 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-07 16:17:28
5457Joacim MelinFidoNews RobotRe: FidoNews 34:45 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-07 15:04:08
5456Lee LofasoDavid DrummondGeneral Chat Echo2017-11-06 22:24:10
5455Lee LofasoRobert BasheMad at Paperboy2017-11-06 22:24:07
5454Lee LofasoRobert BasheSome interesting facts2017-11-06 22:24:04
5453Lee LofasoRobert BasheSome interesting facts2017-11-06 22:24:02
5452alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Nuclear Proliferation2017-11-06 21:08:02
5451Robert Bashealexander koryaginSharia Law2017-11-06 12:04:11
5450Robert BasheLee LofasoMad at Paperboy2017-11-06 10:52:06
5449Robert BasheLee LofasoSome interesting facts2017-11-06 10:48:11
5448Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenSome interesting facts2017-11-06 11:02:01
5447Robert BasheGerrit KuehnWhat Americans Believe2017-11-06 10:23:18
5446David DrummondLee LofasoGeneral Chat Echo2017-11-06 18:13:23
5445David DrummondLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-11-06 18:11:27
5444Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginNuclear Proliferation2017-11-06 02:39:00
5443FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-11-06 00:58:23
5442FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-11-06 00:58:23
5441FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-06 00:58:23
5440FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-11-06 00:58:23
5439FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-11-06 00:58:23
5438FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-11-06 00:58:23
5437FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:45 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-11-06 00:58:23
5436Lee LofasoDavid DrummondWhat Americans Believe2017-11-05 20:09:09
5435Lee LofasoDavid DrummondGeneral Chat Echo2017-11-05 19:10:03
5434Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSome interesting facts2017-11-05 04:33:18
5433Lee LofasoAllMad at Paperboy2017-11-05 04:33:15
5432Lee LofasoWard DosscheSome interesting facts2017-11-05 04:33:08
5431Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheSome interesting facts2017-11-04 18:10:24
5430Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Some interesting facts2017-11-04 15:37:05
5429Bj”rn FeltenAllSome interesting facts2017-11-04 13:23:25
5428Lee LofasoAllFake News Alert2017-11-03 22:51:01
5427Ward DosschetLee LofasoWhat Americans Belie2017-11-03 07:58:25
5426alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Sharia Law2017-11-03 09:09:14
5425Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Belie2017-11-03 03:59:10
5424Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-29 18:37:28
5423Robert Bashealexander koryaginSharia Law2017-11-01 15:47:08
5422Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-11-01 00:09:26
5421David DrummondRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-31 21:02:14
5420Lee LofasoAllUS President Quits2017-10-31 03:31:03
5419alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Sharia Law2017-10-30 15:53:03
5418FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-10-30 00:11:12
5417FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-10-30 00:11:12
5416FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-30 00:11:12
5415FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-30 00:11:12
5414FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-10-30 00:11:12
5413FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-10-30 00:11:12
5412FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:44 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-10-30 00:11:12
5411Lee LofasoAllForevermore2017-10-29 22:49:06
5410Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheCats can swim2017-10-29 15:23:28
5409Robert BasheDavid DrummondWhat Americans Believe2017-10-29 12:57:19
5408Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Belie2017-10-29 12:54:26
5407Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-29 12:31:21
5406Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-29 12:02:21
5405Robert BasheLee LofasoReal Fact2017-10-29 11:34:20
5404Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-29 11:05:21
5403David DrummondLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-28 17:31:27
5402Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe New Odd Couple2017-10-28 03:17:23
5401Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONRespecting the Flag2017-10-28 03:17:15
5400Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONSharia Law2017-10-28 03:17:07
5399Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Belie2017-10-28 03:16:29
5398Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-28 03:16:21
5397Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-28 03:16:13
5396Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-28 03:16:05
5395Lee LofasoDavid DrummondWhat Americans Believe2017-10-28 03:15:27
5394Lee LofasoRobert BasheReal Fact2017-10-28 03:15:19
5393Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-28 03:15:10
5392Lee LofasoAllTrump Accomplishments2017-10-27 20:42:06
5391TIM RICHARDSONALLThe New Odd Couple2017-10-26 16:34:00
5390TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEWe Love Our Guns2017-10-23 15:34:00
5389TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Sharia Law2017-10-23 15:28:00
5388TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASORespecting the Flag2017-10-23 15:27:00
5387TIM RICHARDSONALLSharia Law2017-10-23 15:19:00
5386TIM RICHARDSONBOB ACKLEYRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-23 15:14:00
5385Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Belie2017-10-26 19:54:27
5384Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 19:51:11
5383Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 19:43:03
5382Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 19:40:09
5381Robert BasheLee LofasoReal Fact2017-10-26 20:46:20
5380Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-26 19:28:24
5379Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-26 01:18:15
5378Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Belie2017-10-26 01:18:12
5377Lee LofasoWilfred van VelzenWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 01:18:09
5376Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 01:18:06
5375Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 01:18:03
5374Lee LofasoRobert BasheReal Fact2017-10-26 01:17:29
5373Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-26 01:17:25
5372Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-26 01:16:19
5371Lee LofasoTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-26 01:16:15
5370Lee LofasoAllQuote of the Century2017-10-26 01:16:11
5369David DrummondLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-26 08:35:29
5368David DrummondRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-26 08:12:23
5367Robert BasheDale ShippWhat Americans Belie2017-10-25 09:44:17
5366Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-25 09:42:02
5365Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-25 09:35:27
5364Robert BasheLee LofasoReal Fact2017-10-25 09:31:18
5363Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-25 09:30:12
5362Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-25 09:24:06
5361Wilfred van VelzenLee LofasoRe: What Americans Believe2017-10-25 08:57:27
5360Dale ShippLee LofasoRe: What Americans Belie2017-10-25 00:46:00
5359Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYWe Love Our Guns2017-10-25 02:47:16
5358Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYSharia Law2017-10-25 02:47:13
5357Lee LofasoRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-25 02:47:10
5356Lee LofasoRobert BasheReal Fact2017-10-25 02:47:07
5355Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-25 02:47:04
5354Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-25 02:47:01
5353Roger NelsonBob AckleyHey!2017-10-24 16:31:11
5352BOB ACKLEYJIMMY ANDERSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-24 11:40:14
5351BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOWe Love Our Guns2017-10-24 11:26:15
5350BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOSharia Law2017-10-24 11:23:08
5349BOB ACKLEYTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-24 11:22:02
5348Lee LofasoAllThe New Odd Couple2017-10-24 01:46:17
5347Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-23 18:25:08
5346FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-10-23 10:04:20
5345FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-10-23 10:04:20
5344FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-23 10:04:20
5343FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-23 10:04:20
5342FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-10-23 10:04:20
5341FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-10-23 10:04:20
5340FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [01/07]: Ftsc Information2017-10-23 10:04:20
5339FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:43 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-10-23 10:04:20
5338Robert BasheMike MillerWhat Americans Believe2017-10-23 09:17:17
5337Mike MillerRobert BasheWhat Americans Believe2017-10-22 14:21:01
5336Robert BasheLee LofasoWhat Americans Believe2017-10-22 10:36:16
5335Lee LofasoAllWhat Americans Believe2017-10-22 01:00:29
5334Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-21 11:59:08
5333Robert BasheGerrit KuehnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-21 10:33:10
5332Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-20 18:32:18
5331Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-20 20:36:00
5330Robert BasheJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-20 12:19:14
5329Robert BasheJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-20 12:12:05
5328Robert BasheJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-20 12:00:20
5327Robert BasheGerrit KuehnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-20 10:23:21
5326Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-19 18:25:22
5325JIMMY ANDERSONLEE LOFASORe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:19:00
5324JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:13:00
5323JIMMY ANDERSONTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:11:00
5322JIMMY ANDERSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:08:00
5321JIMMY ANDERSONBOB ACKLEYRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:03:00
5320JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 10:01:00
5319Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-19 13:02:06
5318Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-19 12:49:13
5317Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-19 12:41:29
5316Robert BasheLee LofasoReal Fact2017-10-19 12:32:19
5315Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-19 12:28:13
5314Robert BasheGerrit KuehnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-19 12:27:03
5313Paul QuinnTony LangdonWe Love GunsGuns2017-10-19 17:17:04
5312Lee LofasoRobert BasheSharia Law2017-10-19 05:10:09
5311Lee LofasoRobert BasheReal Fact2017-10-19 05:10:06
5310Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-19 05:10:03
5309Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-19 05:10:00
5308Lee LofasoWard DosscheSharia Law2017-10-19 05:09:26
5307Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-19 12:26:00
5306Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 15:11:19
5305Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 18:11:20
5304Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 18:08:12
5303Gerrit KuehnTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 17:54:12
5302BOB ACKLEYPAUL QUINNWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 11:31:06
5301BOB ACKLEYTIM RICHARDSONRespecting the Flag2017-10-18 11:24:13
5300BOB ACKLEYTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 11:21:23
5299Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 10:06:03
5298Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONRespecting the Flag2017-10-18 10:01:23
5297Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 09:55:28
5296Robert BasheLee LofasoAnother Real Fact2017-10-18 09:42:01
5295Robert BasheLee LofasoReal Fact2017-10-18 09:40:06
5294Robert BasheLee LofasoSharia Law2017-10-18 09:37:29
5293Robert BasheGerrit KuehnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-18 09:32:13
5292Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 09:24:16
5291Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 11:14:04
5290Robert BasheGerrit KuehnWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 08:54:27
5289Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Moon Landing Hoax2017-10-18 08:28:07
5288Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Sharia Law2017-10-18 08:36:14
5287Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-18 12:31:00
5286Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONRespecting the Flag2017-10-18 04:06:18
5285Lee LofasoPaul QuinnWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 04:06:15
5284Lee LofasoTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-18 04:06:11
5283Lee LofasoAllAgree or Disagree2017-10-18 04:06:08
5282Lee LofasoAllAnother Real Fact2017-10-18 04:06:05
5281Lee LofasoAllReal Fact2017-10-18 04:06:01
5280Lee LofasoAllSharia Law2017-10-18 04:05:19
5279TIM RICHARDSONGERRIT KUEHNKatrina Anniversary2017-10-17 15:50:00
5278TIM RICHARDSONMIKE MILLERKatrina Anniversary2017-10-17 15:32:00
5277Paul QuinnTony LangdonWe Love GunsGuns2017-10-18 08:10:04
5276Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-18 08:10:00
5275Gerrit KuehnTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-17 19:57:16
5274Gerrit KuehnTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-17 19:45:13
5273Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-17 00:53:11
5272Paul QuinnTONY LANGDONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-17 11:15:05
5271TIM RICHARDSONGERRIT KUEHNKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 16:43:00
5270TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 16:31:00
5269TIM RICHARDSONMIKE MILLERKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 17:09:00
5268TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHERespecting the Flag2017-10-16 16:56:00
5267TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASORespecting the Flag2017-10-16 15:46:00
5266TIM RICHARDSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-16 15:42:00
5265TIM RICHARDSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-16 16:51:00
5264TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 16:45:00
5263Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-17 01:47:27
5262Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-17 01:47:23
5261Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 20:31:01
5260Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-16 20:28:02
5259Robert BasheGerrit KuehnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-16 18:40:22
5258Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-16 18:50:14
5257Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-16 18:46:21
5256FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-10-16 00:28:18
5255FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-10-16 00:28:18
5254FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-16 00:28:18
5253FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-16 00:28:18
5252FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-10-16 00:28:18
5251FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-10-16 00:28:18
5250FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:42 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-10-16 00:28:18
5249Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-15 23:48:10
5248Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-15 23:48:02
5247Lee LofasoRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-15 23:47:23
5246Lee LofasoRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-15 23:47:15
5245Lee LofasoJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-15 23:47:07
5244Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONThe Global Warming Scam2017-10-14 11:16:09
5243Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-10-14 11:13:14
5242Gerrit KuehnTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-14 18:04:25
5241Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-14 15:49:16
5240Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-14 15:39:06
5239Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-14 15:36:19
5238Robert BasheLee LofasoRespecting the Flag2017-10-14 15:19:08
5237Tony LangdonTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-14 18:56:00
5236Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRespecting the Flag2017-10-14 00:17:03
5235TIM RICHARDSONALLThe Global Warming Scam2017-10-13 12:08:00
5234TIM RICHARDSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-12 22:19:00
5233TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEWe Love Our Guns2017-10-13 12:16:00
5232TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-12 21:55:00
5231TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEKatrina Anniversary2017-10-12 21:24:00
5230Robert BasheGregory DeyssDynDNS2017-10-13 09:42:12
5229Tony LangdonJIMMY ANDERSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-12 19:50:00
5228mark lewisGregory DeyssDynDNS2017-10-13 03:41:17
5227Gregory DeyssJoaquim HomrighausenRe: DynDNS2017-10-12 20:14:06
5226Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-12 20:09:17
5225Lee LofasoWard DosscheTragedy for US2017-10-13 00:34:03
5224Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenTragedy for US2017-10-13 00:33:25
5223BOB ACKLEYROBERT BASHEWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 11:30:09
5222BOB ACKLEYROBERT BASHEWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 11:28:04
5221BOB ACKLEYJIMMY ANDERSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-12 11:25:13
5220Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-12 09:55:06
5219alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-12 15:23:08
5218mark lewisRobert BasheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 06:13:13
5217Robert BasheJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 10:15:14
5216Robert BasheJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 10:09:12
5215Paul QuinnJIMMY ANDERSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-12 11:23:05
5214JIMMY ANDERSONPAUL QUINNRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 15:04:00
5213JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 15:03:00
5212JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 14:58:00
5211JIMMY ANDERSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 14:06:00
5210JIMMY ANDERSONTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 14:02:00
5209JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-11 13:52:00
5208JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHEMurderous but legal in th2017-10-11 13:51:00
5207Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Tragedy for US2017-10-11 10:24:25
5206Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoTragedy for US2017-10-11 09:07:08
5205Lee LofasoAllNo US Soccer2017-10-11 06:47:15
5204Lee LofasoAllTragedy for US2017-10-11 04:58:12
5203Tony LangdonJoaquim HomrighausenRe: DynDNS2017-10-11 10:18:00
5202Mike MillerRobert BasheWhy do I get the impression...2017-10-09 21:58:09
5201Joaquim HomrighausenAnyoneDynDNS2017-10-10 03:23:06
5200Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-09 08:31:00
5199Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-09 08:30:00
5198FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-10-09 02:06:03
5197FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-10-09 02:06:03
5196FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-09 02:06:03
5195FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-09 02:06:03
5194FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-10-09 02:06:03
5193FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-10-09 02:06:03
5192FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:41 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-10-09 02:06:03
5191Robert BasheLee LofasoA True Friend2017-10-08 09:59:17
5190Robert BasheAllWhy do I get the impression...2017-10-08 09:51:25
5189Paul QuinnTony LangdonWe Love GunsGuns2017-10-08 17:00:20
5188Ward DosscheTony LangdonRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-08 06:29:03
5187Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-08 13:53:00
5186Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-08 13:50:00
5185Lee LofasoAllMoon Landing Hoax2017-10-07 23:28:23
5184Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistA Farewell to Joe2017-10-07 22:49:03
5183Lee LofasoWard DosscheA True Friend2017-10-07 22:49:00
5182Robert BashePaul QuinnWe Love Our Guns2017-10-07 12:10:25
5181Robert BasheLee LofasoAny Swedes here?2017-10-07 12:08:08
5180Robert BasheTony LangdonWe Love GunsGuns2017-10-07 12:04:00
5179Robert BasheLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-10-07 11:21:25
5178Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-07 01:55:12
5177Paul QuinnTony LangdonRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-07 09:42:00
5176Lee LofasoRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-07 01:14:12
5175Lee LofasoMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-07 01:14:08
5174Lee LofasoRobert BasheAny Swedes here?2017-10-07 01:14:05
5173Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-07 09:29:00
5172Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love GunsGuns2017-10-07 09:23:00
5171Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-07 09:11:00
5170Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-07 09:10:00
5169Paul QuinnRobert BasheWe Love GunsGuns2017-10-07 06:09:06
5168Torbjorn MohnRobert BasheAny Swedes here?2017-10-06 21:52:11
5167Robert BasheAllAny Swedes here?2017-10-06 17:36:28
5166Robert BasheConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-06 17:00:02
5165Robert BashePaul QuinnWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 16:54:25
5164Robert BasheTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 16:39:06
5163Paul QuinnTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 21:25:10
5162Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 21:10:00
5161Conrad J. KoehlerRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 20:40:19
5160Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 10:32:09
5159Robert BasheWard DosscheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 10:37:24
5158Robert BasheTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 10:13:14
5157Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-10-06 10:05:10
5156Robert BasheTIM RICHARDSONWe Love Our Guns2017-10-06 10:34:06
5155Tony LangdonTIM RICHARDSONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 17:23:00
5154Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 17:18:00
5153TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 22:24:00
5152TIM RICHARDSONMIKE MILLERRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-05 22:06:00
5151TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 21:58:00
5150TIM RICHARDSONALLWe Love Our Guns2017-10-05 21:52:00
5149TIM RICHARDSONTONY LANGDONRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 21:18:00
5148Lee LofasoAllChristian Nation2017-10-06 02:27:16
5147Ward DosscheTony LangdonRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 01:50:16
5146Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 01:41:07
5145Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: Murderous but legal in the States2017-10-06 09:10:00
5144Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-06 08:58:00
5143Robert BasheConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 18:31:12
5142Robert BasheConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 18:29:18
5141Robert BasheWard DosscheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-05 18:26:02
5140Robert BasheAllMurderous but legal in the States2017-10-05 18:19:29
5139Conrad J. KoehlerRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 16:31:24
5138Conrad J. KoehlerRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 16:20:12
5137Ward DosscheNick AndreRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 15:07:05
5136Ward DosscheTony LangdonRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 14:58:18
5135Nick AndreWard DosscheRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 07:14:26
5134Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 21:59:00
5133Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 08:26:00
5132Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 08:25:00
5131Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 09:56:00
5130Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 09:55:14
5129Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 09:54:03
5128Paul QuinnRobert BasheKatvers Anniversary2017-10-05 17:00:19
5127David DrummondRobert BasheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 17:04:26
5126Robert BasheLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 07:56:25
5125Robert BasheDavid DrummondOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-05 07:53:09
5124Robert BasheConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 07:51:08
5123Robert BasheWard DosscheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-05 07:43:27
5122Robert BashePaul QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 10:57:04
5121Robert BasheWard DosscheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 10:58:23
5120Robert BasheTony LangdonWe Love Our Guns2017-10-04 10:51:00
5119Robert BasheJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 10:46:12
5118Mike MillerGregory DeyssRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-04 23:00:29
5117Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-05 01:17:17
5116Lee LofasoDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:19:01
5115Lee LofasoJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:18:28
5114Lee LofasoConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:18:25
5113Lee LofasoJoaquim HomrighausenKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:18:22
5112Lee LofasoJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:18:19
5111Lee LofasoConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-05 01:18:15
5110Paul QuinnJoaquim HomrighausenKatvers Anniversary2017-10-05 08:00:21
5109Joaquim HomrighausenPaul QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 23:32:01
5108Lee LofasoAllWhite Privilege2017-10-04 23:05:29
5107Joacim MelinJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-04 21:37:02
5106Lee LofasoDale ShippFree Choice2017-10-04 20:19:10
5105Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginWe Love Our Guns2017-10-04 20:18:27
5104Lee LofasoDavid DrummondWe Love Our Guns2017-10-04 20:18:23
5103Lee LofasoWard DosscheWe Love Our Guns2017-10-04 20:18:20
5102Ward DosscheConrad J. KoehlerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-04 19:09:28
5101Conrad J. KoehlerPaul QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 18:08:02
5100Bill McGarrityWard DosscheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 08:32:00
5099Paul QuinnConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 20:26:21
5098David DrummondRobert BasheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 17:27:20
5097Conrad J. KoehlerPaul QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 09:35:23
5096Conrad J. KoehlerWard DosscheRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 09:54:14
5095Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 03:39:10
5094Paul QuinnConrad J. KoehlerKatrina Anniversary2017-10-04 11:22:25
5093Bill McGarrityWard DosscheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-03 20:00:00
5092Conrad J. KoehlerJoacim MelinRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-04 01:41:10
5091Ward DosscheKees van EetenRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-04 00:32:20
5090Tony LangdonRobert BasheRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-04 08:32:00
5089Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-04 08:05:00
5088Joaquim HomrighausenRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-10-03 22:40:08
5087Joacim MelinRobert BasheRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-03 22:06:12
5086Kees van EetenRobert BasheOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-03 20:35:27
5085Kees van Eetenalexander koryaginOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-03 20:25:20
5084Robert BasheLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-03 17:15:02
5083Robert BasheWard DosscheI guess the world ended.2017-10-03 17:12:29
5082Robert BasheKees van EetenOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-03 15:51:22
5081Robert BasheJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-10-03 15:50:18
5080Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-03 08:36:10
5079Ward Dosschealexander koryaginRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-03 08:34:14
5078alexander koryaginKees van EetenRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-03 10:27:28
5077David DrummondLee LofasoWe Love Our Guns2017-10-03 16:15:04
5076David DrummondTony LangdonKatrina Anniversary2017-10-03 16:14:07
5075alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: We Love Our Guns2017-10-03 10:12:08
5074Lee LofasoAllWe Love Our Guns2017-10-03 01:05:02
5073Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-10-02 17:20:01
5072Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-03 08:48:00
5071Kees van Eetenalexander koryaginOyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-02 09:51:21
5070Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-02 09:54:16
5069alexander koryaginTIM RICHARDSONRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-02 10:28:25
5068TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina2017-10-01 21:25:00
5067David DrummondLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-10-02 14:17:28
5066FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-10-02 05:39:20
5065FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-10-02 05:39:20
5064FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-02 05:39:20
5063FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-10-02 05:39:20
5062FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-10-02 05:39:20
5061FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [02/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-10-02 05:39:20
5060FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [01/07]: General Articles2017-10-02 05:39:20
5059FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:40 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-10-02 05:39:20
5058Lee LofasoJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-10-01 19:08:13
5057Joacim MelinGregory DeyssRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-10-01 08:55:07
5056Lee LofasoAllFidonews Submissions2017-10-01 03:35:10
5055Lee LofasoDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-10-01 03:35:06
5054Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-10-01 00:10:13
5053David DrummondGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-10-01 06:30:25
5052Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-30 11:26:25
5051Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginOyumevwie baby nayina–t xenitbsÔ sami n a sebe2017-09-30 00:37:13
5050Joacim MelinTommi KoivulaRe: Oyumevwie baby nayina??t xenitbs?? sami n a sebe2017-09-29 21:05:16
5049alexander koryaginJoacim MelinRe: Oyumevwie baby nayinaût xenitbsâ sami n a sebe2017-09-29 22:36:07
5048Tommi KoivulaJoacim MelinOyumevwie baby nayina??t xenitbs?? sami n a sebe2017-09-29 20:20:04
5047Joacim Melinalexander koryaginRe: Oyumevwie baby nayinaût xenitbsâ sami n a sebe2017-09-29 08:10:22
5046alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Italy: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-29 13:49:12
5045Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Italy: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 22:50:21
5044Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginItaly: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 19:40:08
5043alexander koryaginPaul QuinnRe: Italy: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 17:17:16
5042Paul QuinnAlexander KoryaginRe: Italy: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 21:02:00
5041alexander koryaginPaul QuinnRe: Italy: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 14:40:05
5040Paul Quinnalexander koryaginItaly: woman marries herself in 'fairytale without prince'2017-09-28 19:07:07
5039alexander koryaginAllŽç㬥¢è¨¥ ¡ ¡ë ­ ç¨­ îâ ¦¥­¨âìáï á ¬¨ ­   ᥡ¥2017-09-28 12:32:18
5038alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Population Problem2017-09-26 15:37:09
5037Joacim MelinDavid DrummondRe: I guess the world ended.2017-09-26 09:11:07
5036TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-25 23:28:00
5035David DrummondLee LofasoThe Rapture2017-09-26 14:01:10
5034Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-26 01:55:23
5033Lee LofasoJoacim MelinThe Rapture2017-09-26 01:55:20
5032Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-26 01:55:17
5031David DrummondJoacim MelinI guess the world ended.2017-09-25 17:52:17
5030FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-09-25 00:49:21
5029FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-09-25 00:49:21
5028FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-25 00:49:21
5027FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-25 00:49:21
5026FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-09-25 00:49:21
5025FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-09-25 00:49:21
5024FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-25 00:49:21
5023FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-09-25 00:49:21
5022FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:39 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-09-25 00:49:21
5021Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONNew Film Canned2017-09-25 00:09:23
5020Lee LofasoAlexander KoryaginPopulation Problem2017-09-25 00:09:19
5019Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-24 14:13:10
5018Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-24 13:52:16
5017Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-24 13:50:02
5016Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-24 12:22:23
5015Joacim MelinDavid DrummondRe: I guess the world ended.2017-09-24 08:46:15
5014Joacim MelinJoaquim HomrighausenRe: I guess the world ended.2017-09-24 08:45:22
5013TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-23 22:19:00
5012TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASONew Film Canned2017-09-23 21:35:00
5011TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSKatrina Anniversary2017-09-23 22:08:00
5010Paul QuinnDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-24 14:35:00
5009David DrummondDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-24 14:02:24
5008David DrummondBj”rn FeltenI guess the world ended.2017-09-24 13:59:23
5007David DrummondWard DosscheThe Rapture2017-09-24 13:58:28
5006Roger Nelsonmark lewisThe Rapture2017-09-23 18:57:14
5005Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-24 01:26:22
5004Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondI guess the world ended.2017-09-24 01:22:29
5003Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: The Rapture2017-09-24 00:22:28
5002Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: I guess the world ended.2017-09-24 00:21:20
5001David Drummondmark lewisThe Rapture2017-09-24 07:25:00
5000David DrummondWard DosscheI guess the world ended.2017-09-24 07:20:15
4999Joaquim HomrighausenJoacim MelinI guess the world ended.2017-09-23 20:46:29
4998mark lewisWard DosscheThe Rapture2017-09-23 14:47:14
4997mark lewisWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-23 14:37:27
4996Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: The Rapture2017-09-23 19:40:29
4995Lee LofasoAllCensorship in Fidonet2017-09-23 18:43:10
4994Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: The Rapture2017-09-23 09:57:18
4993Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-23 09:51:03
4992Mike MillerWard DosscheI guess the world ended.2017-09-23 10:48:24
4991Joacim MelinWard DosscheRe: I guess worlworld ended.2017-09-23 17:18:26
4990Ward DosscheJoacim MelinRe: I guess the world ended.2017-09-23 15:40:09
4989Joacim MelinAllI guess the world ended. 2017-09-23 08:42:13
4988Robert BasheLee LofasoNew Film Canned2017-09-23 08:05:13
4987Paul QuinnDavid DrummondThe Rapture2017-09-23 12:34:00
4986David DrummondLee LofasoThe Rapture2017-09-23 12:20:21
4985Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-22 18:35:04
4984Lee LofasoDavid DrummondQuestion2017-09-22 23:11:13
4983Lee LofasoAllThe Fidoweb Solution2017-09-22 23:11:10
4982Lee LofasoAllNew Film Canned2017-09-22 18:10:20
4981Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Question2017-09-22 00:11:10
4980Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-20 00:22:01
4979Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-20 00:10:05
4978David Drummondmark lewisQuestion2017-09-22 06:53:16
4977Joaquim HomrighausenJoacim MelinThe Rapture2017-09-21 18:57:21
4976mark lewisWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-21 11:26:28
4975Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: The Rapture2017-09-21 07:56:09
4974Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: No More Dialogue2017-09-21 07:51:25
4973Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-20 23:10:05
4972David DrummondLee LofasoThe Rapture2017-09-21 13:26:24
4971David DrummondLee LofasoNo More Dialogue2017-09-21 13:23:16
4970David DrummondMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-21 13:20:16
4969Lee LofasoAllThe Rapture2017-09-21 00:48:05
4968Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: No More Dialogue2017-09-20 23:25:05
4967Lee LofasoAllNo More Dialogue2017-09-20 23:11:27
4966BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENAre the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-09-20 11:40:03
4965Lee LofasoAllRespect Our Flag!2017-09-20 16:02:23
4964Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-20 06:55:21
4963Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Question2017-09-20 09:38:00
4962David DrummondMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-20 17:40:15
4961mark lewisWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-19 22:50:14
4960Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-19 11:53:20
4959Joaquim HomrighausenWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-19 07:37:29
4958David DrummondMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-19 16:41:07
4957Ward DosscheJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Question2017-09-19 07:02:12
4956Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-18 18:59:13
4955Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 22:12:10
4954Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 22:08:15
4953Joaquim HomrighausenWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-19 03:29:15
4952Ward DosscheJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Question2017-09-19 01:37:28
4951Joaquim HomrighausenWard DosscheQuestion2017-09-18 22:48:16
4950Ward DosscheJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Question2017-09-18 21:55:10
4949Joacim MelinJoaquim HomrighausenRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-18 19:22:23
4948Joaquim HomrighausenJoacim MelinQuestion2017-09-17 18:11:28
4947Joaquim HomrighausenJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 22:03:25
4946Ray QuinnDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 12:31:27
4945Lee LofasoAllSpeech to the UN2017-09-18 02:15:04
4944Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 01:56:21
4943Lee LofasoGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 01:56:12
4942Lee LofasoRobert BasheKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 01:56:04
4941Lee LofasoGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-18 01:55:25
4940FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-09-18 00:18:11
4939FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-09-18 00:18:11
4938FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-18 00:18:11
4937FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-18 00:18:11
4936FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-09-18 00:18:11
4935FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-09-18 00:18:11
4934FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-18 00:18:11
4933FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-09-18 00:18:11
4932FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:38 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-09-18 00:18:11
4931Paul QuinnJoacim MelinQuestion2017-09-17 18:43:26
4930Joacim MelinAllQuestion2017-09-17 10:22:23
4929Robert BasheLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-09-17 09:57:10
4928Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-16 23:28:09
4927Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-16 23:31:18
4926Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-16 23:25:16
4925TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-16 14:35:00
4924TIM RICHARDSONALLKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 13:59:00
4923TIM RICHARDSONALLKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 13:43:00
4922Lee LofasoJoacim MelinKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 19:35:25
4921Joacim MelinLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-16 10:16:15
4920Lee LofasoGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 06:12:27
4919David DrummondMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-16 09:40:24
4918Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-15 09:44:13
4917Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-15 09:40:26
4916Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-15 09:14:29
4915David DrummondRay QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-09-15 17:23:06
4914TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-14 16:19:00
4913TIM RICHARDSONMIKE MILLERKatrina Anniversary2017-09-14 16:02:00
4912Ray QuinnDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-14 09:58:28
4911David DrummondGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-14 17:25:06
4910David DrummondGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-14 17:23:26
4909David DrummondMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-14 17:17:10
4908Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-13 20:01:19
4907Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-13 19:53:03
4906Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-13 19:45:19
4905Lee Lofasojohn guilloryKatrina Anniversary2017-09-13 21:43:05
4904Lee LofasoRay QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-09-13 21:42:27
4903Mike MillerDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-13 08:58:27
4902alexander koryaginAllAkFidostat2017-09-13 15:55:03
4901David DrummondRay QuinnKatrina Anniversary2017-09-13 20:44:13
4900David Drummondjohn guilloryKatrina Anniversary2017-09-13 20:40:26
4899Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-12 23:51:29
4898Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-12 20:42:00
4897Ray QuinnDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-12 11:36:27
4896john guilloryDavid DrummondKatrina Anniversary2017-09-10 19:26:01
4895Lee LofasoAllIn Memoriam2017-09-12 00:17:21
4894Lee LofasoAllIn Remembrance2017-09-12 00:15:15
4893Kees van EetenFidoNews RobotFidoNews 34:37 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-11 18:10:09
4892Ward DosschePetros AgyrakisWelcome2017-09-11 11:59:27
4891Wilfred van Velzenmark lewisRe: FidoNews 34:37 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-11 11:07:09
4890mark lewisWilfred van VelzenFidoNews 34:37 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-11 04:10:01
4889Wilfred van VelzenFidoNews RobotRe: FidoNews 34:37 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-11 09:29:09
4888FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-09-11 07:59:17
4887FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-09-11 07:59:17
4886FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-11 07:59:17
4885FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-11 07:59:17
4884FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-09-11 07:59:17
4883FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-09-11 07:59:17
4882FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [02/08]: General Articles2017-09-11 07:59:17
4881FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-09-11 07:59:17
4880FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:37 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-09-11 07:59:17
4879Ward DosscheAllLessons from Clay Tannacore (+2002)2017-09-10 23:28:17
4878Bill McGarrityMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-10 09:41:00
4877David DrummondGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-10 12:25:03
4876Mike MillerGregory DeyssKatrina Anniversary2017-09-09 15:58:08
4875Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-09-09 08:46:23
4874Lee LofasoMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-08 05:18:12
4873Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-07 19:07:11
4872TIM RICHARDSONMIKE MILLERKatrina Anniversary2017-09-06 19:00:00
4871Lee LofasoAllen PruntyEclipse2017-09-06 23:30:14
4870Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenKatrina Anniversary2017-09-06 23:30:06
4869alexander koryaginBOB ACKLEYRe: Are the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-09-06 11:09:02
4868Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-09-05 22:02:27
4867Bj”rn FeltenBOB ACKLEYAre the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-09-05 21:56:18
4866Mike MillerLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-09-05 14:08:02
4865Lee LofasoMike MillerKatrina Anniversary2017-09-05 19:57:04
4864BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENAre the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-09-05 11:35:02
4863Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONKatrina Anniversary2017-09-04 12:05:10
4862FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-09-04 00:44:19
4861FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-09-04 00:44:19
4860FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-04 00:44:19
4859FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-09-04 00:44:19
4858FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-09-04 00:44:19
4857FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-09-04 00:44:19
4856FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:36 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-09-04 00:44:19
4855Lee LofasoAllO Say Can U C?2017-09-03 21:48:12
4854Lee LofasoAllPorky Pig2017-09-02 22:30:15
4853Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-09-01 00:10:10
4852TIM RICHARDSONALLKatrina Anniversary2017-08-31 14:20:00
4851TIM RICHARDSONNICHOLAS BOELMiddle East - how did we2017-08-31 14:13:00
4850Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-08-31 18:39:00
4849David DrummondLee LofasoKatrina Anniversary2017-08-31 15:24:12
4848Gerrit Kuehnmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-30 17:24:25
4847alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Katrina Anniversary2017-08-30 14:07:27
4846Lee LofasoAllKatrina Anniversary2017-08-30 05:57:07
4845Nicholas Boelmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 20:50:09
4844mark lewisNicholas BoelMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 20:41:13
4843mark lewisGerrit KuehnMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 20:40:05
4842Nicholas Boelmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 15:41:07
4841Gerrit Kuehnmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 17:50:17
4840mark lewisBj”rn FeltenMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 09:32:11
4839mark lewisGerrit KuehnMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-29 09:31:07
4838Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Afghanistan Nightmare2017-08-28 20:33:24
4837Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 19:51:18
4836Lee LofasoBill McGarrityRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-29 03:02:27
4835Lee LofasoAllEverything Is Fine2017-08-29 03:02:22
4834Joe DelahayeRobert BasheRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 20:01:05
4833Joe DelahayeBOB ACKLEYRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 19:56:29
4832Lee LofasoAllHurricane Harvey2017-08-28 22:21:21
4831Wilfred van VelzenBjörn FeltenRe: Are the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-08-28 20:52:25
4830Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 19:31:14
4829Robert BasheJoe DelahayeRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 19:18:22
4828Gerrit KuehnBjörn FeltenMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-28 18:26:15
4827Björn FeltenWilfred van VelzenAre the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-08-28 18:27:11
4826Bj”rn FeltenBOB ACKLEYRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 18:15:06
4825BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASORemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 11:55:01
4824BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASORemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 11:52:24
4823BOB ACKLEYJOE DELAHAYERe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 11:48:18
4822BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASORemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 11:44:28
4821BOB ACKLEYGREGORY DEYSSRe: Our Lives Matter2017-08-28 11:41:05
4820Wilfred van VelzenBj”rn FeltenRe: Are the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-08-28 17:51:25
4819BOB ACKLEYTIM RICHARDSONRe: Remove Confederate St2017-08-28 11:31:16
4818BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENDoes the POTUS spend the money?2017-08-28 11:38:18
4817BOB ACKLEYGREGORY DEYSSRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 11:25:08
4816Bj”rn FeltenGerrit KuehnMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-28 17:39:17
4815BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOPutin Apologist2017-08-28 11:19:24
4814Gerrit Kuehnmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-28 16:56:21
4813Bj”rn FeltenAllAre the Chinese avoiding the USD?2017-08-28 17:07:01
4812mark lewisGerrit KuehnMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-27 21:40:20
4811FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-08-28 01:06:05
4810FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-08-28 01:06:05
4809FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-28 01:06:05
4808FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-28 01:06:05
4807FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-08-28 01:06:05
4806FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-08-28 01:06:05
4805FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:35 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-08-28 01:06:05
4804Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAfghanistan Nightmare2017-08-28 00:14:24
4803Lee LofasoGregory DeyssOur Lives Matter2017-08-28 00:14:19
4802Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 00:14:15
4801Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 00:14:11
4800Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-28 00:14:06
4799Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Our Lives Matter2017-08-27 12:23:09
4798Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-27 12:08:09
4797Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-27 12:01:29
4796Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-27 11:59:04
4795Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Afghanistan Nightmare2017-08-27 11:54:14
4794Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-27 11:42:20
4793Bill McGarrityLee LofasoRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-27 09:13:00
4792Gerrit Kuehnmark lewisMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-27 12:55:08
4791Lee LofasoGregory DeyssOur Lives Matter2017-08-27 02:47:25
4790Lee LofasoGregory DeyssOur Lives Matter2017-08-27 02:47:21
4789Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONPublic Service Announ2017-08-26 19:38:05
4788Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenDoes the POTUS spend the money?2017-08-26 19:38:02
4787Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONRemove Confederate St2017-08-26 19:37:29
4786Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONCrocs in real life2017-08-26 19:37:26
4785Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONPutin Apologist2017-08-26 19:37:23
4784Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-26 19:37:20
4783Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-26 19:37:18
4782Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-26 19:37:14
4781Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAfghanistan Nightmare2017-08-26 19:37:10
4780Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: Does the POTUS spend the money?2017-08-26 09:58:27
4779Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Our Lives Matter2017-08-26 09:49:08
4778Lee LofasoBill McGarrityRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-26 18:23:17
4777Bill McGarrityTIM RICHARDSONRemove Confederate Statue2017-08-26 08:10:00
4776Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssDoes the POTUS spend the money?2017-08-26 08:41:18
4775TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Public Service Announ2017-08-25 23:07:00
4774TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRemove Confederate Statue2017-08-25 22:50:00
4773TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Remove Confederate St2017-08-25 22:11:00
4772TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHECrocs in real life2017-08-23 18:27:00
4771TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASOPutin Apologist2017-08-23 18:13:00
4770Gregory DeyssBOB ACKLEYRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 19:29:00
4769Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-25 19:26:13
4768Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 19:23:07
4767Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Afghanistan Nightmare2017-08-25 19:13:09
4766Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 19:03:23
4765Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 18:22:22
4764Lee LofasoGregory DeyssOur Lives Matter2017-08-26 04:06:16
4763mark lewisChloiMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-25 12:44:13
4762BOB ACKLEYGREGORY DEYSSRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 11:47:20
4761Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-25 17:32:04
4760Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-25 17:32:01
4759Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 17:31:28
4758Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPutin Apologist2017-08-25 17:31:26
4757Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAfghanistan Nightmare2017-08-25 17:31:22
4756Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 09:04:00
4755Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-25 08:51:00
4754Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-24 21:26:20
4753Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-24 21:03:26
4752Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-24 20:11:05
4751Lee LofasoAllLGBTQ Swept Out2017-08-25 00:28:03
4750Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-24 07:57:00
4749alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-24 11:26:25
4748Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-23 20:39:22
4747Tommi KoivulaRobert BasheFTN editor, was Re: Putin Apologist2017-08-23 19:37:10
4746Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-23 16:42:17
4745ChloiallMiddle East - how did we get here?2017-08-23 05:32:22
4744alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-23 11:22:18
4743Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-22 20:45:00
4742Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Remove Confederate Statues2017-08-22 20:07:07
4741Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-22 19:14:17
4740Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Afghanistan Nightmare2017-08-22 19:00:10
4739Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-22 18:06:00
4738alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-22 14:42:23
4737Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-22 07:39:14
4736Lee LofasoAllRemove Confederate Statues2017-08-22 04:16:13
4735Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONPutin Apologist2017-08-22 02:41:09
4734Lee LofasoWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-22 02:41:07
4733Lee LofasoAllAfghanistan Nightmare2017-08-22 01:43:21
4732Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-21 13:21:16
4731Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-21 11:22:06
4730Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-21 09:34:28
4729Robert BasheGerrit KuehnCrocs in real life2017-08-21 09:31:26
4728Robert BasheGerrit KuehnCrocs in real life2017-08-21 09:28:01
4727Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-21 09:20:02
4726TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHEPutin Apologist2017-08-20 20:23:00
4725TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Putin Apologist2017-08-20 20:41:00
4724TIM RICHARDSONGREGORY DEYSSRe: Public Service Announ2017-08-20 19:35:00
4723Paul QuinnLee LofasoSerious Question2017-08-21 11:13:27
4722FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-08-21 02:55:17
4721FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-08-21 02:55:17
4720FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-21 02:55:17
4719FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-21 02:55:17
4718FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-08-21 02:55:17
4717FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-08-21 02:55:17
4716FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:34 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-08-21 02:55:17
4715Lee LofasoAllSerious Question2017-08-21 01:13:01
4714alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-20 21:27:20
4713alexander koryaginWard DosscheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-20 21:25:05
4712alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-20 21:23:09
4711Dale ShippBj”Rn FeltenRe: What way does your f2017-08-20 00:43:00
4710Tony LangdonMichiel van der VlistRe: What way does your front door open?2017-08-20 12:28:00
4709Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: What way does your front door open?2017-08-19 18:17:06
4708Bj”rn FeltenGerrit KuehnWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 23:56:16
4707Bj”rn Feltenmark lewisWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 23:30:02
4706Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 23:26:07
4705Gerrit KuehnBjörn FeltenWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 21:00:21
4704mark lewisBj”rn FeltenWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 13:58:09
4703Wilfred van VelzenBj”rn FeltenRe: What way does your front door open?2017-08-19 18:34:14
4702Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheCrocs in real life2017-08-19 15:49:19
4701Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheCrocs in real life2017-08-19 15:44:03
4700Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 18:19:29
4699Bj”rn FeltenAllWhat way does your front door open?2017-08-19 18:20:28
4698Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenCrocs in real life2017-08-19 10:53:24
4697Robert BasheLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-19 10:49:24
4696Paul QuinnRoger NelsonBooted2017-08-19 19:16:21
4695Roger Nelsonmark lewisBooted2017-08-19 00:16:12
4694Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-18 19:34:11
4693Ward DosscheLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-18 18:39:05
4692Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoWhat if Stalin had been removed in circa 1935?2017-08-18 22:38:07
4691Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoCrocs in real life2017-08-18 22:33:19
4690Lee LofasoWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-18 23:10:05
4689Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-18 23:10:02
4688Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-18 23:09:28
4687Lee LofasoBill McGarrityPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-18 23:09:26
4686Lee LofasoBill McGarrityPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-18 23:09:23
4685Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-18 23:09:20
4684Lee LofasoGregory DeyssBooted2017-08-18 23:09:17
4683Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-18 20:50:09
4682Robert BasheWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-18 19:28:12
4681Ward Dosschealexander koryaginRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-18 05:31:29
4680alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-18 11:29:16
4679Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-17 21:03:03
4678Joe Delahayemark lewisBooted2017-08-17 21:40:23
4677mark lewisJoe DelahayeBooted2017-08-17 11:44:05
4676mark lewisJoe DelahayeBooted2017-08-17 11:13:01
4675Joe Delahayemark lewisBooted2017-08-17 10:31:23
4674Bill McGarrityLee LofasoPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 08:58:00
4673Bill McGarrityLee LofasoPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 08:55:00
4672Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 08:15:00
4671Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-16 21:39:09
4670Lee LofasoGregory DeyssA New Low2017-08-17 04:33:27
4669Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeA New Low2017-08-17 04:33:24
4668Lee LofasoBill McGarrityPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 04:33:21
4667Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 04:33:18
4666Lee LofasoBill McGarrityPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-17 04:33:15
4665mark lewisBill McGarrityBooted2017-08-16 10:00:20
4664Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: A New Low2017-08-16 12:00:18
4663Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssBooted2017-08-16 10:42:00
4662Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-16 10:25:00
4661Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-16 14:31:20
4660Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Booted2017-08-15 23:32:23
4659Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-15 23:26:16
4658Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Public Service Announcement...2017-08-15 23:15:26
4657Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: A New Low2017-08-15 23:15:13
4656Lee LofasoWard DosscheBooted2017-08-16 02:40:03
4655Lee Lofasomark lewisBooted2017-08-16 02:40:00
4654Bill McGarritymark lewisBooted2017-08-15 19:11:00
4653Bill McGarrityLee LofasoPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-15 19:04:00
4652Lee LofasoBill McGarrityPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-15 20:34:24
4651mark lewisLee LofasoBooted2017-08-15 08:11:17
4650Bill McGarrityAllPublic Service Announcement...2017-08-15 07:22:00
4649Lee LofasoAllA New Low2017-08-15 00:25:11
4648Ward DosscheLee LofasoBooted2017-08-14 23:24:03
4647Lee LofasoAllBooted2017-08-14 21:31:06
4646mark lewisDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-14 00:57:25
4645FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-08-14 00:16:00
4644FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-08-14 00:16:00
4643FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-14 00:16:00
4642FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-14 00:16:00
4641FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-08-14 00:16:00
4640FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-08-14 00:16:00
4639FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [02/08]: General Articles2017-08-14 00:16:00
4638FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-08-14 00:16:00
4637FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:33 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-08-14 00:16:00
4636David Drummondmark lewisPutin Apologist2017-08-14 07:32:13
4635mark lewisDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-13 13:11:05
4634alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-13 19:49:16
4633Robert BasheLee LofasoMan of Peace2017-08-13 16:00:15
4632Gerrit KuehnDavid DrummondWhite Sharia Now2017-08-13 15:16:17
4631David Drummondmark lewisPutin Apologist2017-08-13 13:29:10
4630mark lewisDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-12 22:15:17
4629David DrummondLee LofasoWhite Sharia Now2017-08-13 11:36:22
4628Lee LofasoRobert BasheMan of Peace2017-08-13 03:13:26
4627Lee LofasoWard DosscheNorth Korea attack on Sweden2017-08-13 03:13:23
4626Lee LofasoAllWhite Sharia Now2017-08-13 03:13:20
4625David DrummondRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-13 07:01:10
4624Ward DosscheAllNorth Korea attack on Sweden2017-08-12 18:42:04
4623Robert BasheLee LofasoMan of Peace2017-08-12 13:12:10
4622Robert BasheDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-12 13:21:02
4621David DrummondLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-12 18:23:26
4620Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-12 02:47:00
4619Lee LofasoDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-12 02:46:27
4618Lee LofasoDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-08-12 02:46:23
4617Lee LofasoDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-12 02:46:20
4616Lee LofasoRobert BasheMan of Peace2017-08-12 02:46:17
4615Lee LofasoRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-12 02:46:14
4614Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-11 16:43:11
4613Robert BasheLee LofasoMan of Peace2017-08-11 16:51:26
4612Robert BasheLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-11 16:09:07
4611alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-11 13:20:27
4610alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-11 12:17:01
4609David DrummondLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-11 16:58:12
4608David DrummondLee LofasoTV with IPV62017-08-11 16:55:08
4607David DrummondLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-11 16:53:15
4606Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-11 05:19:18
4605Lee LofasoRobert BasheMan of Peace2017-08-11 02:09:22
4604Lee LofasoDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-08-11 02:09:18
4603Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-08-11 02:09:15
4602Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-11 02:09:12
4601Lee LofasoDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-11 02:09:08
4600Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-08-11 02:09:05
4599Lee LofasoRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-11 02:08:29
4598alexander koryaginMichiel van der VlistRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-10 22:18:22
4597Michiel van der VlistRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-10 12:56:00
4596David DrummondRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-10 20:28:28
4595alexander koryaginDavid DrummondRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-10 12:59:02
4594Robert BasheDavid DrummondPutin Apologist2017-08-10 10:00:09
4593Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-10 09:51:17
4592TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDGlobal Warming2017-08-09 15:34:00
4591Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-10 01:34:11
4590David DrummondRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-10 07:43:00
4589alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-09 22:06:24
4588Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-09 13:37:09
4587Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-08-09 13:35:14
4586alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-08 21:33:05
4585Michiel van der VlistRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-08 12:33:03
4584Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-08 11:25:04
4583David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONGlobal Warming2017-08-08 17:50:19
4582TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDGlobal Warming2017-08-07 21:38:00
4581Lee LofasoWard DosscheMan of Peace2017-08-07 21:34:23
4580alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-07 21:36:06
4579Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-07 16:18:08
4578alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-07 13:40:28
4577David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONGlobal Warming2017-08-07 17:47:07
4576TIM RICHARDSONDALE SHIPPViet Nam2017-08-06 22:08:00
4575TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDGlobal Warming2017-08-06 22:21:00
4574David DrummondLee LofasoTV with IPV62017-08-07 13:45:15
4573FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-08-07 01:02:04
4572FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-08-07 01:02:04
4571FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-07 01:02:04
4570FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-08-07 01:02:04
4569FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-08-07 01:02:04
4568FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-08-07 01:02:04
4567FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:32 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-08-07 01:02:04
4566Lee LofasoDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-08-02 00:09:17
4565Lee LofasoDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-08-02 00:09:14
4564Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenIdiocracy2017-08-02 00:09:10
4563Lee LofasoRichard MilesIdiocracy2017-08-02 00:09:08
4562Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenIdiocracy2017-08-02 00:09:04
4561Lee LofasoAllBody Piercing2017-08-01 21:28:23
4560Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-06 23:31:29
4559Lee LofasoRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-06 23:31:26
4558Lee LofasoDale ShippViet Nam2017-08-06 23:31:23
4557Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-06 23:31:19
4556alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-06 19:22:14
4555Dale ShippRobert BasheViet Nam2017-08-05 22:57:00
4554David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONGlobal Warming2017-08-06 11:40:06
4553TIM RICHARDSONALLGlobal Warming2017-08-05 17:24:00
4552Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-08-05 20:17:01
4551Robert BasheLee LofasoMan of Peace2017-08-05 19:22:01
4550Robert BasheLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-08-05 19:14:05
4549Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Man of Peace2017-08-04 23:44:03
4548Lee LofasoAllMan of Peace2017-08-04 20:49:18
4547alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-04 16:54:07
4546Lee LofasoKurt WeiskePutin Apologist2017-08-03 19:59:12
4545Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONPutin Apologist2017-08-03 19:59:08
4544Kurt WeiskeRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-03 07:38:01
4543TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTPutin Apologist2017-08-02 17:48:00
4542Lee LofasoWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-03 16:44:22
4541Lee LofasoAllLady Liberty2017-08-03 16:44:19
4540Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-08-03 12:23:11
4539Robert BasheWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-03 12:35:25
4538Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-03 00:26:18
4537Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistHitler Apologist2017-08-02 21:37:02
4536Lee LofasoWard DosscheHitler Apologist2017-08-02 21:03:13
4535Michiel van der VlistWard DosschePutin Apologist2017-08-02 16:16:15
4534Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Putin Apologist2017-08-02 14:49:18
4533Michiel van der VlistRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-08-02 12:35:14
4532Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-08-02 12:03:24
4531Richard MilesBj”rn FeltenIdiocracy2017-08-01 21:24:11
4530Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-31 18:57:19
4529Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-08-01 00:10:05
4528Tony LangdonMichiel van der VlistRe: TV with IPV62017-07-31 09:02:00
4527FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-07-31 00:12:20
4526FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-07-31 00:12:20
4525FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-31 00:12:20
4524FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-31 00:12:20
4523FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-07-31 00:12:20
4522FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-07-31 00:12:20
4521FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [02/08]: Fidonet Notices2017-07-31 00:12:20
4520FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-07-31 00:12:20
4519FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:31 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-07-31 00:12:20
4518Kurt WeiskeMichiel van der VlistFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-30 08:48:10
4517Tommi KoivulaMichiel van der VlistRe: TV with IPV62017-07-30 11:50:04
4516Michiel van der VlistTony LangdonTV with IPV62017-07-30 09:55:11
4515Michiel van der VlistTommi KoivulaTV with IPV62017-07-30 09:42:16
4514Michiel van der VlistDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-07-30 09:29:21
4513Tommi KoivulaDavid DrummondRe: TV with IPV62017-07-30 09:35:06
4512Tony LangdonMichiel van der VlistRe: TV with IPV62017-07-30 15:48:00
4511David DrummondMichiel van der VlistTV with IPV62017-07-30 13:50:08
4510Michiel van der VlistDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-07-30 00:16:07
4509Michiel van der VlistDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-07-30 00:10:29
4508Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: TV with IPV62017-07-30 07:58:00
4507David DrummondMichiel van der VlistTV with IPV62017-07-30 06:51:21
4506David DrummondMichiel van der VlistTV with IPV62017-07-30 06:48:17
4505David DrummondLee LofasoTV with IPV62017-07-30 06:46:19
4504David DrummondLee LofasoFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-30 06:43:09
4503Michiel van der VlistDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-07-29 15:22:02
4502Lee LofasoMike MillerCommunism according to Greg2017-07-29 14:13:27
4501Lee LofasoDavid DrummondTV with IPV62017-07-29 14:13:24
4500Lee LofasoDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-29 14:13:19
4499David DrummondLee LofasoTV with IPV62017-07-29 08:50:25
4498David DrummondLee LofasoFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-29 08:48:14
4497Lee LofasoAllTV with IPV62017-07-29 00:46:11
4496Mike MillerGregory DeyssCommunism according to Greg2017-07-28 10:01:13
4495Lee LofasoDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-28 15:47:16
4494Michiel van der VlistDale ShippTV with IPV62017-07-28 14:07:27
4493Dale ShippMichiel Van Der VlistRe: TV with IPV62017-07-28 00:34:00
4492Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-27 19:51:04
4491Michiel van der VlistDale ShippTV with IPV62017-07-28 00:21:16
4490Mike MillerLee LofasoGreat Tribulation Date2017-07-27 13:38:13
4489Lee LofasoMike MillerCommunism according to Greg2017-07-27 20:23:23
4488Lee LofasoAllGreat Tribulation Date2017-07-27 18:41:08
4487Michiel van der VlistNicholas BoelSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 16:55:03
4486Mike MillerGregory DeyssCommunism according to Greg2017-07-27 02:13:05
4485Dale ShippMichiel Van Der VlistTV with IPV62017-07-27 01:04:00
4484David DrummondLee LofasoFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-27 14:53:29
4483Lee LofasoDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-27 05:44:09
4482Lee LofasoNicholas BoelSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 05:44:01
4481Nicholas BoelLee LofasoSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 21:12:15
4480Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-26 19:09:00
4479Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 03:35:03
4478Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 03:34:25
4477Tony LangdonMike MillerRe: Digital Packrats2017-07-27 11:08:00
4476Tony LangdonMichiel van der VlistRe: FidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-27 10:13:00
4475Tony LangdonBj”rn FeltenRe: FidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-27 10:10:00
4474Nicholas BoelMichiel van der VlistSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 19:11:01
4473Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 00:54:07
4472Paul QuinnBjörn FeltenFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-27 08:14:05
4471Michiel van der VlistNicholas BoelSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 00:12:23
4470Nicholas BoelBjörn FeltenSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 17:08:26
4469Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenSmartTV and IPv62017-07-27 00:04:03
4468Mike MillerTony LangdonDigital Packrats2017-07-26 16:36:03
4467Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 23:39:10
4466Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 19:50:09
4465Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 19:40:29
4464Bj”rn FeltenPaul QuinnFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 18:48:19
4463Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistSmartTV and IPv62017-07-26 18:46:02
4462Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 12:46:23
4461Paul QuinnDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 20:39:00
4460David DrummondBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 20:25:27
4459Gregory DeyssTIM RICHARDSONRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-25 22:42:05
4458alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-25 22:36:09
4457Tony LangdonMike MillerRe: FidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-26 07:48:00
4456Mike MillerTony LangdonRe: FidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-25 12:44:11
4455Mike MillerGregory DeyssRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-25 12:29:01
4454BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOPutin Apologist2017-07-25 11:09:08
4453Tony LangdonMike MillerRe: FidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-25 13:41:00
4452TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-24 18:53:00
4451Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-24 21:38:08
4450Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-24 18:55:25
4449Bj”rn FeltenRichard MilesIdiocracy2017-07-25 03:00:01
4448Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-25 02:58:16
4447Richard MilesBjörn FeltenIdiocracy2017-07-24 19:45:27
4446David DrummondLee LofasoFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-25 08:47:23
4445Bj”rn FeltenTIM RICHARDSONUnited States Inc.2017-07-25 00:51:02
4444Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-24 15:58:15
4443alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-24 13:24:01
4442FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-07-24 00:20:21
4441FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-07-24 00:20:21
4440FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-24 00:20:21
4439FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-24 00:20:21
4438FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-07-24 00:20:21
4437FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-07-24 00:20:21
4436FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [02/08]: General Articles2017-07-24 00:20:21
4435FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-07-24 00:20:21
4434FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:30 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-07-24 00:20:21
4433Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: Communism according to Greg2017-07-23 12:27:06
4432Kurt WeiskeDavid DrummondHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-23 08:26:14
4431alexander koryaginTIM RICHARDSONRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-23 14:04:03
4430alexander koryaginTIM RICHARDSONRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-23 13:52:25
4429Mike MillerDavid DrummondHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-22 23:46:19
4428David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-23 13:58:06
4427David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-23 13:55:19
4426David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-23 13:39:20
4425David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-23 13:37:15
4424TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-22 17:29:00
4423TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-22 17:40:00
4422TIM RICHARDSONBJÖRN FELTENPutin Apologist2017-07-22 17:37:00
4421Björn FeltenLee LofasoIdiocracy2017-07-23 01:55:02
4420Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssCommunism according to Greg2017-07-23 01:49:14
4419Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYPutin Apologist2017-07-23 00:46:24
4418Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-23 00:46:21
4417Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONPutin Apologist2017-07-23 00:46:18
4416Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenPutin Apologist2017-07-23 00:46:15
4415Lee LofasoMike MillerPutin Apologist2017-07-23 00:46:12
4414Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-23 00:46:10
4413Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-23 00:46:06
4412Lee LofasoRichard MilesSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-23 00:46:04
4411Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-23 00:46:01
4410Lee LofasoKees van EetenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-23 00:45:28
4409Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-23 00:45:25
4408Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-23 00:45:22
4407Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-23 00:45:20
4406Lee LofasoGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-23 00:45:17
4405David DrummondGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-23 07:33:20
4404David DrummondGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-23 07:30:25
4403alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-22 18:47:22
4402Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 23:04:06
4401Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 23:19:09
4400Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 23:01:22
4399Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenTrue communism2017-07-21 22:57:27
4398Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeTrue communism2017-07-21 23:06:26
4397Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 16:03:11
4396alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 14:04:06
4395David DrummondGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-21 17:06:27
4394Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-20 20:54:07
4393Bill McGarrityBOB ACKLEYHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-20 18:21:00
4392Nicholas BoelMike MillerAlert notice2017-07-20 15:31:17
4391alexander koryaginBOB ACKLEYRe: Putin Apologist2017-07-20 22:40:18
4390alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-20 21:35:02
4389BOB ACKLEYBJŸRN FELTENPutin Apologist2017-07-20 11:20:15
4388BOB ACKLEYALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-20 11:18:10
4387Paul QuinnMike MillerPutin Apologist2017-07-20 17:02:01
4386Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenPutin Apologist2017-07-20 00:44:29
4385Mike MillerJoe DelahayeAlert notice2017-07-20 00:34:16
4384Bj”rn FeltenTIM RICHARDSONPutin Apologist2017-07-20 04:03:29
4383alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Solder vs. "sodder"2017-07-19 23:18:29
4382alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-19 23:09:26
4381Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 20:56:16
4380TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTPutin Apologist2017-07-19 16:51:00
4379Nicholas Boelmark lewisPrayer about Putin2017-07-19 15:37:20
4378mark lewisDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 15:28:09
4377mark lewisNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-19 15:04:00
4376Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistEEUEOUEOOIEUIERS2017-07-19 20:19:25
4375David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-19 16:18:25
4374David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-19 16:17:28
4373David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-19 16:14:03
4372David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-19 16:11:25
4371David DrummondJoe DelahayeAlert notice2017-07-19 16:09:23
4370David Drummondmark lewisAlert notice2017-07-19 16:08:22
4369Joe DelahayeMike MillerAlert notice2017-07-18 22:57:20
4368Michiel van der VlistRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-07-19 00:50:01
4367Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-19 00:57:14
4366Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:38:07
4365Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-19 00:38:04
4364Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeAlert notice2017-07-19 00:38:01
4363Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:37:28
4362Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:37:25
4361Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:37:22
4360Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:37:19
4359Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-19 00:37:16
4358Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-19 00:17:16
4357Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenUS Soddiers?2017-07-18 23:31:21
4356Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONHow Australia sees th2017-07-18 23:31:17
4355Lee LofasoRichard MilesAlert notice2017-07-18 23:31:14
4354Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-18 23:31:10
4353Lee LofasoGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-18 23:31:07
4352Lee LofasoGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-18 23:30:25
4351Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONTHE SCAM UNCOVERED2017-07-18 23:30:22
4350Nicholas Boelmark lewisPrayer about Putin2017-07-18 15:24:02
4349Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-07-08 18:07:07
4348Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-08 17:57:22
4347Mike MillerJoe DelahayeAlert notice2017-07-18 09:16:02
4346Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-18 09:32:15
4345alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-18 16:21:18
4344mark lewisDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-18 08:10:26
4343mark lewisNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-18 08:14:09
4342alexander koryaginRichard MilesRe: Solder vs. "sodder"2017-07-18 15:35:28
4341David DrummondDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-18 12:21:11
4340David DrummondDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-18 12:19:19
4339David DrummondJoe DelahayeAlert notice2017-07-18 12:11:25
4338David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-18 12:08:03
4337David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-18 12:05:11
4336David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-18 12:03:11
4335David DrummondLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-18 11:58:21
4334Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-17 17:16:07
4333Joe DelahayeLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-17 17:04:25
4332Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-17 16:54:14
4331Nicholas Boelmark lewisPrayer about Putin2017-07-17 15:18:24
4330Bj”rn Feltenmark lewisSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 21:42:04
4329mark lewisBj”rn FeltenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 13:57:10
4328Kees van EetenBjörn FeltenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 17:04:21
4327Bj”rn Feltenmark lewisSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 16:39:16
4326mark lewisBjörn FeltenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 08:11:01
4325mark lewisNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-17 07:29:08
4324Richard MilesBjörn FeltenSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 05:42:08
4323Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenUS Soddiers?2017-07-17 11:20:14
4322alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-17 12:50:28
4321Björn FeltenLee LofasoUS Soddiers?2017-07-17 07:35:28
4320Björn FeltenRichard MilesSolder vs. "sodder"2017-07-17 07:28:18
4319TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: How Australia sees th2017-07-16 19:14:00
4317Richard MilesNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-16 20:55:20
4316Nicholas BoelRichard MilesPrayer about Putin2017-07-16 19:46:03
4315Richard MilesBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-16 20:42:12
4314Nicholas Boelmark lewisPrayer about Putin2017-07-16 19:35:23
4313Richard MilesLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-16 20:39:02
4312Richard Milesalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-16 20:31:18
4311Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-17 01:59:15
4310Lee Lofasomark lewisAlert notice2017-07-17 01:59:11
4309Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-17 01:59:06
4308Lee Lofasomark lewisAlert notice2017-07-17 01:59:00
4307Lee LofasoDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-17 01:58:26
4306Lee LofasoAllen PruntyPsychic Computers2017-07-17 01:58:22
4305FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-07-17 00:13:20
4304FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-07-17 00:13:20
4303FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-17 00:13:20
4302FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-17 00:13:20
4301FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-07-17 00:13:20
4300FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-07-17 00:13:20
4299FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:29 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-07-17 00:13:20
4298mark lewisDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-16 13:53:23
4297Gregory Deyssalexander koryaginRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-16 09:48:19
4296alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-16 12:20:08
4295Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-16 00:19:26
4294alexander koryaginTommi KoivulaRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-16 12:14:04
4293Dale ShippAlexander KoryaginRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-16 01:22:01
4292David Drummondmark lewisAlert notice2017-07-16 12:42:00
4291mark lewisDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-15 21:48:15
4290Paul QuinnLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-16 08:13:00
4289Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-16 00:08:29
4288Björn FeltenLee LofasoAlert notice2017-07-16 00:06:05
4287Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginAlexander's quest for the perfect character translation2017-07-16 00:01:24
4286Lee LofasoPaul QuinnAlert notice2017-07-15 23:50:21
4285Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-15 23:50:18
4284Lee LofasoDavid DrummondPsychic Computers2017-07-15 23:50:15
4283Lee LofasoGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-15 23:50:12
4282Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-15 23:50:09
4281Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-15 23:50:05
4280Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-15 23:50:02
4279David Drummondmark lewisAlert notice2017-07-16 07:04:20
4278alexander koryaginBj”rn FeltenRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-15 21:56:01
4277mark lewisDavid DrummondAlert notice2017-07-15 13:09:20
4276Tommi KoivulaBjörn FeltenPrayer about Putin2017-07-15 14:03:25
4275David Drummondmark lewisAlert notice2017-07-15 16:25:14
4274mark lewisBj”rn FeltenPrayer about Putin2017-07-14 23:38:13
4273mark lewisBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-14 23:36:26
4272mark lewisalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-14 23:34:16
4271Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-14 19:04:19
4270Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-14 20:30:22
4269Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-15 00:22:02
4268Bj”rn FeltenPaul QuinnAlert notice2017-07-15 00:11:17
4267alexander koryaginMark lewisRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-14 22:27:25
4266mark lewisalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-14 11:13:09
4265David DrummondAllFreedom of Speech in USA today2017-07-14 17:08:10
4264David DrummondGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-14 17:03:06
4263Paul QuinnBj”rn FeltenAlert notice2017-07-14 12:31:20
4262IB JOEGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-13 20:05:20
4261Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-13 18:30:18
4260Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheAlert notice2017-07-14 04:23:21
4259Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-13 17:57:04
4258Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Alert notice2017-07-14 01:32:24
4257Bj”rn FeltenAllAlert notice2017-07-14 01:17:25
4256Björn FeltenMichiel van der VlistPrayer about nntp2017-07-13 23:19:29
4255Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyImportant holiday celebrations2017-07-13 23:07:29
4254Allen PruntyDavid DrummondPsychic Computers2017-07-13 16:28:09
4253Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-13 16:15:18
4252Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-07-13 16:09:14
4251Allen PruntyWard Dossche42017-07-13 16:07:26
4250alexander koryaginMark lewisRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-13 22:09:17
4249Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenPrayer about nntp2017-07-13 18:38:16
4248mark lewisalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-13 10:18:16
4247Bj”rn FeltenTommi KoivulaPrayer about nntp2017-07-13 14:24:20
4246Bj”rn FeltenTommi KoivulaPrayer about nntp2017-07-13 14:23:04
4245Michiel van der Vlistalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-13 11:46:01
4244Tommi KoivulaBj”rn FeltenPrayer about nntp2017-07-13 12:23:02
4243alexander koryaginBj”rn FeltenRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-13 11:21:18
4242David DrummondLee LofasoPsychic Computers2017-07-13 16:31:11
4241Lee LofasoAllPsychic Computers2017-07-13 06:26:15
4240Benny PedersenBjörn FeltenPrayer about Putin2017-07-13 03:44:22
4239David DrummondGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-13 11:54:01
4238Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-12 10:31:24
4237Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-12 13:41:13
4236Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-12 13:38:10
4235Paul QuinnNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-12 15:34:29
4234Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: How Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-11 20:32:20
4233Nicholas BoelPaul QuinnPrayer about Putin2017-07-11 19:28:17
4232Paul QuinnNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-12 08:41:21
4231Paul Quinnalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-12 08:26:04
4230Nicholas BoelTommi KoivulaPrayer about Putin2017-07-11 15:25:12
4229Nicholas BoelPaul QuinnPrayer about Putin2017-07-11 15:24:06
4228alexander koryaginPaul QuinnRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-11 22:57:07
4227Tommi KoivulaNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-11 06:59:28
4226Paul QuinnNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-11 08:24:14
4225Nicholas BoelPaul QuinnPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 16:28:18
4224Nicholas BoelTommi KoivulaPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 16:26:05
4223Nicholas BoelBjörn FeltenPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 16:20:27
4222Nicholas Boelalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 16:16:22
4221Björn Feltenalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 19:58:08
4220Paul Quinnalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 17:51:10
4219Paul Quinnalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 17:41:27
4218Tommi Koivulaalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-10 10:07:02
4217alexander koryaginBjærn FeltenRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-10 09:54:06
4216FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-07-10 00:18:02
4215FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-07-10 00:18:02
4214FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-10 00:18:02
4213FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-10 00:18:02
4212FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-07-10 00:18:02
4211FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-07-10 00:18:02
4210FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:28 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-07-10 00:18:02
4209Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-09 23:30:04
4208alexander koryaginNicholas BoelRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-09 23:24:14
4207David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-09 16:33:19
4206David DrummondAllHow Australia sees the USA today.2017-07-09 16:30:13
4205TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-08 17:27:00
4204TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTPutin Apologist2017-07-08 17:25:00
4203Michiel van der Vlistalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-09 00:53:04
4202Lee LofasoWard Dossche42017-07-08 16:59:17
4201Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-08 13:33:18
4200Michiel van der VlistRobert BashePutin Apologist2017-07-08 12:49:01
4199Nicholas Boelalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-07 15:00:24
4198Joe DelahayeBOB ACKLEYRe: 42017-07-07 10:40:14
4197alexander koryaginNicholas BoelRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-07 10:32:12
4196alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-07 10:18:25
4195Nicholas BoelRobert BashePrayer about Putin2017-07-06 15:03:14
4194Robert Bashealexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-07-06 18:55:28
4193Robert BasheNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-07-06 18:51:23
4192BOB ACKLEYJOE DELAHAYERe: 42017-07-06 11:32:02
4191Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: 42017-07-04 21:58:23
4190Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: 42017-07-05 00:21:00
4189David DrummondWard Dossche42017-07-05 07:22:09
4188Ward DosscheAll42017-07-04 13:03:07
4187Lee LofasoAllCount Dracula's Favorite2017-07-04 05:07:17
4186FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-07-03 00:47:24
4185FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-07-03 00:47:24
4184FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-03 00:47:24
4183FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-07-03 00:47:24
4182FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-07-03 00:47:24
4181FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-07-03 00:47:24
4180FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:27 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-07-03 00:47:24
4179TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEThe lesser of two evils?2017-07-01 21:54:00
4178alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-01 21:23:08
4177alexander koryaginNicholas BoelRe: Prayer about Putin2017-07-01 21:20:12
4176Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-07-01 00:10:10
4175Nicholas BoelRobert BashePrayer about Putin2017-06-30 15:35:05
4174Nicholas BoelRobert BashePrayer about Putin2017-06-30 15:23:18
4173Nicholas Boelalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-06-30 15:12:07
4172Robert Bashealexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-06-30 17:28:07
4171Robert BasheNicholas BoelPrayer about Putin2017-06-30 17:11:18
4170alexander koryaginNicholas BoelRe: Prayer about Putin2017-06-30 12:29:27
4169Nicholas Boelalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-06-29 16:45:18
4168alexander koryaginNicholas BoelRe: Prayer about Putin2017-06-29 21:21:08
4167Robert BasheLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-29 17:17:10
4166Robert Bashealexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-06-29 17:11:00
4165Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-29 17:05:20
4164Robert BasheLee LofasoPutin Apologist2017-06-29 18:00:20
4163Nicholas Boelalexander koryaginPrayer about Putin2017-06-28 10:58:05
4162Allen Pruntyalexander koryaginRe: Prayer about Putin2017-06-28 11:15:10
4161Allen PruntyDavid DrummondPutin's Own Words2017-06-28 11:13:23
4160alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Prayer about Putin2017-06-28 14:45:19
4159alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-06-28 14:34:24
4158David DrummondAllHow to win a yacht race2017-06-28 17:11:04
4157David DrummondLee LofasoPutin's Own Words2017-06-28 14:38:04
4156Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-28 01:12:09
4155Lee LofasoAllPrayer about Putin2017-06-27 23:22:15
4154Lee LofasoAllPutin's Own Words2017-06-27 20:34:25
4153Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-27 00:09:03
4152Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Apologist2017-06-27 00:08:29
4151alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Apologist2017-06-26 11:17:26
4150Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-26 09:04:15
4149FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-06-26 03:01:13
4148FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-06-26 03:01:13
4147FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-26 03:01:13
4146FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-26 03:01:13
4145FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-06-26 03:01:13
4144FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-06-26 03:01:13
4143FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:26 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-06-26 03:01:13
4142Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-26 02:14:06
4141Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistPutin Apologist2017-06-25 21:42:07
4140Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-25 13:13:12
4139Lee LofasoAllContacting the Dead2017-06-25 01:47:27
4138Paul QuinnLee LofasoEnd of the World Date2017-06-23 17:29:28
4137Lee LofasoAllEnd of the World Date2017-06-23 04:33:12
4136Allen PruntyLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-22 19:38:29
4135Lee LofasoAllPutin Announces Nibiru2017-06-22 22:30:03
4134Lee LofasoAllen PruntyApology2017-06-21 19:18:18
4133Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe lesser of two ev2017-06-21 19:18:11
4132Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-21 05:15:12
4131Lee LofasoAllHarbinger of Evil2017-06-20 05:48:27
4130TIM RICHARDSONBILL MCGARRITYThe lesser of two ev2017-06-19 18:27:00
4129TIM RICHARDSONALLEN PRUNTYRe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-19 18:05:00
4128Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe lesser of two ev2017-06-19 10:17:00
4127Allen PruntyLee LofasoApology2017-06-19 02:21:04
4126Allen PruntyLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-19 01:26:03
4125Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-18 23:09:02
4124Allen PruntyRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-18 23:08:03
4123FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-06-19 01:57:23
4122FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-06-19 01:57:23
4121FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-19 01:57:23
4120FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-19 01:57:23
4119FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-06-19 01:57:23
4118FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-06-19 01:57:23
4117FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:25 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-06-19 01:57:23
4116David DrummondLee LofasoMilitary Conscription in Europe2017-06-18 08:14:21
4115alexander koryaginBill McGarrityRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-17 18:13:10
4114Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-17 15:11:15
4113Lee LofasoAllMilitary Conscription in Europe2017-06-17 14:56:03
4112Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-17 14:55:27
4111Robert Bashealexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-17 10:24:01
4110Robert BasheLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-17 10:10:01
4109Bill McGarrityalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-16 14:42:00
4108Bill McGarrityLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-16 14:26:00
4107Joe DelahayePaul QuinnApology2017-06-16 10:48:25
4106alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-16 11:51:26
4105alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-16 11:48:24
4104alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-16 11:26:09
4103alexander koryaginBill McGarrityRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-16 11:07:09
4102Dale ShippAllen PruntyRe: The lesser of two ev2017-06-16 00:30:00
4101Lee LofasoAllMilitary Conscription2017-06-16 06:17:21
4100TIM RICHARDSONALLEN PRUNTYRe: The lesser of two ev2017-06-15 19:20:00
4099Lee LofasoAllLife in Crimea2017-06-16 02:54:01
4098Lee LofasoAllen PruntyApology2017-06-16 00:02:17
4097Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 23:45:07
4096Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 23:45:04
4095Lee LofasoBill McGarrityThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 23:45:01
4094Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 23:44:28
4093Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 23:44:25
4092Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 23:44:22
4091Paul QuinnJoe DelahayeApology2017-06-16 07:11:13
4090Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-16 06:36:00
4089Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 21:52:21
4088Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 21:52:17
4087Lee LofasoAllStatus of Crimea2017-06-15 21:52:14
4086Joe DelahayeRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 12:32:14
4085Joe DelahayeRobert BasheApology2017-06-15 12:30:17
4084Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 12:28:15
4083Joe DelahayePaul QuinnApology2017-06-15 12:23:16
4082Joe DelahayeTony LangdonRe: Apology2017-06-15 12:22:28
4081Bill McGarrityRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 10:35:00
4080Bill McGarrityalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 10:22:00
4079Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: Apology2017-06-15 20:58:00
4078Robert BasheAllen PruntyThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 10:28:05
4077Paul QuinnTony LangdonApology2017-06-15 19:49:06
4076Tony LangdonPaul QuinnRe: Apology2017-06-15 19:01:00
4075Robert BasheAllen PruntyThe lesser of two ev2017-06-15 10:18:09
4074Robert BasheJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 10:22:07
4073Robert BasheJoe DelahayeApology2017-06-15 10:04:25
4072alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 11:01:25
4071alexander koryaginBill McGarrityRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 10:53:12
4070David DrummondBill McGarrityThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 15:28:26
4069Allen PruntyDale ShippRe: The lesser of two ev2017-06-15 00:58:29
4068Allen PruntyLee LofasoApology2017-06-15 00:53:02
4067Paul QuinnTony LangdonApology2017-06-15 13:31:11
4066Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-15 12:20:00
4065Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 03:25:26
4064Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 03:25:22
4063Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 03:25:19
4062Lee LofasoAllTerritorial Integrity2017-06-15 03:25:14
4061Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 19:55:00
4060Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 19:49:21
4059Joe DelahayeTony LangdonRe: Apology2017-06-14 19:46:01
4058Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 18:31:00
4057David DrummondBill McGarrityThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-15 07:07:28
4056Bill McGarrityalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 13:11:00
4055Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 14:11:04
4054Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 10:52:17
4053alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 10:27:18
4052David DrummondLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 16:32:00
4051David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 16:26:00
4050Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-14 12:04:00
4049Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-14 02:41:29
4048Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnRise of Fourth Reich2017-06-14 02:41:24
4047Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 20:20:04
4046Joe DelahayeRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 20:17:20
4045Joe DelahayeTony LangdonRe: Apology2017-06-13 20:08:27
4044Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 13:19:13
4043Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 13:18:13
4042Robert BasheLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 10:16:03
4041Robert Bashealexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 10:11:24
4040Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 09:49:29
4039alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 10:41:01
4038alexander koryaginTIM RICHARDSONRe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-13 10:35:10
4037Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeBelgians & Dutch2017-06-13 06:06:23
4036Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:20
4035Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:17
4034Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:14
4033Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:09
4032Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:06
4031Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-13 06:06:03
4030Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two ev2017-06-13 06:06:00
4029Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-13 06:05:27
4028Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-13 11:41:00
4027Joe DelahayeTony LangdonRe: Apology2017-06-12 20:33:06
4026Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 20:28:03
4025Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 20:24:24
4024Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-12 19:34:00
4023TIM RICHARDSONALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-12 14:42:00
4022TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 13:37:00
4021TIM RICHARDSONMARK LEWISThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 14:39:00
4020Lee LofasoPaul QuinnThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 23:18:07
4019Lee Lofasomark lewisThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 23:18:03
4018Lee Lofasomark lewisThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 23:18:00
4017Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 23:17:26
4016Lee Lofasomark lewisThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 23:17:23
4015alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 21:06:00
4014alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 20:45:28
4013Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 14:43:19
4012Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 08:23:20
4011Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 08:19:18
4010Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 13:38:19
4009Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 13:35:23
4008mark lewisRobert BasheThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 05:31:09
4007alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 13:07:10
4006Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 10:43:16
4005Robert BasheLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-12 10:38:23
4004David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 16:25:06
4003Allen PruntyBill McGarrityThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 00:40:20
4002Joe DelahayeTony LangdonRe: Apology2017-06-11 21:24:24
4001Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 21:22:18
4000Tony LangdonJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-12 08:32:00
3999FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-06-12 01:07:08
3998FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-06-12 01:07:08
3997FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-12 01:07:08
3996FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-12 01:07:08
3995FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-06-12 01:07:08
3994FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-06-12 01:07:08
3993FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:24 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-06-12 01:07:08
3992David DrummondLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 08:44:01
3991Paul QuinnLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-12 08:08:19
3990Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 23:00:22
3989Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 16:41:17
3988Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 21:33:09
3987mark lewisLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-11 13:52:03
3986mark lewisLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-11 13:49:27
3985Lee LofasoPaul QuinnThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 19:20:18
3984Lee Lofasomark lewisThe lesser of two ev2017-06-11 19:20:15
3983Lee LofasoDale ShippThe lesser of two ev2017-06-11 19:20:12
3982Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnUS authorities refuse concert of Dresden symphonic orchestra2017-06-11 19:20:08
3981Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 19:20:05
3980alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 20:11:22
3979alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 19:31:06
3978Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 13:09:22
3977mark lewisLee LofasoThe lesser of two ev2017-06-11 05:20:27
3976Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 11:18:06
3975alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 12:21:15
3974alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 11:59:12
3973Robert BasheLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 09:01:11
3972Dale ShippLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two ev2017-06-11 00:26:00
3971Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 22:29:19
3970Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Apology2017-06-10 22:24:03
3969Paul QuinnLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-11 08:33:25
3968Lee LofasoDavid DrummondForeign meddling in Elections/Politics2017-06-10 23:57:14
3967Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 23:57:11
3966Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 23:57:07
3965Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 23:57:04
3964Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 23:57:01
3963Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 23:56:28
3962Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 22:05:26
3961Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 22:05:23
3960Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 20:30:02
3959Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 19:43:16
3958Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 09:13:06
3957Robert Bashealexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 11:58:13
3956David DrummondDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 17:27:05
3955David DrummondAllForeign meddling in Elections/Politics2017-06-10 17:23:18
3954David DrummondLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 17:21:24
3953David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 17:19:29
3952Lee LofasoWard DosscheApology2017-06-10 05:36:00
3951Lee Lofasomark lewisThe lesser of two ev2017-06-10 05:35:27
3950Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 22:33:14
3949Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 04:43:08
3948Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 04:43:04
3947Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 04:43:01
3946Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 04:42:28
3945Lee LofasoDale ShippThe lesser of two ev2017-06-10 04:42:25
3944Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Apology2017-06-09 18:49:09
3943mark lewisDale ShippThe lesser of two ev2017-06-09 16:49:25
3942mark lewisWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 16:42:29
3941David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-10 07:20:09
3940alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 11:05:01
3939Dale ShippLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two ev2017-06-09 00:20:00
3938Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 18:59:10
3937David DrummondLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 08:08:22
3936David DrummondRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 08:05:26
3935David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-09 08:02:12
3934Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 21:50:13
3933Lee LofasoWard DosscheApology2017-06-08 21:50:09
3932Lee LofasoBill McGarrityThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 21:50:06
3931Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 14:34:00
3930Lee LofasoEd KoonApology2017-06-08 20:19:21
3929Allen PruntyGerrit KuehnPaper Crisis2017-06-08 06:00:23
3928Allen PruntyBill McGarrityThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 05:57:28
3927Robert Bashealexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 09:33:26
3926Joe DelahayeKees van EetenApology2017-06-07 20:45:22
3925Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-08 00:35:19
3924Ward DosscheKees van EetenRe: Apology2017-06-08 00:31:26
3923TIM RICHARDSONALLThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 14:35:00
3922TIM RICHARDSONJOE DELAHAYERe: Apology2017-06-07 13:33:00
3921alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 23:22:03
3920Bill McGarrityTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 14:34:00
3919alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 23:12:10
3918Ed KoonLee LofasoRe: Apology2017-06-07 13:10:03
3917Kees van EetenWard DosscheApology2017-06-07 17:29:16
3916Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Apology2017-06-07 10:53:04
3915Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: Apology2017-06-07 22:03:00
3914Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 13:46:01
3913Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 09:42:26
3912Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 09:11:23
3911Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: Apology2017-06-07 09:55:28
3910mark lewisWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-07 02:05:19
3909Robert BasheGerrit KuehnUS authorities refuse concert of Dresden symphonic orchestra2017-06-07 08:42:07
3908Tony LangdonWard DosscheRe: Apology2017-06-07 11:51:00
3907Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Apology2017-06-06 20:55:21
3906Mick ManningRobert BasheRe: Electric cars2017-06-06 18:20:01
3905TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASOThe lesser of two evi2017-06-06 12:56:00
3904TIM RICHARDSONJOE DELAHAYEThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 17:57:00
3903TIM RICHARDSONMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 13:41:00
3902TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASOThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 13:33:00
3901Gerrit Kuehn*US authorities refuse concert of Dresden symphonic orchestra2017-06-04 22:29:13
3900Gerrit KuehnLee LofasoRise of Fourth Reich2017-06-03 09:07:27
3899Gerrit KuehnAllen PruntyPaper Crisis2017-06-03 08:59:00
3898Gerrit KuehnAllen PruntyThe bidet2017-06-03 08:57:09
3897Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Apology2017-06-06 22:04:28
3896Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 22:03:21
3895Bill McGarrityRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 15:05:00
3894Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 14:58:00
3893Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenElectric cars2017-06-06 14:17:00
3892Lee LofasoAllApology2017-06-06 21:14:00
3891Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 19:00:09
3890Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-06 18:30:09
3889mark lewisWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 12:03:21
3888Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 17:36:17
3887mark lewisWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:06:20
3886Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenElectric cars2017-06-06 10:58:24
3885Robert BasheDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:46:01
3884Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:31:10
3883Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:27:19
3882Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:20:26
3881Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 10:05:05
3880alexander koryaginJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 11:58:06
3879Allen Pruntymark lewisThe lesser of two evi2017-06-06 02:46:18
3878Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 02:39:11
3877Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 02:30:07
3876Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 17:28:03
3875David DrummondLee LofasoThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-06 07:02:10
3874Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 21:38:06
3873Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 21:38:02
3872alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 22:34:28
3871Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheElectric cars2017-06-05 20:29:22
3870alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 21:50:06
3869BOB ACKLEYMICHIEL VAN DER VLISTThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 12:00:01
3868BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 11:51:05
3867BOB ACKLEYDAVID DRUMMONDUnder Surveillance2017-06-05 11:10:18
3866Ward DosscheJoe BruchisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 17:18:18
3865Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 10:17:27
3864Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 10:17:12
3863Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 14:23:17
3862Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 14:02:14
3861Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 13:57:29
3860Joe BruchisWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 06:22:10
3859Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 09:41:11
3858Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 09:41:10
3857Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:47:12
3856Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:47:08
3855Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:47:02
3854Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-05 04:46:29
3853Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe lesser of two evi2017-06-05 04:46:26
3852Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:46:23
3851Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:46:20
3850Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 04:46:16
3849Lee LofasoJoe BruchisThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 01:46:15
3848Bill McGarrityWard DosscheThe lesser of two evi2017-06-04 19:01:00
3847Bill McGarrityTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-04 18:57:00
3846FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-06-05 00:40:06
3845FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-06-05 00:40:06
3844FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-05 00:40:06
3843FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-06-05 00:40:06
3842FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-06-05 00:40:06
3841FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-06-05 00:40:06
3840FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:23 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-06-05 00:40:06
3839David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-05 07:57:06
3838David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-05 07:43:10
3837mark lewisTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evi2017-06-04 17:17:16
3836Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 23:04:10
3835Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-04 22:55:26
3834Ward DosscheJoe BruchisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 22:50:04
3833Nick AndreTim RichardsonRe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-04 16:33:19
3832TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 10:10:00
3831TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-04 09:51:00
3830TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: The lesser of two evi2017-06-04 10:02:00
3829alexander koryaginDavid DrummondRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 23:17:02
3828Joe BruchisWard DosscheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 08:18:19
3827Nicholas BoelWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 08:25:15
3826Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Interesting Website2017-06-04 14:00:20
3825Robert BasheAllInteresting Website2017-06-04 11:42:24
3824Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 09:48:08
3823Robert BasheWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 08:55:26
3822Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 21:25:24
3821Ward DosscheJoe BruchisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 00:58:09
3820Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 00:52:01
3819Ward DosscheNicholas BoelRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-04 00:49:09
3818Joe BruchisWard DosscheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 07:51:18
3817Bill McGarrityMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 12:34:00
3816Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 16:37:06
3815Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 16:28:00
3814Nicholas BoelWard DosscheThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 08:58:01
3813Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 09:35:14
3812Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 15:29:02
3811Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 09:17:26
3810Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 10:51:06
3809Ward DosscheTIM RICHARDSONRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 09:15:25
3808Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-02 19:48:27
3807David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-03 09:14:27
3806TIM RICHARDSONALLThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-02 14:56:00
3805Ward DosscheJoe BruchisRe: The lesser of two evils?2017-06-02 22:18:04
3804Joe BruchisMichiel van der VlistThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-02 12:05:10
3803Michiel van der VlistAllThe lesser of two evils?2017-06-02 16:51:04
3802David DrummondLee LofasoUnder Surveillance2017-06-02 14:44:24
3801Lee LofasoDavid DrummondUnder Surveillance2017-06-02 04:21:23
3800Lee Lofasomark lewisUnder Surveillance2017-06-02 04:21:19
3799Lee LofasoAllBrothers In Arms2017-06-02 04:05:14
3798mark lewisDavid DrummondUnder Surveillance2017-05-31 18:31:21
3797Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-06-01 00:09:26
3796David DrummondBOB ACKLEYUnder Surveillance2017-06-01 07:25:27
3795BOB ACKLEYALLEN PRUNTYUnder Surveillance2017-05-31 11:13:18
3794Lee LofasoRobert BasheUnder Surveillance2017-05-30 07:24:25
3793Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe bidet2017-05-30 07:24:21
3792Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe bidet2017-05-30 07:24:14
3791Lee LofasoAllDoomsday Is Coming2017-05-30 07:24:09
3790Mike MillerRichard MenedetterThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-29 21:39:21
3789Richard MenedetterMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-29 22:52:09
3788Richard MenedetterBjörn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-29 22:45:28
3787Lee LofasoAllThe Biggest Fatso2017-05-29 19:34:25
3786Joe Delahayealexander koryaginRe: The bidet2017-05-29 11:22:03
3785Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyUnder Surveillance2017-05-29 11:21:06
3784Robert BasheAllen PruntyUnder Surveillance2017-05-29 11:53:06
3783alexander koryaginAllen PruntyRe: The bidet2017-05-29 10:47:26
3782Allen PruntyRobert BasheUnder Surveillance2017-05-29 00:03:26
3781FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-05-29 03:27:08
3780FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-05-29 03:27:08
3779FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-29 03:27:08
3778FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-29 03:27:08
3777FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-05-29 03:27:08
3776FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-05-29 03:27:08
3775FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:22 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-05-29 03:27:08
3774Tony LangdonAllen PruntyRe: The bidet2017-05-29 07:49:00
3773Tony LangdonAllen PruntyRe: The bidet2017-05-29 07:46:00
3772Lee LofasoAllRise of Fourth Reich2017-05-28 20:05:19
3771Robert BasheAllen PruntyUnder Surveillance2017-05-28 12:24:11
3770David DrummondLee LofasoThe bidet2017-05-28 15:00:08
3769Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Domino2017-05-27 21:43:16
3768Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe bidet2017-05-27 21:40:21
3767Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUnder Surveillance2017-05-27 22:26:27
3766Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe bidet2017-05-27 22:26:24
3765Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe bidet2017-05-27 22:26:21
3764Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Domino2017-05-27 15:40:17
3763Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-27 15:38:01
3762Allen PruntyGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-27 15:35:15
3761Allen PruntyGerrit KuehnPaper Crisis2017-05-27 15:30:13
3760Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-27 01:06:20
3759Allen PruntyRobert BasheUnder Surveillance2017-05-27 01:04:24
3758Allen Pruntytim richardsonThe bidet2017-05-27 00:41:26
3757Allen PruntyTony LangdonRe: The bidet2017-05-27 00:37:13
3756Lee LofasoMike MillerConfederate Statues2017-05-27 06:01:25
3755Lee LofasoRobert BasheConfederate Statues2017-05-27 06:01:21
3754Lee LofasoMike MillerFidonews Popularity Contest2017-05-27 06:01:18
3753Lee LofasoEd KoonFidonews Popularity Contest2017-05-27 06:01:15
3752Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginPutin Defends Trump2017-05-27 06:01:11
3751Robert BasheLee LofasoConfederate Statues2017-05-26 15:29:16
3750Mike MillerLee LofasoConfederate Statues2017-05-25 09:01:26
3749Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-25 05:10:17
3748Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONDomino2017-05-25 05:10:14
3747Lee LofasoAllConfederate Statues2017-05-25 05:10:08
3746mark lewisDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-24 06:27:16
3745David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONDomino2017-05-24 17:35:21
3744David DrummondRobert BasheDomino2017-05-24 17:27:19
3743Ed KoonMike MillerRe: Fidonews Popularity Contest2017-05-23 16:50:24
3742Mike MillerLee LofasoFidonews Popularity Contest2017-05-18 15:38:24
3741alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Putin Defends Trump2017-05-23 17:43:14
3740Robert BasheDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-22 12:18:15
3739TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDDomino2017-05-22 18:18:00
3738David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONDomino2017-05-22 16:39:28
3737David DrummondRobert BasheDomino2017-05-22 16:36:17
3736FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-05-22 01:33:22
3735FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-05-22 01:33:22
3734FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-22 01:33:22
3733FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-22 01:33:22
3732FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-05-22 01:33:22
3731FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-05-22 01:33:22
3730FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:21 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-05-22 01:33:22
3729TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDDomino2017-05-20 20:53:00
3728Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Fascism American Style2017-05-20 07:39:05
3727Robert BasheDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-20 10:11:14
3726Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-20 10:10:02
3725David DrummondEd KoonDomino2017-05-20 14:05:04
3724Ed KoonLee LofasoRe: Domino2017-05-19 17:19:24
3723Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-19 22:27:20
3722Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistPutin Defends Trump2017-05-19 22:27:14
3721Lee LofasoRobert BashePutin Defends Trump2017-05-19 22:27:07
3720Lee LofasoRobert BasheLunatic Fringe2017-05-19 22:26:23
3719Lee LofasoAllDeath of Lee2017-05-19 22:25:06
3718Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Jesus the Eunuch2017-05-19 07:26:23
3717Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPutin Defends Trump2017-05-18 08:29:18
3716Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistPanic (was: Domino)2017-05-18 08:25:05
3715Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-18 08:34:08
3714Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-18 08:10:13
3713Robert BasheLee LofasoBlack and White2017-05-18 08:07:23
3712Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoPutin Defends Trump2017-05-18 01:02:01
3711Lee LofasoAllPutin Defends Trump2017-05-18 00:46:25
3710Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-17 23:02:07
3709Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-17 22:42:06
3708Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-17 21:23:11
3707Lee LofasoRobert BasheBlack and White2017-05-17 21:23:08
3706Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistBlack and White (was: Domino)2017-05-17 21:23:05
3705Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-17 21:23:02
3704Lee LofasoAllFidonews Popularity Contest2017-05-17 21:22:28
3703Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-17 19:35:07
3702Lee LofasoAllJesus the Eunuch2017-05-17 19:35:05
3701Bill McGarrityRobert BasheDomino2017-05-17 10:39:00
3700Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-17 09:20:26
3699Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-17 09:16:12
3698Robert BasheLee LofasoBlack and White2017-05-17 09:13:13
3697Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-17 08:59:16
3696Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-17 08:49:12
3695Michiel van der VlistPaul QuinnDS-Lite experiment2017-05-16 12:11:23
3694Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheBlack and White (was: Domino)2017-05-16 09:34:24
3693Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-16 09:26:29
3692Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-16 09:02:12
3691David DrummondLee LofasoDomino2017-05-16 16:14:22
3690Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-16 01:24:08
3689Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-16 01:24:05
3688Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-16 01:24:02
3687Lee LofasoRobert BasheBlack and White (was: Domino)2017-05-16 01:23:29
3686Paul QuinnMichiel van der VlistFidoNews 34:20 [02/07]: General Articles2017-05-16 07:50:11
3685Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe alleged WoMD lies2017-05-15 20:00:07
3684Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-15 20:00:03
3683Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-15 20:00:00
3682Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-15 19:59:27
3681Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistJust a reminder2017-05-15 15:51:06
3680Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistBlack and White (was: Domino)2017-05-15 14:47:25
3679Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-15 14:15:05
3678Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-15 14:13:09
3677Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-15 11:32:19
3676Michiel van der VlistPaul QuinnFidoNews 34:20 [02/07]: General Articles2017-05-15 11:25:19
3675Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-15 11:21:21
3674Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-15 09:00:18
3673Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenThe alleged WoMD lies2017-05-15 08:44:29
3672Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-15 08:29:13
3671Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-15 08:16:27
3670Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-15 06:30:16
3669David DrummondLee LofasoDomino2017-05-15 09:17:11
3668David DrummondLee LofasoThe bidet2017-05-15 09:14:23
3667Paul QuinnMichiel van der VlistFidoNews 34:20 [02/07]: General Articles2017-05-15 08:57:07
3666Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-15 00:15:07
3665FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-05-15 00:04:01
3664FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-05-15 00:04:01
3663FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-15 00:04:01
3662FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [04/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-15 00:04:01
3661FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-05-15 00:04:01
3660FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [02/07]: General Articles2017-05-15 00:04:01
3659FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [01/07]: Food For Thought2017-05-15 00:04:01
3658FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:20 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-05-15 00:04:01
3657Lee LofasoRobert BasheImpeachment Coming2017-05-14 20:52:24
3656Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-14 20:52:21
3655Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-14 20:52:18
3654Lee LofasoAllBaked Possum2017-05-14 20:05:17
3653Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-14 10:20:00
3652mark lewisBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-14 07:42:05
3651mark lewisBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-14 07:31:18
3650Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-14 12:12:14
3649Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistCyber Attack2017-05-14 12:05:09
3648Robert BasheLee LofasoImpeachment Coming2017-05-14 12:02:08
3647Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenThe alleged WoMD lies2017-05-14 11:58:20
3646Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-14 08:22:07
3645TIM RICHARDSONROBERT BASHEDomino2017-05-13 21:18:00
3644Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityFormula 1 racing2017-05-14 02:43:19
3643Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 19:33:00
3642Michiel van der VlistAllCyber Attack2017-05-14 01:08:01
3641Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenImpeachment Coming2017-05-13 21:50:28
3640Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-13 21:50:08
3639Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-13 21:50:04
3638Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-13 21:50:00
3637Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe bidet2017-05-13 21:49:26
3636Lee LofasoGregory DeyssThe bidet2017-05-13 21:49:20
3635Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 21:06:27
3634Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 14:33:00
3633Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 19:30:24
3632Bj”rn Feltenmark lewisFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 19:10:05
3631mark lewisBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 12:33:04
3630Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 12:44:00
3629Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoImpeachment Coming2017-05-13 17:52:09
3628Lee LofasoAllImpeachment Coming2017-05-13 17:31:12
3627Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheThe alleged WoMD lies2017-05-13 17:25:24
3626Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityFormula 1 racing2017-05-13 17:20:24
3625Robert BasheWard DosscheDomino2017-05-13 15:23:12
3624Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-13 15:21:05
3623Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-13 15:31:04
3622David DrummondLee LofasoDomino2017-05-13 13:37:11
3621Lee LofasoWard DosscheDomino2017-05-13 03:34:05
3620Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe bidet2017-05-13 02:50:21
3619Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Domino2017-05-13 01:04:01
3618Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-12 23:57:07
3617Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-12 21:37:28
3616Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-12 21:37:24
3615Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-12 21:37:21
3614Lee LofasoJoe BruchisDomino2017-05-12 21:37:18
3613Joe DelahayeRobert BasheDomino2017-05-12 13:05:02
3612Janis KrachtJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-12 11:09:15
3611Joe BruchisLee LofasoDomino2017-05-12 08:04:00
3610Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-12 11:42:00
3609Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-12 11:33:02
3608Robert BasheJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-12 10:24:01
3607Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-12 10:06:13
3606alexander koryaginBj”rn FeltenRe: Formula 1 racing2017-05-12 10:24:27
3605Joe DelahayeRobert BasheDomino2017-05-11 22:00:07
3604David DrummondLee LofasoDomino2017-05-12 11:26:23
3603David DrummondTIM RICHARDSONDomino2017-05-12 11:24:11
3602David DrummondLee LofasoThe bidet2017-05-12 11:22:28
3601David DrummondGregory DeyssThe bidet2017-05-12 11:15:11
3600TIM RICHARDSONJOE DELAHAYEDomino2017-05-11 17:01:00
3599TIM RICHARDSONDAVID DRUMMONDDomino2017-05-11 15:48:00
3598Lee LofasoWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 23:53:00
3597Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-11 23:35:13
3596Lee LofasoAndrei DzedolikDomino2017-05-11 22:53:26
3595Lee LofasoWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 22:53:24
3594Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDomino2017-05-11 22:53:20
3593Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDomino2017-05-11 22:53:18
3592Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-11 22:53:15
3591Lee LofasoJoe BruchisDomino2017-05-11 22:53:12
3590Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 11:16:00
3589Bill McGarrityWard DosscheFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 11:04:00
3588Bj”rn Feltenalexander koryaginFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 16:17:20
3587alexander koryaginBjörn FeltenRe: Formula 1 racing2017-05-11 17:50:26
3586Joe BruchisLee LofasoDomino2017-05-11 08:00:25
3585Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 13:32:03
3584Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 13:25:15
3583Björn Feltenalexander koryaginFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 12:53:06
3582Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheDomino2017-05-11 12:22:08
3581Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Domino2017-05-11 11:19:04
3580Alexandr KruglikovWard DosscheRe: Formula 1 racing2017-05-11 12:44:22
3579Andrei DzedolikLee LofasoDomino2017-05-11 08:49:04
3578Robert BasheLee LofasoDomino2017-05-11 10:27:20
3577Robert BasheWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 10:20:15
3576Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-11 10:10:10
3575Robert BasheJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-11 10:01:29
3574alexander koryaginBj”rn FeltenRe: Formula 1 racing2017-05-11 11:24:21
3573Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Formula 1 racing2017-05-11 08:28:01
3572Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: Domino2017-05-11 08:27:29
3571Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 01:52:00
3570Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: The bidet2017-05-10 21:29:21
3569Lee LofasoWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 05:38:10
3568Lee LofasoRobert BasheDomino2017-05-11 05:38:07
3567Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-11 05:38:03
3566Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-11 05:38:00
3565Lee LofasoWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 05:37:27
3564Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-11 05:37:24
3563Lee LofasoGregory DeyssThe bidet2017-05-11 05:37:20
3562Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe bidet2017-05-11 05:37:17
3561Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-11 05:37:14
3560Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-10 20:47:09
3559Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenDomino2017-05-10 20:46:20
3558David DrummondWard DosscheDomino2017-05-11 11:13:00
3557Bj”rn FeltenAllFormula 1 racing2017-05-11 02:54:05
3556Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Domino2017-05-11 01:09:02
3555Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Domino2017-05-10 21:12:23
3554Lee LofasoAndrei DzedolikDomino2017-05-10 23:10:28
3553Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-10 23:10:24
3552Lee LofasoAllFascism American Style2017-05-10 23:10:08
3551Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheDomino2017-05-10 20:28:17
3550Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Domino2017-05-10 20:04:10
3549Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-10 18:11:00
3548Joe DelahayeRobert BasheDomino2017-05-10 10:49:05
3547Robert BasheJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-10 12:00:03
3546Robert BasheJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-10 11:56:16
3545Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-09 15:57:11
3544Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-09 18:10:12
3543Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: The bidet2017-05-08 21:36:03
3542David DrummondGregory DeyssThe bidet2017-05-09 11:31:08
3541Joe DelahayeRobert BasheDomino2017-05-08 21:33:10
3540Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-08 21:28:04
3539Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: The bidet2017-05-08 18:28:06
3538Robert BasheJoe DelahayeDomino2017-05-08 17:52:01
3537Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-08 17:30:12
3536Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Domino2017-05-08 09:12:17
3535Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: Domino2017-05-08 07:53:27
3534Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-07 19:44:28
3533Joe DelahayeWard DosscheDomino2017-05-07 19:16:15
3532Joe Delahayemark lewisThe bidet2017-05-07 19:15:27
3531FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-05-08 01:12:21
3530FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-05-08 01:12:21
3529FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-08 01:12:21
3528FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-08 01:12:21
3527FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-05-08 01:12:21
3526FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-05-08 01:12:21
3525FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:19 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-05-08 01:12:21
3524Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: The bidet2017-05-08 08:41:00
3523Ward DosscheAndrei DzedolikRe: Domino2017-05-08 00:12:00
3522Lee LofasoBill McGarrityMosques2017-05-07 22:12:21
3521Lee LofasoDale ShippMosques2017-05-07 22:12:16
3520Lee LofasoTony LangdonThe bidet2017-05-07 22:12:12
3519Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-07 22:12:08
3518Lee LofasoJoe BruchisThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-07 22:12:04
3517Andrei DzedolikWard DosscheDomino2017-05-07 22:52:04
3516Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-07 21:10:13
3515Ward DosscheAllDomino2017-05-07 21:15:03
3514mark lewisJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-07 14:15:20
3513Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-07 12:43:21
3512Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-07 12:41:16
3511Bill McGarrityDale ShippMosques2017-05-07 12:16:00
3510Robert BasheWard DosscheThe bidet2017-05-07 13:16:09
3509Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: The bidet2017-05-07 08:38:18
3508Dale ShippLee LofasoMosques2017-05-07 02:06:00
3507Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: The bidet2017-05-07 00:38:25
3506Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-06 22:04:21
3505Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-06 22:02:21
3504Joe DelahayeRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-06 12:07:18
3503Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-06 14:39:21
3502Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-06 10:09:27
3501Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-06 09:51:29
3500Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: The bidet2017-05-06 10:27:09
3499Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: The bidet2017-05-06 17:47:00
3498Robert BasheLee LofasoThe bidet2017-05-06 07:41:17
3497Robert BasheWard DosscheThe bidet2017-05-06 07:31:20
3496Robert BasheGerrit KuehnThe bidet2017-05-06 07:24:26
3495Robert BasheJoe DelahayeThe bidet2017-05-05 09:22:10
3494Lee LofasoTony LangdonThe bidet2017-05-06 05:55:27
3493Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-06 05:55:23
3492Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Flat Earth Believers2017-05-06 05:55:20
3491Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-06 05:55:17
3490Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: The bidet2017-05-05 22:12:26
3489Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-05 19:58:08
3488Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenThe Flat Earth Believers2017-05-05 02:02:00
3487Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistThe Flat Earth Believers2017-05-05 02:23:21
3486Joe DelahayeRobert BasheThe bidet2017-05-04 12:06:15
3485Robert BasheLee LofasoUnder Surveillance2017-05-04 07:54:15
3484Robert BasheLee LofasoThe bidet2017-05-04 07:44:09
3483tim richardsonBJöRN FELTENThe bidet2017-05-03 22:16:12
3482Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 10:46:05
3481David DrummondLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 17:52:05
3480David DrummondLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 17:48:23
3479Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: The bidet2017-05-03 12:32:00
3478Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUnder Surveillance2017-05-03 02:46:00
3477Lee LofasoTony LangdonThe bidet2017-05-03 02:45:27
3476Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 02:45:24
3475Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 02:45:21
3474Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-03 02:45:18
3473Lee LofasoAllPro-Life Hypocrites2017-05-03 02:45:15
3472Paul QuinnDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 20:16:21
3471David DrummondLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 18:30:05
3470David DrummondLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 18:29:08
3469Tony LangdonBj”rn FeltenRe: The bidet2017-05-02 13:49:00
3468Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 01:50:07
3467Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe bidet2017-05-02 00:44:02
3466Lee LofasoTIM RICHARDSONThe Meaning of Life2017-05-02 00:43:23
3465Lee LofasoJoe BruchisThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 00:43:20
3464Lee LofasoMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 00:43:17
3463Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 00:43:14
3462Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 00:43:10
3461Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-02 00:43:07
3460Joe BruchisAllen PruntyThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-01 08:43:25
3459Joe BruchisDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-29 06:58:05
3458Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-01 14:19:09
3457Bj”rn FeltenAllThe bidet2017-05-01 03:45:25
3456Allen PruntyJoe BruchisRe: The Lunar Landing Hoax2017-05-01 02:43:19
3455TIM RICHARDSONLEE LOFASOThe Meaning of Life2017-04-30 17:53:00
3454TIM RICHARDSONKEES VAN EETEN77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-30 17:23:00
3453Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-05-01 00:10:13
3452FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-05-01 00:06:21
3451FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-05-01 00:06:21
3450FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-01 00:06:21
3449FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-05-01 00:06:21
3448FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-05-01 00:06:21
3447FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-05-01 00:06:21
3446FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:18 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-05-01 00:06:21
3445Lee LofasoAllAn Admiral Speaks2017-04-30 02:12:06
3444Mike MillerDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-29 01:21:27
3443Mike MillerLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-29 01:18:17
3442David DrummondDavid DrummondThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-29 15:08:14
3441David DrummondJoe BruchisThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-29 06:57:21
3440Bill McGarrityAllThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 12:40:00
3439Joe BruchisAllRe: The Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 09:55:28
3438Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 15:07:00
3437Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 15:02:04
3436Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 15:01:29
3435Lee LofasoMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 15:01:18
3434Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 11:14:25
3433Bj”rn FeltenMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-28 10:33:12
3432Mike MillerLee LofasoThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 23:21:17
3431Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 21:43:17
3430Lee LofasoMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 18:32:12
3429Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 18:32:08
3428Allen PruntyMike MillerThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 08:17:19
3427Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: 230/150 does it again ?2017-04-27 12:16:28
3426Ward DosscheAll230/150 does it again ?2017-04-27 11:41:08
3425Mike MillerTIM RICHARDSONtest2017-04-26 23:12:06
3424Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 23:06:10
3423tim richardsonJIMMY ANDERSONtest2017-04-26 21:06:22
3422tim richardsonNick Andretest2017-04-26 21:00:27
3421Joe DelahayeNick AndreRe: The Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 22:00:19
3420Lee Lofasomark lewisThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-27 01:45:19
3419Lee LofasoAllThe End Is Near2017-04-26 21:48:21
3418Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 20:20:29
3417JIMMY ANDERSONNICK ANDRERe: The Lunar Landing Hoa2017-04-26 11:03:00
3416JIMMY ANDERSONROBERT BASHEThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 11:00:00
3415JIMMY ANDERSONTIM RICHARDSONRe: test2017-04-26 10:58:00
3414Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 17:35:01
3413Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 17:34:27
3412Lee LofasoRobert BasheThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 17:34:23
3411Nick AndreBj”Rn FeltenRe: The Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 08:01:04
3410Nick AndreTim RichardsonRe: test2017-04-26 07:58:22
3409mark lewisBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 08:12:07
3408mark lewisBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 08:07:22
3407alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: The Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 14:02:08
3406Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 09:06:09
3405alexander koryaginMichiel van der VlistRe: Global Warming2017-04-26 10:59:02
3404Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 08:18:10
3403Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistTransitions (was: 77 oz (2193g) left?)2017-04-26 07:55:13
3402alexander koryaginMark lewisRe: Global Warming2017-04-26 10:13:13
3401Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Meaning of Life2017-04-26 04:45:18
3400Bj”rn FeltenBj”rn FeltenThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 04:28:24
3399Bj”rn FeltenAllThe Lunar Landing Hoax2017-04-26 04:20:29
3398Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoThe Meaning of Life2017-04-26 03:31:20
3397Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-26 00:37:26
3396Kees van EetenRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-25 18:54:00
3395TIM RICHARDSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-25 16:15:28
3394TIM RICHARDSONALLtest2017-04-25 15:52:21
3393Allen PruntyGerrit KuehnRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-25 13:27:10
3392Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe Meaning of Life2017-04-25 12:38:13
3391Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-25 17:16:26
3390mark lewisalexander koryaginGlobal Warming2017-04-25 10:52:08
3389Michiel van der Vlistalexander koryaginGlobal Warming2017-04-25 16:07:03
3388alexander koryaginMichiel van der VlistRe: Global Warming2017-04-25 17:17:20
3387Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-25 12:59:14
3386Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistGlobal Warming2017-04-25 11:50:29
3385Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-25 11:02:02
3384Michiel van der VlistRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-25 10:41:02
3383Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Meaning of Life2017-04-25 04:37:03
3382mark lewisAllen PruntyWard Dossche2017-04-24 21:05:22
3381Allen PruntyLee LofasoWard Dossche2017-04-24 15:44:18
3380Michiel van der VlistWard Dossche77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-24 19:52:24
3379Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheThe Rumour ...2017-04-24 18:24:09
3378Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: 77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-24 18:34:16
3377Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-24 16:44:27
3376Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: The Rumour ...2017-04-24 15:46:18
3375Robert BasheWard DosscheThe Rumour ...2017-04-24 09:35:17
3374FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-04-24 04:20:24
3373FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-04-24 04:20:24
3372FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-24 04:20:24
3371FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-24 04:20:24
3370FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-04-24 04:20:24
3369FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-04-24 04:20:24
3368FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:17 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-04-24 04:20:24
3367Lee Lofasomark lewisNew Fidonews Editor2017-04-24 03:43:23
3366Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: The Rumour ...2017-04-24 01:21:26
3365Gerrit Kuehnalexander koryaginRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-23 22:38:09
3364alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-23 23:19:09
3363Björn FeltenLee LofasoFidonews Content2017-04-23 21:28:27
3362Björn FeltenLee LofasoContributions to the Fidonews.2017-04-23 21:20:17
3361alexander koryaginGerrit KuehnRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-23 22:45:24
3360Lee LofasoAllFidonews Content2017-04-23 20:51:06
3359Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenContributions to the Fidonews.2017-04-23 20:51:03
3358Bj”rn FeltenAllContributions to the Fidonews.2017-04-23 13:24:09
3357Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-23 12:02:15
3356Gerrit Kuehnalexander koryaginRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-23 10:33:09
3355Robert Bashealexander koryagin"Global Warming"2017-04-23 10:36:13
3354Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-23 10:22:28
3353alexander koryaginGerrit KuehnRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-23 12:00:05
3352Gerrit Kuehnalexander koryaginRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-22 13:23:01
3351Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-22 13:12:23
3350alexander koryaginGerrit KuehnRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-22 14:06:16
3349Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-22 10:06:28
3348Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-22 10:02:29
3347Robert BasheWard DosscheThe Rumour ...2017-04-22 09:24:01
3346Lee LofasoAllBig Fat Chicken2017-04-22 09:05:15
3345Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Global Warming2017-04-21 21:44:06
3344Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: Global Warming2017-04-21 21:06:12
3343Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: The Rumour ...2017-04-21 21:04:11
3342Gerrit Kuehnalexander koryaginRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-21 15:22:24
3341Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-21 14:25:26
3340alexander koryaginRobert BasheRe: "Global Warming"2017-04-21 16:47:27
3339Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-21 13:44:26
3338Robert BasheWard DosscheThe Rumour ...2017-04-21 11:28:17
3337Robert BasheWard Dossche"Global Warming" (was: Ward Dossche)2017-04-21 10:45:05
3336Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenThe Rumour ...2017-04-21 10:25:29
3335Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-19 08:01:24
3334tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-20 23:38:09
3333Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 21:08:06
3332Paul QuinnWard DosscheThe Rumour ...2017-04-21 08:51:21
3331Tommi KoivulaBj�rn FeltenThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 19:50:03
3330Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 18:04:21
3329Björn FeltenTommi KoivulaThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 17:59:09
3328Tommi KoivulaBj”rn FeltenThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 18:22:05
3327Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 09:48:05
3326Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 13:05:08
3325Ward DosscheAllThe Rumour ...2017-04-20 12:09:15
3324Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-20 11:52:16
3323tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-20 01:39:05
3322tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-20 01:39:05
3321Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-20 07:53:04
3320Joe DelahayeJIMMY ANDERSONRe: Live on Facebook2017-04-19 19:30:22
3319Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-19 23:06:17
3318JIMMY ANDERSONJOE DELAHAYERe: Live on Facebook2017-04-19 14:40:00
3317JIMMY ANDERSONLEE LOFASORe: Live on Facebook2017-04-19 14:39:00
3316Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-19 10:16:06
3315tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-19 02:01:29
3314tim richardsonBILL MCGARRITYWard Dossche2017-04-19 02:01:29
3313tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-19 02:01:29
3312Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: A Great Big Lie2017-04-19 12:07:00
3311Lee LofasoTony LangdonA Great Big Lie2017-04-19 03:28:28
3310Joe DelahayeJIMMY ANDERSONRe: Live on Facebook2017-04-18 19:55:11
3309Lee LofasoJIMMY ANDERSONLive on Facebook2017-04-19 01:49:13
3308Lee LofasoMike MillerLive on Facebook2017-04-19 01:49:04
3307Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: A Great Big Lie2017-04-19 08:38:00
3306Lee LofasoAllA Great Big Lie2017-04-18 23:23:20
3305Michiel van der VlistGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-18 22:58:10
3304Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssWard Dossche2017-04-18 12:08:00
3303JIMMY ANDERSONLEE LOFASORe: Live on Facebook2017-04-18 11:07:00
3302Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-18 14:57:22
3301Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-18 14:54:02
3300Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-18 13:51:26
3299Robert BasheMichiel van der VlistGlobal Warming2017-04-18 12:04:10
3298Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-18 11:43:01
3297Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-18 11:39:23
3296Mike MillerLee LofasoLive on Facebook2017-04-18 01:39:15
3295Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-17 23:09:06
3294Bill McGarrityDale ShippGlobal Warming2017-04-18 01:55:00
3293Dale ShippMichiel Van Der VlistRe: Global Warming2017-04-18 00:10:00
3292Lee LofasoJIMMY ANDERSONLive on Facebook2017-04-18 05:35:18
3291Lee LofasoJIMMY ANDERSONGot Their Goat2017-04-18 05:35:10
3290Lee LofasoMike MillerGot Their Goat2017-04-18 05:35:01
3289Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe Great Pretender2017-04-18 05:34:24
3288Lee LofasoMike MillerThe Great Pretender2017-04-18 05:34:16
3287Lee LofasoGregory DeyssTeddy Bears2017-04-18 05:34:08
3286Paul HaytonAndrew LearyRe: FidoNews 34:16 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-18 15:03:00
3285Bill McGarrityWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-17 19:12:00
3284JIMMY ANDERSONLEE LOFASORe: Live on Facebook2017-04-17 15:32:00
3283Lee LofasoAllLive on Facebook2017-04-17 19:39:14
3282Gerrit KuehnMichiel van der VlistGlobal Warming2017-04-17 18:30:22
3281Gerrit KuehnMichiel van der VlistGlobal Warming2017-04-17 18:17:14
3280Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-17 18:22:16
3279JIMMY ANDERSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Happy Easter2017-04-17 10:28:00
3278Michiel van der VlistGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-17 17:25:26
3277Andrew LearyPaul HaytonFidoNews 34:16 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-17 11:25:26
3276Michiel van der VlistGerrit KuehnGlobal Warming2017-04-17 16:20:01
3275Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-17 16:09:00
3274Bill McGarritytim richardsonWard Dossche2017-04-17 10:06:00
3273Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: 77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-17 16:17:01
3272Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheGlobal Warming2017-04-17 13:53:07
3271Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-17 13:08:00
3270Robert BasheGerrit KuehnGloban Warming (was: Ward Dossche)2017-04-17 12:54:09
3269Paul QuinnWard DosscheDon't you love this ?2017-04-17 20:40:12
3268Ward DosschePaul QuinnRe: Don't you love this ?2017-04-17 12:31:21
3267Paul QuinnWard DosscheDon't you love this ?2017-04-17 20:00:26
3266Ward DosscheAllDon't you love this ?2017-04-17 11:32:22
3265Gerrit Kuehntim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-17 10:31:27
3264Paul HaytonAndrew LearyRe: FidoNews 34:16 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-17 21:16:10
3263Ward DosscheJIMMY ANDERSONRe: Happy Easter2017-04-17 10:22:09
3262Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Happy Easter2017-04-17 10:22:07
3261tim richardsonGERRIT KUEHNRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-17 00:14:20
3260tim richardsonBILL MCGARRITYWard Dossche2017-04-17 00:14:20
3259FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-04-17 04:00:05
3258FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-04-17 04:00:05
3257FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-17 04:00:05
3256FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-17 04:00:05
3255FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-04-17 04:00:05
3254FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-04-17 04:00:05
3253FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:16 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-04-17 04:00:05
3252JIMMY ANDERSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Happy Easter2017-04-16 15:20:00
3251Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheHappy Easter2017-04-16 22:44:01
3250Ward DosscheJIMMY ANDERSONRe: Happy Easter2017-04-16 21:54:21
3249Bill McGarritytim richardsonWard Dossche2017-04-16 14:50:00
3248Gerrit Kuehntim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-16 18:07:14
3247JIMMY ANDERSONJEFF SMITHRe: Happy Easter2017-04-16 12:31:00
3246JIMMY ANDERSONWARD DOSSCHERe: Happy Easter2017-04-16 12:30:00
3245tim richardsonBILL MCGARRITYWard Dossche2017-04-16 10:38:12
3244tim richardsonGERRIT KUEHNRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-16 10:38:12
3243Gerrit KuehnRobert BasheWard Dossche2017-04-16 16:07:28
3242Ben RitcheyAllHappy Easter!2017-04-16 08:01:03
3241Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheWard Dossche2017-04-16 14:12:10
3240Robert BasheGerrit KuehnWard Dossche2017-04-16 10:54:18
3239Jeff SmithWard DosscheHappy Easter2017-04-16 01:59:04
3238Bill McGarrityWard DosscheHappy Easter2017-04-16 02:17:00
3237Ward DosscheAllHappy Easter2017-04-16 07:18:02
3236Bill McGarrityMike MillerWard Dossche2017-04-15 18:36:00
3235Mike MillerLee LofasoGot Their Goat2017-04-15 17:24:24
3234Mike MillerGregory DeyssRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-15 17:20:25
3233Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-15 19:03:08
3232tim richardsonMIKE MILLERWard Dossche2017-04-15 11:48:07
3231tim richardsonMIKE MILLERWard Dossche2017-04-15 11:48:07
3230Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssWard Dossche2017-04-15 11:39:00
3229Bill McGarritytim richardsonWard Dossche2017-04-15 11:36:00
3228Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-15 08:07:20
3227Gerrit Kuehntim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-15 10:06:16
3226Mike Millertim richardsonWard Dossche2017-04-15 01:26:02
3225tim richardsonMIKE MILLERWard Dossche2017-04-14 23:41:08
3224JIMMY ANDERSONALLEN PRUNTYRe: Home Cooking2017-04-14 13:40:00
3223JIMMY ANDERSONLEE LOFASORe: Got Their Goat2017-04-14 13:40:00
3222Mike Millertim richardsonWard Dossche2017-04-14 09:44:17
3221Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-14 12:33:07
3220tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Teddy Bears2017-04-14 01:48:11
3219tim richardsonGERRIT KUEHNRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-14 01:48:11
3218Mike MillerLee LofasoThe Great Pretender2017-04-13 22:41:18
3217Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Teddy Bears2017-04-13 19:02:14
3216Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-04 18:24:02
3215Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-12 23:43:14
3214Joe DelahayeLee LofasoThe Great Pretender2017-04-12 16:37:27
3213Lee LofasoWard DosscheGoodnight Damascus2017-04-12 20:14:10
3212Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-12 20:14:06
3211Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginProof of Wiretapping???2017-04-12 20:14:02
3210Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-12 16:41:02
3209Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe Great Pretender2017-04-12 16:40:29
3208Lee LofasoMike MillerFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-12 16:40:25
3207Lee LofasoGregory DeyssTeddy Bears2017-04-12 16:40:21
3206Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-12 11:33:17
3205Robert BasheWard DosscheGoodnight Damascus2017-04-12 10:34:21
3204Robert Bashealexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 07:43:24
3203Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-10 07:49:21
3202alexander koryaginRichard MenedetterRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-12 10:28:20
3201alexander koryaginWard DosscheRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-12 10:01:21
3200Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 20:15:29
3199Lee LofasoDavid DrummondThe Great Pretender2017-04-11 20:13:28
3198Lee LofasoAndrei DzedolikGoodnight Damascus2017-04-11 20:13:25
3197Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-11 20:13:21
3196Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-11 20:13:18
3195Lee LofasoWard DosscheGoodnight Damascus2017-04-11 20:13:13
3194Joe DelahayeLee LofasoThe Great Pretender2017-04-11 13:47:19
3193Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe Great Pretender2017-04-11 18:25:22
3192Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-11 18:25:18
3191Richard MenedetterAlexander KoryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-11 17:22:14
3190Ward Dosschealexander koryaginRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 15:32:03
3189alexander koryaginAlexandr KruglikovRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 17:01:02
3188Alexandr KruglikovWard DosscheRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 13:35:14
3187Ward DosscheAlexandr KruglikovRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 11:08:28
3186Alexandr KruglikovWard DosscheRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 11:01:10
3185David DrummondJoe DelahayeThe Great Pretender2017-04-11 16:32:20
3184alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 10:10:14
3183tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-10 22:47:04
3182tim richardsonLEE LOFASOClimate Change Con Job2017-04-10 22:47:04
3181Mike MillerMichiel van der VlistFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-10 22:29:04
3180Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-11 00:50:15
3179Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Full moon & full Jupiter2017-04-11 00:51:06
3178Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-11 00:45:08
3177Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-11 00:42:27
3176Joe DelahayeLee LofasoThe Great Pretender2017-04-10 18:23:20
3175Michiel van der VlistAllFull moon & full Jupiter2017-04-10 22:22:15
3174Andrei DzedolikLee LofasoGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 22:47:18
3173Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeThe Great Pretender2017-04-10 21:57:13
3172Lee LofasoWard DosscheTim Richardson2017-04-10 21:31:00
3171Lee LofasoWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-10 21:30:27
3170Lee LofasoWard DosscheGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 21:30:24
3169Lee LofasoWard DosscheGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 21:30:21
3168Lee LofasoWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-10 21:30:18
3167Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenTim Richardson and his ongoing fight against...?2017-04-10 21:30:15
3166Lee LofasoWard DosscheGot Their Goat2017-04-10 21:30:12
3165Mike MillerWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-10 09:36:13
3164alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-10 17:14:27
3163Joe DelahayeLee LofasoThe Great Pretender2017-04-10 09:21:17
3162Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-10 11:51:15
3161Ward Dosschealexander koryaginRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-10 11:49:11
3160Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-10 11:46:15
3159Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-10 11:42:15
3158Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-10 10:41:01
3157alexander koryaginAllen PruntyRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-10 11:56:18
3156Andrei Dzedoliktim richardsonGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 10:31:28
3155Bj”rn Feltentim richardsonTim Richardson and his ongoing fight against...?2017-04-10 08:07:07
3154Gregory Deysstim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-09 22:34:01
3153tim richardsonALLEN PRUNTYTim Richardson2017-04-09 19:26:29
3152Lee LofasoVince CoenThe Great Pretender2017-04-10 01:48:08
3151Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-10 01:11:02
3150FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-04-10 01:27:11
3149FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-04-10 01:27:11
3148FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-10 01:27:11
3147FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-10 01:27:11
3146FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-04-10 01:27:11
3145FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-04-10 01:27:11
3144FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:15 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-04-10 01:27:11
3143Lee LofasoIan SegersTim Richardson2017-04-10 00:34:11
3142Lee LofasoAllen PruntyGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 00:15:20
3141Lee LofasoAndrei DzedolikGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 00:15:17
3140Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 00:15:14
3139Lee Lofasotim richardsonClimate Change Con Job2017-04-10 00:15:11
3138Lee LofasoAndrei DzedolikGoodnight Damascus2017-04-10 00:15:08
3137Lee LofasoAllen PruntyHome Cooking2017-04-10 00:15:05
3136Lee LofasoAllGeneral Chat Echoes2017-04-10 00:15:02
3135Ian Segerstim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-10 08:59:00
3134tim richardsonANDREI DZEDOLIKGoodnight Damascus2017-04-09 14:23:29
3133tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-09 14:23:29
3132Allen Pruntymark lewisTim Richardson2017-04-09 12:37:01
3131Allen Pruntyalexander koryaginRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-09 11:52:12
3130Allen PruntyMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-09 11:42:17
3129mark lewistim richardsonTim Richardson2017-04-09 10:20:00
3128alexander koryaginTim richardsonRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-09 13:42:21
3127alexander koryaginAllen PruntyRe: Goodnight Damascus2017-04-09 13:40:12
3126Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-09 10:16:14
3125Andrei Dzedoliktim richardsonGoodnight Damascus2017-04-09 10:55:01
3124Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-09 09:33:21
3123Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-09 09:13:09
3122Gregory Deysstim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-08 23:23:00
3121Allen Pruntytim richardsonGoodnight Damascus2017-04-08 23:46:22
3120tim richardsonANDREI DZEDOLIKGoodnight Damascus2017-04-08 21:07:02
3119tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-08 21:07:02
3118tim richardsonIAN SEGERSTim Richardson2017-04-08 20:08:00
3117tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-08 20:08:00
3116tim richardsonLEE LOFASOClimate Change Con Job2017-04-08 20:08:00
3115Allen PruntyAndrei DzedolikGoodnight Damascus2017-04-08 19:43:20
3114Andrei DzedolikLee LofasoGoodnight Damascus2017-04-08 09:40:11
3113Allen PruntyLee LofasoHome Cooking2017-04-07 23:11:04
3112Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: An Honorable Sysop2017-04-07 18:59:14
3111Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-07 18:35:23
3110Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAn Honorable Sysop2017-04-07 20:06:04
3109Lee LofasoGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-07 20:05:26
3108Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-07 10:21:13
3107Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-07 09:34:11
3106alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Proof of Wiretapping???2017-04-07 10:55:09
3105Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: An Honorable Sysop2017-04-06 23:19:21
3104Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-06 22:52:09
3103Lee LofasoAllGoodnight Damascus2017-04-07 04:35:05
3102Lee LofasoAllHome Cooking2017-04-07 00:01:15
3101Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTropical Paradise2017-04-07 00:01:06
3100Lee LofasoAllAnd The Winner Is ...2017-04-07 00:00:27
3099Lee Lofasomark lewisTim Richardson2017-04-06 22:39:23
3098Lee LofasoBill McGarrityWard Dossche2017-04-06 22:39:15
3097Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAn Honorable Sysop2017-04-06 22:39:06
3096Lee LofasoGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-06 22:38:28
3095Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeUnlisted Echos2017-04-06 22:38:19
3094Lee LofasoBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-04-06 22:38:11
3093Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginProof of Wiretapping???2017-04-06 22:38:02
3092Lee LofasoRobert BasheProof of Wiretapping???2017-04-06 22:37:23
3091Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: An Honorable Sysop2017-04-05 19:08:00
3090Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-05 19:01:00
3089Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-05 18:49:00
3088mark lewisGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-05 14:30:04
3087mark lewistim richardsonTim Richardson2017-04-05 14:21:21
3086Bill McGarrityLee LofasoWard Dossche2017-04-05 13:20:00
3085Lee Lofasotim richardsonClimate Change Con Job2017-04-05 18:53:18
3084Lee LofasoWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-05 18:53:15
3083Lee LofasoBill McGarrityWard Dossche2017-04-05 18:53:12
3082Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:53:09
3081Lee LofasoNick AndreTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:53:06
3080Lee LofasoWard DosscheTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:53:03
3079Lee LofasoGregory DeyssAn Honorable Sysop2017-04-05 18:53:00
3078Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:52:27
3077Lee LofasoIan SegersTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:52:23
3076Lee LofasoIan SegersTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:52:20
3075Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:52:17
3074Lee LofasoIan SegersTim Richardson2017-04-05 18:52:14
3073Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-05 12:28:06
3072Gregory DeyssIan SegersRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-04 21:17:18
3071Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-04 20:51:19
3070tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Ward Dossche2017-04-05 01:16:05
3069tim richardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-05 01:16:05
3068Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyWard Dossche2017-04-04 23:37:00
3067Allen PruntyBill McGarrityWard Dossche2017-04-04 19:55:26
3066Bill McGarrityWard DosscheWard Dossche2017-04-04 04:51:00
3065Ward Dosschetim richardsonRe: Ward Dossche2017-04-04 09:26:01
3064Allen Pruntytim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-04 02:54:05
3063tim richardsonWARD DOSSCHEWard Dossche2017-04-04 00:02:13
3062tim richardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-04 00:02:13
3061Ian SegersAllen PruntyRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-04 08:41:00
3060Michiel van der VlistBj”rn Felten77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-03 14:00:23
3059Michiel van der VlistRobert Bashe77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-03 13:29:07
3058Ward DosscheNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-03 09:56:27
3057Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: 77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-03 09:49:26
3056mark lewisGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-02 23:53:28
3055mark lewisGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-02 23:50:02
3054mark lewisBj”rn Felten77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-02 23:45:10
3053Allen PruntyNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-03 00:04:07
3052Nick AndreAllen PruntyRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 23:58:16
3051Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 20:52:13
3050Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 20:47:04
3049Allen PruntyNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 20:29:07
3048Allen PruntyIan SegersRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 20:21:22
3047Allen PruntyTim RichardsonTim Richardson2017-04-02 20:11:12
3046Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 19:34:04
3045FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2017-04-03 00:02:17
3044FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [05/06]: Special Interest2017-04-03 00:02:17
3043FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-03 00:02:17
3042FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [03/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-04-03 00:02:17
3041FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [02/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-04-03 00:02:17
3040FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [01/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-04-03 00:02:17
3039FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:14 [00/06]: The Front Page2017-04-03 00:02:17
3038Bj”rn FeltenWard Dossche77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-02 23:55:20
3037mark lewisGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-02 16:08:23
3036Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: 77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-02 21:33:01
3035Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-02 20:50:27
3034Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 20:39:29
3033Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 10:54:15
3032mark lewistim richardsonTim Richardson2017-04-02 13:07:13
3031Robert BasheMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-02 11:01:03
3030tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 01:58:09
3029tim richardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-02 01:58:09
3028Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-02 02:36:00
3027Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-02 02:32:00
3026Gregory DeyssShawn HighfieldRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 21:15:11
3025Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 21:12:14
3024Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 21:03:28
3023Joe DelahayeShawn HighfieldTim Richardson2017-04-01 22:32:17
3022Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 22:28:00
3021Bill McGarrityShawn HighfieldTim Richardson2017-04-01 19:00:00
3020Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-01 18:58:00
3019Shawn HighfieldJoe DelahayeTim Richardson2017-04-01 16:57:01
3018Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 11:48:17
3017Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: 77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-01 20:20:12
3016Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 20:19:15
3015mark lewisMichiel van der Vlist77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-01 13:53:17
3014Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 10:50:29
3013Gregory Deysstim richardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 10:46:27
3012Michiel van der VlistBj”rn Felten77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-01 14:43:15
3011Robert BasheWard DosscheTim Richardson2017-04-01 12:56:16
3010Robert BasheBj”rn Felten77 oz (2193g) left?2017-04-01 13:03:03
3009Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-04-01 00:36:00
3008Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 21:13:06
3007Gregory DeyssNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 20:26:06
3006Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 20:18:01
3005Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 23:02:09
3004tim richardsonDALE SHIPPRe: Mean Weather2017-03-31 21:17:21
3003tim richardsonBJöRN FELTENTim Richardson2017-03-31 21:17:21
3002Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 18:58:11
3001Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-04-01 00:15:03
3000Bill McGarrityNick AndreTim Richardson2017-03-31 16:43:00
2999Ian SegersNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-04-01 08:41:00
2998Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 17:49:22
2997mark lewisTim RichardsonTim Richardson2017-03-31 10:25:20
2996mark lewisGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-03-31 10:38:23
2995Bj”rn FeltenAll77 oz (2193g) left?2017-03-31 14:07:16
2994Nick AndreTim RichardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 03:25:06
2993Nick AndreBill McgarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 02:57:15
2992Nick AndreGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 02:52:27
2991Nick AndreIan SegersRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 02:43:24
2990Tim RichardsonIAN SEGERSRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 23:39:00
2989Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssTim Richardson2017-03-30 23:11:00
2988Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 19:04:05
2987Gregory DeyssNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 18:46:29
2986Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 20:59:00
2985Bill McGarrityIan SegersTim Richardson2017-03-30 17:30:00
2984Ian SegersBill McGarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 08:17:00
2983Ian Segersmark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 08:15:00
2982Ian SegersGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-31 08:12:00
2981Ward DosscheNick AndreRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 09:11:21
2980Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 09:11:21
2979Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 09:11:20
2978Bill McGarrityNick AndreTim Richardson2017-03-30 02:50:00
2977Nick AndreBill McgarrityRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 01:56:18
2976Bill McGarrityNick AndreTim Richardson2017-03-30 01:08:00
2975Bill McGarrityIan SegersTim Richardson2017-03-30 01:01:00
2974Bill McGarritymark lewisTim Richardson2017-03-30 00:59:00
2973Nick AndreGregory DeyssRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 00:06:18
2972mark lewisIan SegersTim Richardson2017-03-29 22:52:02
2971mark lewisTim RichardsonTim Richardson2017-03-29 22:53:28
2970mark lewisBill McGarrityTim Richardson2017-03-29 22:44:18
2969Nick AndreTim RichardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:09:06
2968Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 20:30:21
2967Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 20:12:09
2966Gregory DeyssIan SegersRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 20:06:22
2965Gregory DeyssGerrit KuehnRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 20:01:24
2964Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 19:52:07
2963Bill McGarrityMike MillerTim Richardson2017-03-29 19:05:00
2962Ian SegersWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 13:43:17
2961Bj”rn FeltenTim RichardsonTim Richardson2017-03-29 23:02:19
2960Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Sig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-28 20:16:23
2959Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:54:05
2958Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:31:26
2957Ward DosscheIan SegersRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:24:14
2956Ward DosscheGerrit KuehnRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:23:22
2955Ward DosscheTim RichardsonRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-29 22:23:19
2954Mike MillerBill McGarrityTim Richardson2017-03-29 15:23:09
2953Ian SegersWard DosscheRe: Tim Richardson2017-03-30 09:07:15
2952Bill McGarrityGerrit KuehnTim Richardson2017-03-29 15:31:00
2951Gerrit KuehnWard DosscheTim Richardson2017-03-29 20:04:04
2950Tim RichardsonWARD DOSSCHETim Richardson2017-03-29 10:41:00
2949Allen PruntyMike MillerRe: Flat Earth Reality2017-03-29 10:27:13
2948Bill McGarrityWard DosscheTim Richardson2017-03-28 21:38:00
2947Ward DosscheIan SegersTim Richardson2017-03-29 01:53:06
2946Tim RichardsonDALE SHIPPRe: Mean Weather2017-03-28 15:26:00
2945Tim RichardsonBJöRN FELTENSweden myths2017-03-28 15:20:00
2944Mike MillerAllen PruntyRe: Flat Earth Reality2017-03-26 21:43:03
2943alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Proof of Wiretapping???2017-03-28 16:02:10
2942alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Flat Earth Reality2017-03-28 15:48:29
2941Robert BasheLee LofasoProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-28 09:43:03
2940Tony LangdonBill McGarrityRe: FidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-28 10:42:00
2939Bill McGarrityTony LangdonFidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 18:47:00
2938Tony LangdonBill McGarrityRe: FidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-28 08:36:00
2937Bill McGarrityLee LofasoProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-27 16:33:00
2936Joe DelahayeLee LofasoUnlisted Echos2017-03-27 16:39:17
2935Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-27 16:34:15
2934Lee LofasoBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-27 19:26:04
2933Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-27 19:26:01
2932Lee LofasoAllUnlisted Echos2017-03-27 19:25:27
2931Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginFlat Earth Reality2017-03-27 19:25:24
2930Lee LofasoMike MillerFlat Earth Reality2017-03-27 19:25:21
2929Lee LofasoTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-03-27 19:25:18
2928Allen PruntyBill McGarrityFidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 07:01:01
2927Allen PruntyLee LofasoProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-27 06:46:23
2926Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-27 10:34:28
2925Dale ShippTim RichardsonRe: Mean Weather2017-03-27 01:48:01
2924Bill McGarrityTony LangdonFidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 01:36:00
2923Tony LangdonBill McGarrityRe: FidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 13:14:00
2922Bill McGarrityAndrew LearyFidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-26 19:57:00
2921FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2017-03-27 00:35:21
2920FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [07/08]: Special Interest2017-03-27 00:35:21
2919FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 00:35:21
2918FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [05/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-27 00:35:21
2917FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [04/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-03-27 00:35:21
2916FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [03/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-03-27 00:35:21
2915FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [02/08]: General Articles2017-03-27 00:35:21
2914FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [01/08]: Food For Thought2017-03-27 00:35:21
2913FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:13 [00/08]: The Front Page2017-03-27 00:35:21
2912Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 12:39:07
2911Joe DelahayeLee LofasoProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 11:39:11
2910Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 11:37:15
2909Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheSweden myths2017-03-26 12:20:12
2908Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-25 11:09:03
2907Bj”rn FeltenTim RichardsonSweden myths2017-03-26 09:19:00
2906Tim RichardsonBJöRN FELTENSweden myths2017-03-25 23:26:00
2905Tim RichardsonJOE DELAHAYERe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-25 23:09:00
2904Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOIllegitimate President2017-03-25 23:03:00
2903Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-25 23:00:00
2902Tim RichardsonDALE SHIPPRe: Mean Weather2017-03-26 00:05:00
2901Lee LofasoAllStar Trek for Libertarians2017-03-26 06:35:20
2900Lee LofasoBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 01:57:23
2899Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 01:57:20
2898Lee LofasoBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 01:57:17
2897Lee LofasoBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 01:57:14
2896Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-26 01:57:08
2895Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-25 18:01:06
2894Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-25 17:48:24
2893Lee LofasoAllThe Rules2017-03-25 21:53:22
2892Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-25 13:58:28
2891Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-25 13:31:08
2890Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-24 20:22:00
2889Lee LofasoAllen Pruntylegitimate President2017-03-24 23:32:04
2888Lee LofasoBill McGarrityThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-24 23:32:01
2887Lee LofasoAllFailure!2017-03-24 23:31:27
2886Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-24 18:06:09
2885Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-24 12:57:00
2884Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-24 10:23:10
2883Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheSweden myths2017-03-24 12:52:07
2882alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Flat Earth Reality2017-03-24 14:37:23
2881Robert BasheBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-24 11:03:07
2880Robert BasheAllen Prunty[ANSI] Re: Refugees to Sweeden2017-03-24 10:30:10
2879Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-24 03:16:00
2878Allen PruntyMike MillerRe: Flat Earth Reality2017-03-23 22:22:03
2877Allen PruntyRobert Bashe[ANSI] Re: Refugees to Sweeden2017-03-23 21:15:16
2876Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-23 20:39:09
2875Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-23 19:22:00
2874Joe DelahayeLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-03-23 16:22:14
2873Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Proof of Wiretapping???2017-03-23 16:17:00
2872Mike MillerLee LofasoFlat Earth Reality2017-03-23 11:03:18
2871Lee LofasoTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-03-23 03:13:06
2870Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-23 03:12:21
2869Lee Lofasomark lewiswhitesnake2017-03-23 03:12:12
2868Lee Lofasomark lewisDutch Elections2017-03-23 03:12:04
2867Lee LofasoAllFlat Earth Reality2017-03-23 03:11:25
2866Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-22 19:21:11
2865Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Proof of Wiretapping???2017-03-22 19:07:25
2864Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-22 19:51:21
2863Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenSweden myths2017-03-22 18:33:00
2862Bj”rn FeltenRobert BasheSweden myths2017-03-22 22:23:27
2861Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-22 17:09:01
2860Robert BasheLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-03-22 14:13:19
2859Robert BasheLee LofasoRefugees to Sweeden2017-03-22 13:54:03
2858Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-21 17:32:00
2857Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-21 17:22:00
2856Mike MillerGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-21 22:16:04
2855Allen PruntyGregory DeyssProof of Wiretapping???2017-03-21 22:22:12
2854Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-21 18:40:01
2853Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-21 18:32:02
2852Allen PruntyDale ShippRe: Mean Weather2017-03-21 17:11:04
2851Allen PruntyTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-03-21 17:07:14
2850Allen PruntyBill McGarrityThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-21 14:18:29
2849Allen PruntyLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-03-21 14:16:19
2848Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-21 13:36:03
2847Dale ShippTim RichardsonRe: Mean Weather2017-03-21 00:40:00
2846Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOIllegitimate President2017-03-20 22:03:00
2845Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-20 21:49:00
2844Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Queen Elizabeth II RI2017-03-20 21:44:00
2843Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-20 20:54:09
2842Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: legitimate President2017-03-20 20:49:14
2841Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-20 19:56:19
2840Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: Sig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-20 19:52:00
2839mark lewisLee LofasoDutch Elections2017-03-20 21:32:23
2838mark lewisLee Lofasowhitesnake2017-03-20 21:27:21
2837mark lewisward dosschehigh horses (was: Dutch Elections)2017-03-20 21:24:21
2836Lee LofasoAllFealty Oath2017-03-21 02:44:27
2835Allen PruntyLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-20 18:55:02
2834Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRe: Thank you for your help Michiel2017-03-20 18:45:28
2833Bill McGarrityLee LofasoThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-20 18:32:00
2832Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-20 21:40:21
2831Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-20 20:38:21
2830Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-20 20:38:13
2829Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-20 20:38:05
2828Lee LofasoAllen PruntyNo [ANSI] here please...2017-03-20 20:37:22
2827Lee LofasoAllen Pruntylegitimate President2017-03-20 20:37:14
2826Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-20 20:37:05
2825Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-20 20:36:26
2824Lee LofasoAllen PruntyRefugees to Sweeden2017-03-20 20:36:18
2823Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-20 20:36:09
2822Lee LofasoGregory Deysswhitesnake2017-03-20 20:35:28
2821Lee LofasoAllAlternative Hearings2017-03-20 20:35:19
2820Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyThank you for your help Michiel2017-03-20 20:10:03
2819Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistThank you for your help Michiel2017-03-20 13:55:15
2818Michiel van der VlistALLEN PRUNTYDutch Elections2017-03-20 13:25:25
2817Paul HaytonAllwiki.bbs.geek.nz2017-03-20 21:31:29
2816ALLEN PRUNTYMichiel Van Der VlistRe: Dutch Elections2017-03-20 01:47:26
2815Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRe: legitimate President2017-03-20 00:31:14
2814Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYMean Weather2017-03-19 20:19:00
2813Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: legitimate President2017-03-19 20:03:00
2812Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: legitimate President2017-03-19 20:15:00
2811Allen PruntyLee LofasoQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-19 20:44:22
2810Allen PruntyLee LofasoMean Weather2017-03-19 20:43:23
2809FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-03-20 01:26:22
2808FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-03-20 01:26:22
2807FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-20 01:26:22
2806FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-03-20 01:26:22
2805FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-03-20 01:26:22
2804FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:12 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-03-20 01:26:22
2803Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-20 01:26:17
2802Lee LofasoALLEN PRUNTYDutch Elections2017-03-20 01:26:09
2801Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-20 01:25:27
2800Lee LofasoGerrit KuehnDutch Elections2017-03-20 01:25:19
2799Lee LofasoGregory DeyssQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-20 01:25:11
2798Lee LofasoGregory DeyssQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-20 01:25:02
2797Lee LofasoGregory DeyssQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-20 01:24:24
2796Lee LofasoAllen PruntyMean Weather2017-03-20 01:24:16
2795Lee LofasoALLEN PRUNTYMean Weather2017-03-20 01:24:08
2794Lee LofasoGregory Deysslegitimate President2017-03-20 01:23:29
2793Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-20 01:23:19
2792Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-19 17:00:21
2791Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-19 16:59:27
2790Roger NelsonBj”rn FeltenRe: Sig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-19 15:40:03
2789Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenSig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-19 16:43:18
2788Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-19 16:40:23
2787Tommi KoivulaBj�rn FeltenSig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-19 22:02:12
2786Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssSig lines -- I'm SOOO cool2017-03-19 18:52:05
2785Gregory DeyssTommi KoivulaRe: No [ANSI] here please...2017-03-19 09:51:00
2784Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-19 09:41:00
2783Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-19 09:37:00
2782mark lewisMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-19 11:02:01
2781Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyDutch Elections2017-03-19 15:23:05
2780Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyDutch Elections2017-03-19 15:16:12
2779Tommi KoivulaGregory DeyssNo [ANSI] here please...2017-03-19 08:26:21
2778Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 21:45:16
2777Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 21:44:14
2776Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Dutch Elections2017-03-19 00:54:20
2775Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssNo [ANSI] here please...2017-03-19 00:48:25
2774Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 17:00:23
2773Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 16:58:08
2772Gregory DeyssTommi KoivulaRe: No [ANSI] here please...2017-03-18 16:57:16
2771ED KOONJOE DELAHAYERe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 16:59:08
2770Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-18 11:53:16
2769Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-18 12:50:21
2768Allen PruntyED KOONRe: Comment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-18 12:01:21
2767Allen PruntyMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-18 11:57:10
2766Tommi KoivulaGregory DeyssNo [ANSI] here please...2017-03-18 17:43:26
2765Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: No [ANSI] here please...2017-03-18 09:13:20
2764mark lewisMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-18 09:49:10
2763mark lewisALLEN PRUNTYDutch Elections2017-03-18 09:42:25
2762Gerrit KuehnMichiel van der VlistDutch Elections2017-03-18 14:42:18
2761ED KOONALLEN PRUNTYRe: Comment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-18 08:33:17
2760Michiel van der VlistALLEN PRUNTYDutch Elections2017-03-18 13:09:23
2759Gregory DeyssAllwhitesnake2017-03-17 21:41:09
2758Allen PruntyGregory DeyssNo [ANSI] here please...2017-03-18 01:11:28
2757Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: legitimate President2017-03-17 21:19:22
2756Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: legitimate President2017-03-17 21:17:01
2755ALLEN PRUNTYMichiel Van Der VlistRe: Dutch Elections2017-03-17 22:40:12
2754ALLEN PRUNTYAlan BeckRe: Comment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-17 22:35:00
2753ALLEN PRUNTYLee LofasoRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-17 06:57:24
2752ALLEN PRUNTYLee LofasoRe: Mean Weather2017-03-17 06:45:27
2751Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-17 18:40:18
2750ALAN BECKMARK LEWISComment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-17 19:28:27
2749Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Dutch Elections2017-03-17 17:23:10
2748ED KOONMARK LEWISRE: Comment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-17 08:59:13
2747Michiel van der VlistLee LofasoDutch Elections2017-03-17 14:46:10
2746Lee LofasoAllDutch Elections2017-03-17 14:38:01
2745Bill McGarrityGregory Deyss[ANSI] Re: legitimate President2017-03-17 02:05:00
2744Gregory DeyssLee Lofaso[ANSI] Re: legitimate President2017-03-16 21:39:06
2743Lee Lofasomark lewisQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-17 04:47:16
2742mark lewisWard DosscheQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-16 22:21:13
2741mark lewisALAN BECKComment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-16 22:14:28
2740Lee LofasoWard DosscheQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-17 03:16:25
2739Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Queen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-17 00:52:13
2738ALAN BECKED KOONComment 3/16/2017 4:23 PM2017-03-16 16:26:06
2737Lee LofasoAllQueen Elizabeth II RIP2017-03-16 21:59:14
2736Lee LofasoAllen Pruntylegitimate President2017-03-16 20:18:20
2735Lee LofasoGregory Deysslegitimate President2017-03-16 20:18:10
2734Lee LofasoAllFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-16 02:26:14
2733mark lewisFidoNews RobotFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-15 11:47:03
2732Allen PruntyLee LofasoMean Weather2017-03-15 04:41:11
2731Paul HaytonWard DosscheRe: FidoNews Article2017-03-15 21:21:03
2730Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoReasons for War2017-03-15 05:16:17
2729Lee LofasoAllen PruntyMean Weather2017-03-15 03:41:17
2728Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenReasons for War2017-03-15 03:41:08
2727Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: legitimate President2017-03-14 18:49:16
2726Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: legitimate President2017-03-13 22:25:00
2725Lee LofasoRobert BasheFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-14 01:41:04
2724Lee LofasoWard DosscheFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-14 01:40:24
2723Lee LofasoWard Dosschelegitimate President2017-03-14 00:09:29
2722Lee LofasoJoe Delahayelegitimate President2017-03-14 00:09:20
2721Lee LofasoGregory Deysslegitimate President2017-03-14 00:09:11
2720Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: legitimate President2017-03-13 17:58:13
2719Ward DosscheRobert BasheRe: FidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-13 22:32:25
2718Robert BasheFidoNews RobotFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-13 17:38:10
2717Robert BasheWard DosscheVegetarian2017-03-13 17:25:20
2716Allen PruntyWard DosscheHelmut Hullen and the root of "Crowd Funding" 2017-03-13 10:51:21
2715Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: legitimate President2017-03-13 09:11:25
2714Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: legitimate President2017-03-13 08:04:29
2713Bill McGarrityWard DosscheVegetarian2017-03-12 19:59:00
2712Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: legitimate President2017-03-12 20:02:28
2711FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-03-13 00:59:03
2710FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-03-13 00:59:03
2709FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-13 00:59:03
2708FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-03-13 00:59:03
2707FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-03-13 00:59:03
2706FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [02/07]: General Articles2017-03-13 00:59:03
2705FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [01/07]: Food For Thought2017-03-13 00:59:03
2704FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:11 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-03-13 00:59:03
2703Ward DosscheAllVegetarian2017-03-13 00:13:17
2702Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: legitimate President2017-03-12 12:07:08
2701Lee LofasoAllWriting Obituaries2017-03-12 15:12:24
2700Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: The Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 06:42:20
2699Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 11:22:21
2698Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 17:03:04
2697Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-11 17:02:24
2696Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-11 17:01:27
2695Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 10:30:06
2694Ward DosscheLuis SilvaRe: Telnet Port2017-03-11 10:25:25
2693Allen PruntyBill McGarrityThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 01:57:11
2692Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 00:46:00
2691Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 00:33:00
2690Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-10 19:18:11
2689Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-10 19:04:27
2688Gregory DeyssBj”rn FeltenRe: The Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 18:55:26
2687Allen PruntyLuis SilvaTelnet Port2017-03-10 22:36:10
2686Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 20:01:08
2685Luis SilvaAllTelnet Port2017-03-11 00:48:00
2684Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 19:52:10
2683Allen PruntyBill McGarrityThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 19:17:28
2682Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 18:48:28
2681Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 00:39:04
2680Björn FeltenLee LofasoThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-11 00:31:12
2679Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 17:34:00
2678Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-10 23:44:10
2677Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 23:44:02
2676Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 23:43:23
2675Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 23:43:14
2674Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-10 23:43:06
2673Lee LofasoWard DosscheLiar in Chief2017-03-10 23:42:26
2672Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 22:25:03
2671Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 16:13:25
2670Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 15:25:04
2669Kurt WeiskeAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-10 09:36:29
2668Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-10 11:32:05
2667mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-10 10:40:12
2666Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 14:05:15
2665Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 03:25:00
2664Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-10 03:23:13
2663Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-10 03:19:11
2662Allen PruntyLee LofasoCoffee Call2017-03-10 03:18:12
2661Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 00:25:00
2660Bj”rn FeltenGregory DeyssThe Quran vs. the Bible2017-03-10 05:33:20
2659Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-09 19:51:15
2658Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-09 13:15:05
2657Lee LofasoAllMan Alive!2017-03-09 13:14:24
2656Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenCoffee Call2017-03-09 13:14:13
2655Bill McGarritymark lewisIllegitimate President2017-03-09 01:54:00
2654Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-09 01:36:00
2653Bill McGarrityRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-03-09 01:35:00
2652Allen PruntyRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-03-08 23:07:18
2651mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-08 22:59:25
2650Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-08 19:29:29
2649Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-08 18:35:22
2648Ray QuinnAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-05 15:53:00
2647Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Liar in Chief2017-03-09 00:44:25
2646Lee LofasoWard DosscheLiar in Chief2017-03-09 00:06:27
2645Lee LofasoWard DosscheIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-09 00:06:18
2644Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-09 00:06:08
2643Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-08 15:35:27
2642Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-08 12:00:00
2641Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-08 11:50:00
2640Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-03-08 17:20:11
2639Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Liar in Chief2017-03-08 17:19:25
2638Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-08 11:12:20
2637Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-08 16:32:15
2636Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-08 16:32:06
2635Lee LofasoAllLiar in Chief2017-03-08 15:34:10
2634Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-08 08:55:09
2633Allen PruntyLee LofasoIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-08 08:53:20
2632Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 21:24:21
2631Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 20:31:09
2630Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-03-07 23:09:00
2629Gregory DeyssKees van EetenRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 20:26:05
2628Lee LofasoKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-03-08 04:17:13
2627Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-08 03:51:17
2626Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:51:08
2625Lee LofasoKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:51:00
2624Lee LofasoKurt WeiskeIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:50:21
2623Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:50:12
2622Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:50:04
2621Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-08 03:49:25
2620Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-07 17:11:10
2619Kurt WeiskeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 09:07:06
2618mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-07 11:03:29
2617Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-07 11:21:00
2616Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-07 11:12:00
2615Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 11:01:22
2614Kees van EetenGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-07 08:58:11
2613Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-07 05:10:00
2612Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-06 22:23:07
2611Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-06 21:50:11
2610Bj”rn FeltenAllWrong year on the Snooze files this year.2017-03-07 02:16:05
2609Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-06 13:29:01
2608mark lewisAllen PruntyIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-06 11:38:09
2607Allen Pruntymark lewisIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-06 08:03:09
2606mark lewisTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-05 21:51:19
2605mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-05 21:50:26
2604Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-05 21:46:05
2603Joe DelahayeKurt WeiskeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-05 21:40:11
2602Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-05 21:09:02
2601FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-03-06 02:08:15
2600FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-03-06 02:08:15
2599FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-03-06 02:08:15
2598FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-03-06 02:08:15
2597FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-03-06 02:08:15
2596FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [02/07]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2017-03-06 02:08:15
2595FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [01/07]: Food For Thought2017-03-06 02:08:15
2594FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:10 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-03-06 02:08:15
2593Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-05 15:27:00
2592Bill McGarrityTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-03-05 15:16:00
2591Allen PruntyAllArticles2017-03-05 13:40:15
2590Allen PruntyTim RichardsonClinton Death List2017-03-05 12:56:00
2589Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-27 22:33:00
2588Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-05 08:40:13
2587Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-03-04 16:15:29
2586mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-03-04 06:41:10
2585Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-03-04 01:58:00
2584Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-04 01:29:26
2583Gregory DeyssKurt WeiskeRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-03 21:37:17
2582Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-03 21:27:23
2581Allen PruntyLee LofasoMean Weather2017-03-03 06:45:00
2580Björn FeltenLee LofasoReasons for War2017-03-03 03:56:09
2579Lee LofasoAllMean Weather2017-03-03 03:25:27
2578Lee LofasoAllMarch Madness2017-03-03 03:25:23
2577Kurt WeiskeJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-02 07:10:06
2576Kurt WeiskeAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-02 07:06:26
2575Kurt WeiskeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-03-02 07:04:18
2574Bill McGarrityLee LofasoClueless President-Elect2017-03-01 23:04:00
2573Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeClueless President-Elect2017-03-02 02:02:10
2572Lee LofasoAllReasons for War2017-03-01 20:55:28
2571Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-03-01 13:56:20
2570Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-02-28 17:50:00
2569Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-03-01 00:15:07
2568Ward DosscheLORD NORTHRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-28 16:08:24
2567Lee LofasoAllBeware of Dog2017-02-28 19:54:01
2566LORD NORTHALLEN PRUNTYRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-28 08:49:12
2565Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-26 21:48:21
2564Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOIllegitimate President2017-02-26 18:36:00
2563Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-26 16:52:00
2562Tim RichardsonJOE DELAHAYERe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-26 16:35:00
2561Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOClueless President-Elect2017-02-26 16:30:00
2560Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-26 16:07:00
2559FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-02-27 00:22:07
2558FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-02-27 00:22:07
2557FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-02-27 00:22:07
2556FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-02-27 00:22:07
2555FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-02-27 00:22:07
2554FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:09 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-02-27 00:22:07
2553Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-26 17:40:00
2552Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-25 21:43:21
2551Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Made in USA2017-02-25 21:05:13
2550Bill McGarrityLee LofasoLiberal Meltdown2017-02-26 00:57:00
2549Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe New Gestapo2017-02-25 22:07:19
2548Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-25 22:04:13
2547Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-02-25 22:02:29
2546Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-25 21:56:04
2545Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe New Gestapo2017-02-26 03:48:07
2544Lee LofasoAllLiberal Meltdown2017-02-26 03:48:03
2543Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-25 18:50:00
2542Allen PruntyLee LofasoIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-25 18:48:18
2541Allen PruntyLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-25 18:04:22
2540Lee LofasoTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-25 23:35:17
2539Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-25 23:35:13
2538Lee LofasoGregory DeyssMade in USA2017-02-25 23:03:06
2537Lee LofasoED KOONDead Sysops2017-02-25 21:46:13
2536Lee LofasoGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-02-25 21:46:10
2535Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-25 21:46:07
2534Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-25 21:46:04
2533Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPlanned Parenthood2017-02-25 21:46:01
2532Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-25 21:45:27
2531Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-25 21:45:24
2530Lee LofasoGregory DeyssMade in USA2017-02-25 21:45:21
2529Lee LofasoGregory DeyssPolitical 9/112017-02-25 21:45:18
2528Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-25 15:41:19
2527Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-25 09:27:08
2526Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-02-25 08:50:19
2525Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-25 08:14:01
2524Kees van EetenMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-24 17:53:18
2523Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-24 12:01:00
2522Mike MillerKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-24 10:37:11
2521Joe DelahayeKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-24 10:56:14
2520ED KOONLEE LOFASORE: Dead Sysops2017-02-24 10:41:03
2519Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-24 10:47:19
2518Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyIncidents in Sweeden2017-02-24 10:44:21
2517Kees van EetenJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-23 23:38:17
2516Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-23 21:01:08
2515Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-24 05:24:06
2514Lee LofasoKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-24 05:24:03
2513Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeClueless President-Elect2017-02-24 05:23:29
2512Lee LofasoWard DosscheDead Sysops2017-02-24 04:35:08
2511Lee LofasoAllen PruntyStates Rights and Secession...2017-02-24 04:35:03
2510Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIncidents in Sweeden2017-02-23 19:12:07
2509Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyIncidents in Sweeden2017-02-23 18:09:00
2508Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-23 14:16:25
2507Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRefugees to Sweeden2017-02-23 14:08:08
2506Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIncidents in Sweeden2017-02-23 14:06:13
2505Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-23 13:35:00
2504Joe DelahayeKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-23 13:32:25
2503Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-02-23 13:26:29
2502Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyStates Rights and Secession...2017-02-23 12:55:00
2501Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-23 12:04:15
2500Allen PruntyLee LofasoStates Rights and Secession...2017-02-23 11:49:11
2499Ward DosscheAllDead Sysops2017-02-23 16:31:05
2498Kees van EetenAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-23 10:54:21
2497Kees van EetenJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-22 22:52:13
2496Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-23 02:39:02
2495Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-23 08:23:02
2494Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-23 02:08:22
2493Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-23 07:54:12
2492Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-23 01:14:00
2491Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-22 22:28:00
2490Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-22 22:07:01
2489Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-02-22 21:40:24
2488Allen PruntyKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 23:10:18
2487Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-22 23:08:27
2486Allen PruntyLee LofasoTreasure from Churchill Downs2017-02-22 20:03:24
2485Allen PruntyMike MillerRacial Profiling2017-02-22 20:02:02
2484Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-23 01:40:05
2483Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTreasure from Churchill Downs2017-02-23 01:39:22
2482Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-23 01:39:07
2481Lee LofasoDavid DrummondLent... for those who observe.2017-02-23 01:38:24
2480Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-23 01:38:11
2479Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-23 01:37:27
2478Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-22 22:41:28
2477Joe DelahayeKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 16:26:03
2476Bill McGarrityKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 15:03:00
2475Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 14:31:00
2474Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-22 22:00:03
2473Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-22 21:30:22
2472Bj”rn FeltenKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 21:01:24
2471Kees van EetenBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 19:56:12
2470Kees van EetenBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 19:09:24
2469Bj”rn FeltenBOB ACKLEYIllegitimate President2017-02-22 19:07:07
2468BOB ACKLEYMIKE MILLERRacial Profiling2017-02-22 11:43:01
2467BOB ACKLEYBJ”RN FELTENIllegitimate President2017-02-22 11:41:25
2466BOB ACKLEYBJ”RN FELTENIllegitimate President2017-02-22 11:39:09
2465Bj”rn FeltenKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 17:25:27
2464Kees van EetenBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-22 10:31:20
2463Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 22:18:10
2462Mike MillerAllen PruntyRacial Profiling2017-02-21 18:59:06
2461Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-22 01:53:06
2460Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 19:31:00
2459Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-21 19:28:00
2458Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-22 00:54:10
2457Allen PruntyMike MillerRacial Profiling2017-02-21 16:06:09
2456Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-21 16:04:07
2455Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: President-Elect2017-02-21 15:55:10
2454Allen PruntyRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-02-21 15:47:28
2453Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 15:17:00
2452Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-21 20:47:04
2451Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-21 20:40:29
2450Bill McGarrityBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 13:16:00
2449Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 11:23:24
2448Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-21 11:16:23
2447Lee LofasoAllWorlds Apart2017-02-21 17:03:00
2446Bj”rn FeltenMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-21 15:31:05
2445Mike MillerBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-21 07:01:11
2444Mike MillerTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-02-21 06:52:25
2443Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-21 08:23:17
2442Björn FeltenMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-21 08:13:21
2441Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-21 00:51:00
2440Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISClueless President-Elect2017-02-20 21:24:00
2439Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANPresident-Elect2017-02-20 21:11:00
2438Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: President-Elect2017-02-20 21:09:00
2437Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANPresident-Elect2017-02-20 21:06:00
2436Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERBad Boy Putin2017-02-20 21:01:00
2435Gregory DeyssDavid DrummondRe: Not so Illegitimate afterall2017-02-20 21:08:10
2434Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-20 20:38:17
2433Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-20 23:09:04
2432Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-20 20:07:27
2431Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-20 19:55:14
2430Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-20 18:36:26
2429Bj”rn FeltenRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-02-21 01:02:12
2428Ray Quinnmark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-20 13:28:00
2427Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 15:22:22
2426Allen PruntyAllTreasure from Churchill Downs2017-02-20 15:16:04
2425Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 17:54:28
2424Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 10:58:07
2423Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 10:25:26
2422Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: The count2017-02-20 10:24:17
2421Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 10:23:22
2420Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 12:07:24
2419Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 05:08:09
2418Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-20 05:03:12
2417Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 10:38:29
2416Bill McGarrityWard DosscheThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 23:28:00
2415Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 18:04:28
2414Michael DeigTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-19 21:28:21
2413Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: The count2017-02-20 01:12:19
2412Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-20 01:11:11
2411FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-02-20 00:31:25
2410FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-02-20 00:31:25
2409FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-02-20 00:31:25
2408FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-02-20 00:31:25
2407FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-02-20 00:31:25
2406FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:08 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-02-20 00:31:25
2405Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 18:14:00
2404Bill McGarrityWard DosscheSweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 18:12:00
2403Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-19 18:10:00
2402Bill McGarrityTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-19 18:05:00
2401Tim RichardsonBILL MCGARRITYIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-19 13:43:00
2400Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-19 14:05:00
2399Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 16:52:01
2398Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Sweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 16:51:13
2397Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: The count2017-02-19 16:50:13
2396Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-19 16:49:26
2395Allen PruntyWard DosscheThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 16:16:28
2394Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Sweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 21:54:05
2393Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: The count2017-02-19 21:53:24
2392David DrummondGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-20 05:58:08
2391David DrummondWard DosscheThe count2017-02-20 05:55:06
2390David DrummondLee LofasoLent... for those who observe.2017-02-20 05:52:29
2389David DrummondLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-20 05:50:14
2388David DrummondLee LofasoIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-20 05:45:07
2387David DrummondBj”rn FeltenVirtual reality2017-02-20 05:38:15
2386Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-19 14:27:00
2385Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-19 14:23:00
2384Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenSweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 14:01:19
2383Mike MillerGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-19 11:47:12
2382Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe count2017-02-19 19:43:06
2381Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 19:43:02
2380Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 19:42:29
2379Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-19 08:55:16
2378Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-19 07:57:09
2377Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-19 07:36:15
2376Kees van EetenLee LofasoThe count2017-02-19 17:03:00
2375Gerrit KuehnLee LofasoAre You Okay?2017-02-19 17:45:15
2374Lee LofasoAllEqual Pay2017-02-19 19:00:04
2373Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoSweden is perfectly OK, no worries mates!2017-02-19 17:51:04
2372Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The count2017-02-19 17:33:25
2371Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: The fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 13:09:14
2370Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-19 17:36:17
2369Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe count2017-02-19 17:36:13
2368Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenAre You Okay?2017-02-19 17:36:08
2367Bj”rn FeltenBj”rn FeltenThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 13:08:26
2366Bj”rn FeltenAllThe fastest gun in the west?2017-02-19 12:32:25
2365Bill McGarrityTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-18 23:57:03
2364Allen PruntyED KOONRE: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-18 23:02:09
2363Tim RichardsonBILL MCGARRITYIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-18 20:17:00
2362Jeff SmithBj”rn FeltenLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 19:29:00
2361ED KOONLEE LOFASORE: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-18 17:58:00
2360Allen PruntyLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-18 18:32:06
2359Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The count2017-02-19 00:18:27
2358Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 23:39:03
2357Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenLent... for those who observe.2017-02-19 00:19:16
2356Lee LofasoDavid DrummondLent... for those who observe.2017-02-19 00:19:12
2355Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-19 00:19:09
2354Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe count2017-02-19 00:19:06
2353Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-19 00:19:03
2352Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-19 00:19:00
2351Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-19 00:18:27
2350Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondVirtual reality2017-02-18 22:36:25
2349David DrummondBj”rn FeltenLent... for those who observe.2017-02-19 07:14:19
2348David DrummondWard DosscheThe count2017-02-19 06:58:24
2347Allen PruntyMike MillerLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 09:25:14
2346Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 13:11:16
2345Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Lent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 12:05:16
2344Mike MillerAllen PruntyLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 03:21:20
2343Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: The count2017-02-18 09:22:09
2342Allen PruntyMike MillerLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 00:13:11
2341Allen PruntyED KOONRe: The count2017-02-18 00:10:11
2340Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-18 00:03:03
2339David DrummondBj”rn FeltenLent... for those who observe.2017-02-18 12:55:13
2338David DrummondWard DosscheThe count2017-02-18 12:54:22
2337Bill McGarrityWard DosscheThe count2017-02-17 18:47:00
2336Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenLent... for those who observe.2017-02-17 17:11:20
2335Bj”rn FeltenDavid DrummondLent... for those who observe.2017-02-17 23:27:23
2334Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: The count2017-02-17 22:08:05
2333David DrummondWard DosscheThe count2017-02-18 06:45:18
2332Bill McGarrityTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-17 13:49:00
2331Paul HaytonWard DosscheRe: The count2017-02-18 07:20:17
2330Ward DosscheED KOONRe: The count2017-02-17 18:59:29
2329ED KOONWARD DOSSCHERe: The count2017-02-17 10:31:28
2328Ward DosscheFlavio BessaRe: The count2017-02-17 15:31:26
2327David DrummondAllen PruntyLent... for those who observe.2017-02-17 20:37:09
2326David DrummondKees van EetenIllegitimate President2017-02-17 20:34:01
2325David DrummondTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-02-17 20:04:05
2324Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-16 22:45:00
2323Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-16 22:15:00
2322Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDIllegitimate President2017-02-17 00:04:00
2321Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 23:24:00
2320Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 23:15:00
2319Mike MillerBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-16 22:07:18
2318Mike MillerAllen PruntyLent... for those who observe.2017-02-16 22:00:04
2317Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-16 20:02:00
2316Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 19:55:00
2315Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 19:27:00
2314Gregory DeyssLee Lofaso[ANSI] Re: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 19:14:00
2313Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 18:59:00
2312Allen PruntyBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 21:19:03
2311Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 20:37:00
2310Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 20:29:00
2309Allen PruntyAllLent... for those who observe.2017-02-16 19:57:15
2308Kees van EetenDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-17 00:27:20
2307Mike MillerGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-16 17:32:11
2306Allen PruntyBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 18:20:22
2305David DrummondLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-17 08:59:02
2304David DrummondLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-17 08:51:20
2303David DrummondAllen PruntyNeeded....2017-02-17 08:49:18
2302David DrummondNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-17 08:47:17
2301David DrummondNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-17 08:42:12
2300David DrummondWard DosscheNeeded....2017-02-17 08:38:27
2299David DrummondLee LofasoIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-17 08:38:02
2298David DrummondWard DosscheNeeded....2017-02-17 08:35:29
2297David DrummondTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-02-17 08:34:27
2296Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Needed....2017-02-16 14:41:00
2295Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 14:03:00
2294Tim RichardsonED KOONRE: It's a Hobby2017-02-15 21:02:00
2293Tim RichardsonNICHOLAS BOELIllegitimate President2017-02-15 20:20:00
2292Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYIllegitimate President2017-02-15 20:10:00
2291Tim RichardsonED KOONRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 20:00:00
2290Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 19:50:00
2289Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 19:43:00
2288Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 19:23:00
2287Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Needed....2017-02-16 13:09:25
2286Allen PruntyBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 12:51:09
2285Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-16 10:54:06
2284Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Needed....2017-02-16 09:18:05
2283Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 01:54:00
2282Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 01:46:00
2281Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 01:44:00
2280Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-16 00:47:00
2279Lee LofasoED KOONIt's a Hobby2017-02-16 06:00:12
2278Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-16 06:00:09
2277Lee LofasoNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-16 06:00:06
2276Lee LofasoAllen PruntyAnti-American President2017-02-16 06:00:03
2275Lee LofasoWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-16 06:00:00
2274Lee LofasoGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-16 05:59:27
2273Lee LofasoNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-16 05:59:23
2272Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-15 23:53:11
2271Allen PruntyNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-15 23:48:24
2270Allen PruntyWard DosscheNeeded....2017-02-15 23:46:28
2269Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 21:01:10
2268Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:56:17
2267Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:54:19
2266Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:53:13
2265Nicholas BoelBjörn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:49:00
2264Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:46:12
2263Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:45:03
2262Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:43:26
2261Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-15 19:40:10
2260Gregory DeyssMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 19:36:00
2259Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 19:21:00
2258Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 19:01:00
2257Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Needed....2017-02-16 01:47:01
2256Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Needed....2017-02-15 17:38:00
2255Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-16 00:12:02
2254Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-16 00:11:28
2253Lee LofasoBill McGarrityICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-16 00:11:25
2252Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-16 00:11:21
2251Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-16 00:11:17
2250ED KOONLEE LOFASORE: It's a Hobby2017-02-15 16:59:00
2249Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Needed....2017-02-15 22:39:25
2248Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Needed....2017-02-15 14:54:00
2247Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-15 20:22:25
2246Lee LofasoED KOONWomen Rulers2017-02-15 20:22:22
2245Lee LofasoTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 20:22:19
2244Lee LofasoTim RichardsonElection 20202017-02-15 20:22:15
2243Lee LofasoAllen PruntyICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-15 20:22:12
2242Lee LofasoMike MillerThe count2017-02-15 20:22:08
2241Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIt's a Hobby2017-02-15 20:22:05
2240Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Needed....2017-02-15 20:16:06
2239Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Anti-American President2017-02-15 12:58:00
2238Bill McGarrityAllNeeded....2017-02-15 12:39:00
2237Allen Pruntyalexander koryaginRe: Anti-American President2017-02-15 12:17:27
2236Bill McGarrityMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 10:55:00
2235Bill McGarrityBj”rn FeltenRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 10:53:00
2234Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 15:35:15
2233Mike MillerBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-15 05:59:08
2232Mike MillerGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 05:56:04
2231Bj”rn FeltenBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-15 09:26:25
2230Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 02:25:00
2229Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-15 02:19:00
2228alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Anti-American President2017-02-15 08:35:12
2227Gregory DeyssNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 20:40:00
2226Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-14 20:30:00
2225Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 20:28:08
2224Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Trump not so Illegitimate2017-02-14 20:20:19
2223Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 20:04:29
2222Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 19:47:21
2221Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 19:32:00
2220Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 19:30:00
2219Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 19:29:00
2218Nicholas BoelTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-02-14 17:56:15
2217Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-14 17:53:24
2216Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-14 17:50:11
2215Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-14 17:28:09
2214David DrummondED KOONIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-15 08:54:12
2213David DrummondGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-15 08:51:17
2212Allen PruntyTim RichardsonIllegitimate President2017-02-14 15:19:15
2211Mike MillerTim RichardsonIllegitimate Presiden2017-02-14 13:27:13
2210Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 10:07:23
2209ED KOONTIM RICHARDSONRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-14 08:49:11
2208ED KOONALLEN PRUNTYRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 08:34:28
2207Tim RichardsonALLRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 23:51:00
2206Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYIllegitimate President2017-02-14 00:09:00
2205Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSIllegitimate President2017-02-13 22:45:00
2204Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSIllegitimate President2017-02-13 22:17:00
2203Tim RichardsonED KOONRE: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 22:11:00
2202Tim RichardsonED KOONRE: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 21:58:00
2201Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 10:42:00
2200Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 09:53:00
2199Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISIllegitimate President2017-02-13 09:06:00
2198Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSIllegitimate President2017-02-13 08:06:00
2197Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-13 00:55:00
2196Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYIllegitimate President2017-02-13 00:00:00
2195Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSIllegitimate President2017-02-12 23:53:00
2194Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-12 23:47:00
2193Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-12 23:26:00
2192Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSIllegitimate President2017-02-12 23:11:00
2191Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-12 23:00:00
2190Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Illegitimate Presiden2017-02-12 22:43:00
2189Mike MillerLee LofasoThe count2017-02-14 03:08:14
2188Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 01:02:00
2187Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-14 00:56:00
2186Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 19:24:10
2185Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 19:15:12
2184Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe count2017-02-14 04:10:08
2183Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-14 02:56:02
2182Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:42:26
2181Gregory DeyssNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:39:10
2180Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 18:42:21
2179Allen PruntyLee LofasoICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-13 16:53:06
2178Lee LofasoAllen PruntyICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-13 20:45:19
2177Lee LofasoBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-13 20:45:16
2176Allen PruntyLee LofasoTrump Inauguration Print2017-02-13 13:17:06
2175Lee LofasoAllTrump Inauguration Print2017-02-13 18:44:00
2174Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 12:08:00
2173Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 11:04:00
2172Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 10:57:00
2171Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 10:56:00
2170Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 11:35:03
2169Allen PruntyDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-13 02:45:14
2168Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-13 02:22:04
2167Allen PruntyBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 02:18:16
2166Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 08:41:03
2165David DrummondBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-13 16:52:19
2164Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-13 00:39:00
2163David DrummondAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-13 14:59:22
2162Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:46:00
2161Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:31:00
2160Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:29:00
2159Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:20:00
2158Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: ICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-12 21:17:00
2157Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 21:14:00
2156Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 20:48:00
2155Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 20:43:00
2154Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe count2017-02-12 20:34:02
2153Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 20:30:04
2152Allen PruntyLee LofasoMassive Tornado on TV - New Orelans2017-02-12 20:18:23
2151Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe count2017-02-12 20:12:09
2150Allen PruntyDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-12 20:04:08
2149Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 19:47:23
2148Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 19:56:29
2147Allen PruntyBill McGarrityICE Roundups in NYC2017-02-12 19:42:06
2146Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-12 19:49:23
2145Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 19:26:27
2144Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 19:21:12
2143Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-13 01:01:00
2142FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-02-13 00:40:29
2141FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-02-13 00:40:29
2140FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-02-13 00:40:29
2139FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-02-13 00:40:29
2138FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-02-13 00:40:29
2137FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:07 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-02-13 00:40:29
2136mark lewisBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 17:13:07
2135Lee LofasoMike MillerThe count2017-02-12 23:09:28
2134Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 16:16:00
2133Lee LofasoAllen PruntyMassive Tornado on TV - New Orelans2017-02-12 21:53:26
2132Lee LofasoFlavio BessaThe count2017-02-12 21:53:23
2131David DrummondGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-13 06:11:17
2130Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:38:00
2129Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:37:00
2128Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:33:00
2127Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:29:00
2126Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:28:00
2125Bill McGarrityED KOONRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:25:00
2124Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 14:02:00
2123Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 13:52:00
2122Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-12 14:26:06
2121Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-12 14:22:21
2120Allen PruntyNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-12 14:20:09
2119Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRich Liberal Neighborhood blocks low income senior project2017-02-12 14:15:27
2118Allen PruntyED KOONIllegitimate President2017-02-12 14:03:27
2117Allen PruntyWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-12 14:03:00
2116Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-12 13:58:02
2115Joe DelahayeNicholas BoelIllegitimate President2017-02-12 12:26:08
2114Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 12:23:11
2113Joe DelahayeED KOONRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 12:21:12
2112mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-12 11:00:00
2111Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-12 10:01:08
2110Björn FeltenNicholas BoelFighting your personal battles2017-02-12 17:05:09
2109Nicholas BoelJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-12 09:56:10
2108Nicholas BoelED KOONIllegitimate President2017-02-12 09:53:21
2107Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-12 09:38:12
2106Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 09:13:01
2105Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 08:47:21
2104Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 08:30:24
2103Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 08:09:12
2102Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 07:50:05
2101ED KOONJOE DELAHAYERE: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 08:18:00
2100Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 10:14:19
2099Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-12 02:13:00
2098Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 21:37:20
2097Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 21:22:09
2096Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:11:06
2095Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 18:53:10
2094Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 18:51:07
2093Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 18:08:22
2092Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-11 11:44:21
2091Joe DelahayeED KOONRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:47:28
2090Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:30:01
2089Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:27:12
2088Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:21:17
2087Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:17:15
2086Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:05:11
2085Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 19:02:15
2084ED KOONMARK LEWISRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 17:49:00
2083Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 15:27:00
2082Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 15:22:00
2081Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 15:20:00
2080Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 15:15:00
2079Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginMajor Announcement2017-02-11 21:47:07
2078Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginAnti-American President2017-02-11 21:47:04
2077Lee LofasoAllEconomic Reductionism2017-02-11 21:47:00
2076mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 14:00:12
2075mark lewisBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-11 13:47:08
2074mark lewisBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-11 13:43:00
2073mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 13:37:16
2072mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 14:16:00
2071mark lewisMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-11 13:24:20
2070Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 09:20:11
2069Gregory DeyssNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 08:38:18
2068Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-11 11:42:18
2067Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-11 08:19:17
2066Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssSome of your 'Christian' terrorists...2017-02-11 03:21:27
2065Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:38:00
2064Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:36:00
2063Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:35:00
2062Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:30:00
2061Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:23:00
2060Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-11 01:06:00
2059Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 22:33:00
2058Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 22:29:00
2057Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 22:15:00
2056Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 22:04:00
2055Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-10 23:42:14
2054Nicholas BoelGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-10 22:09:04
2053Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 20:51:00
2052Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 20:47:00
2051Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 20:41:00
2050Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 20:38:00
2049Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 20:30:00
2048Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-10 17:47:02
2047Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-10 16:46:14
2046Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-10 16:39:22
2045Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 16:34:11
2044Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 16:33:01
2043Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 16:31:11
2042Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 16:25:00
2041Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 16:23:12
2040Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 15:02:00
2039Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 15:11:00
2038Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 15:02:00
2037Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 14:57:00
2036Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 14:50:00
2035Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 14:48:00
2034Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:51:01
2033Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:41:25
2032Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:18:06
2031Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:09:12
2030Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:04:14
2029Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:03:00
2028Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:01:21
2027Bill McGarrityMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 13:20:00
2026Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 13:16:00
2025Janis KrachtBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 13:17:24
2024Mike MillerBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:39:02
2023Mike MillerFlavio BessaThe count2017-02-10 11:36:08
2022Flavio BessaLee LofasoThe count2017-02-10 11:20:06
2021alexander koryaginGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 15:16:20
2020Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 11:07:06
2019Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 04:01:00
2018Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 03:59:00
2017Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 09:09:22
2016Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 09:07:25
2015Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 09:05:09
2014Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 09:03:08
2013Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 01:57:00
2012Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 01:56:00
2011Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 01:55:00
2010Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 01:52:00
2009Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-10 01:26:00
2008Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 19:36:22
2007Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 20:38:07
2006Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 20:31:23
2005Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-09 20:23:25
2004Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-09 20:21:24
2003mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-09 19:36:28
2002Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 15:09:22
2001Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 14:59:10
2000Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 14:37:25
1999Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 14:29:12
1998Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 14:22:04
1997Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 12:06:00
1996Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 12:00:00
1995Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 11:53:00
1994Allen PruntyBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-09 10:04:24
1993Allen PruntyWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-09 10:02:20
1992Allen PruntyGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-09 09:52:16
1991Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 12:18:12
1990Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 03:09:00
1989Ward DosscheBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-09 07:04:17
1988Lee LofasoAllCheckmate2017-02-09 04:13:23
1987Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 18:49:00
1986Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 18:47:00
1985Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 18:40:00
1984Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 18:31:00
1983Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 20:41:14
1982Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 11:48:16
1981mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-08 13:32:26
1980Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 10:26:04
1979Joe Delahayemark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-08 10:22:19
1978Joe Delahayemark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-08 10:21:25
1977Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistBrick in the wall2017-02-08 10:20:22
1976Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-08 09:40:21
1975Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:38:26
1974Allen PruntyLee LofasoMassive Tornado on TV - New Orelans2017-02-07 22:08:13
1973Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:40:05
1972Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:34:02
1971Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:29:10
1970Gregory DeyssBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:27:09
1969Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 21:24:03
1968mark lewisJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-07 20:44:27
1967mark lewisJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-07 20:47:27
1966Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeBrick in the wall2017-02-08 01:48:04
1965Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 19:32:27
1964Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 19:29:29
1963Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistIllegitimate President2017-02-07 19:27:10
1962ED KOONALLBBS Promotion2017-02-07 19:05:00
1961Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 18:46:20
1960Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 18:44:06
1959Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 17:50:00
1958Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 23:06:06
1957Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-07 22:21:23
1956Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 16:27:13
1955Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 16:22:04
1954Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 16:19:16
1953Joe Delahayemark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-07 16:18:02
1952Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 16:15:20
1951Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-07 17:21:22
1950Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 09:07:16
1949mark lewisBill McGarrityIllegitimate President2017-02-07 09:18:02
1948alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Anti-American President2017-02-07 15:47:18
1947alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Golf Invitation2017-02-07 15:37:04
1946alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Major Announcement2017-02-07 15:15:00
1945Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 00:31:00
1944Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 23:12:29
1943Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:54:00
1942Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:50:00
1941Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:52:11
1940Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:51:03
1939Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:47:07
1938Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:45:27
1937Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:44:17
1936Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 21:42:22
1935mark lewisWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-06 20:57:14
1934Lee LofasoDavid DrummondIllegitimate President2017-02-07 01:43:28
1933Lee LofasoAllSpecial Affection2017-02-07 01:43:24
1932Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 01:31:23
1931Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 19:27:05
1930Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-07 01:18:14
1929Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondSomething Humorous2017-02-06 19:20:27
1928Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 19:13:15
1927Lee LofasoRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-02-07 00:20:05
1926Lee LofasoAllAnti-American President2017-02-07 00:20:01
1925David DrummondBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-07 07:55:19
1924David DrummondJoe DelahayeSomething Humorous2017-02-07 07:54:26
1923David DrummondPaul QuinnSomething Humorous2017-02-07 07:51:12
1922Mike Millermark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-06 15:14:09
1921Mike MillerWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-06 15:12:02
1920Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenIllegitimate President2017-02-06 21:46:06
1919Lee LofasoAlexander KoryaginGolf Invitation2017-02-06 21:46:01
1918mark lewisRay QuinnIllegitimate President2017-02-06 14:26:11
1917mark lewisMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-06 14:23:25
1916Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 20:15:17
1915Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondRe: Something Humorous2017-02-06 13:52:00
1914Ray QuinnAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-06 07:29:00
1913Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-02-06 18:19:26
1912Lee LofasoMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-06 16:20:16
1911Mike Millermark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-06 08:00:01
1910Mike MillerWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-06 07:56:26
1909Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondSomething Humorous2017-02-06 08:59:01
1908Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 08:54:25
1907Paul QuinnDavid DrummondSomething Humorous2017-02-06 20:57:26
1906David DrummondAllen PruntySomething Humorous2017-02-06 20:09:24
1905Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 10:03:05
1904mark lewisWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-05 21:07:11
1903mark lewisMike MillerIllegitimate President2017-02-05 21:05:07
1902mark lewisWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-05 21:04:08
1901Lee LofasoAllRabit2017-02-06 03:04:29
1900Lee LofasoAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-06 03:04:26
1899FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-02-06 01:25:29
1898FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-02-06 01:25:29
1897FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-02-06 01:25:29
1896FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-02-06 01:25:29
1895FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-02-06 01:25:29
1894FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:06 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-02-06 01:25:29
1893Mike MillerWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-05 18:07:25
1892Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-06 00:49:01
1891Mike MillerWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-05 17:22:21
1890Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-05 23:54:16
1889Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-05 17:36:12
1888Lee LofasoDavid DrummondCanadians Don't Care2017-02-05 19:01:20
1887Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-05 10:38:15
1886Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: Something Humorous2017-02-05 00:18:21
1885Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-05 00:16:26
1884Lee LofasoAllen PruntyBowling Green Massacre2017-02-05 01:49:15
1883mark lewisAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-04 18:06:15
1882Mike MillerDavid DrummondCanadians Don't Care2017-02-04 17:49:17
1881David DrummondAllen PruntySomething Humorous2017-02-05 09:29:17
1880David DrummondLee LofasoCanadians Don't Care2017-02-05 09:26:04
1879Lee Lofasomark lewisIllegitimate President2017-02-04 22:22:22
1878Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-02-04 22:22:14
1877Lee LofasoWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-02-04 22:22:05
1876Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 16:07:19
1875Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 16:04:25
1874Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 16:03:19
1873Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 15:15:17
1872Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Something Humorous2017-02-04 15:14:09
1871Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Bowling Green Massacre2017-02-04 15:13:06
1870Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 15:10:23
1869Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 12:09:00
1868Lee LofasoAllMajor Announcement2017-02-04 18:40:28
1867Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenCanadians Don't Care2017-02-04 10:58:25
1866Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 10:50:09
1865Lee LofasoTim RichardsonLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-03 23:55:10
1864Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-03 23:55:01
1863Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoCanadians Don't Care2017-02-03 21:54:23
1862Lee LofasoAllSomething Humorous2017-02-03 19:51:10
1861Lee LofasoAllCanadians Don't Care2017-02-03 19:51:01
1860Lee LofasoAllBowling Green Massacre2017-02-03 17:57:09
1859Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-04 13:25:11
1858Mike MillerAllen PruntyIllegitimate President2017-02-04 05:55:07
1857mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-02-04 04:28:08
1856Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-03 19:27:05
1855Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-03 13:32:13
1854Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-03 10:45:12
1853Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-03 00:56:00
1852Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-02 22:36:03
1851Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-02 18:20:06
1850Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-02-02 18:17:07
1849Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Lucky 7's2017-02-01 20:51:00
1848Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-01 20:49:00
1847Mike MillerLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-01 14:23:17
1846Lee LofasoAllen PruntyLucky 7's2017-02-01 20:30:20
1845Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-01 20:30:11
1844Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-02-01 20:30:01
1843Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-02-01 00:14:24
1842Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Lucky 7's2017-01-30 23:21:23
1841Lee LofasoWard DosscheWhat is fascism ?2017-01-30 19:30:00
1840Lee LofasoWard DosscheDefinition of Fascism2017-01-30 19:29:25
1839Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Definition of Fascism2017-01-30 13:17:09
1838Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Definition of Fascism2017-01-30 13:17:06
1837Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: What is fascism ?2017-01-30 13:13:00
1836Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenDefinition of Fascism2017-01-30 13:06:16
1835Lee LofasoWard DosscheWhat is fascism ?2017-01-30 13:06:09
1834Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: What is fascism ?2017-01-30 09:35:03
1833Lee LofasoWard DosscheWhat is fascism ?2017-01-30 03:55:02
1832Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoDefinition of Fascism2017-01-30 03:19:24
1831Lee LofasoAllDefinition of Fascism2017-01-30 02:09:05
1830FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-01-30 00:54:16
1829FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-01-30 00:54:16
1828FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-01-30 00:54:16
1827FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-01-30 00:54:16
1826FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-01-30 00:54:16
1825FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:05 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-01-30 00:54:16
1824Ward DosscheAllWhat is fascism ?2017-01-29 23:51:24
1823Mike MillerTim RichardsonLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-29 11:43:06
1822Mike MillerLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-29 11:28:24
1821Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-29 13:02:20
1820Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-29 17:25:13
1819Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-29 00:44:27
1818Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 23:00:00
1817Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 22:54:00
1816mark lewisGregory DeyssIllegitimate President2017-01-28 21:03:19
1815David DrummondTim RichardsonLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-29 10:59:03
1814Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 21:33:08
1813Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-28 13:11:24
1812Gregory DeyssBenny PedersenRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-28 09:15:26
1811Lee LofasoAllMoon Reflectors Nonsense2017-01-28 17:47:02
1810Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 03:22:00
1809Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 03:20:00
1808Mike MillerLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 20:13:26
1807Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe count2017-01-28 05:04:26
1806Lee LofasoBill McGarrityLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-28 05:04:22
1805Bill McGarrityLee LofasoRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 17:45:00
1804Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The count2017-01-27 23:08:16
1803Lee LofasoAl KaiserLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 23:12:10
1802Lee LofasoBill McGarrityLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 23:12:05
1801Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe count2017-01-27 22:17:03
1800Lee LofasoTim RichardsonLucky 7's2017-01-27 22:16:29
1799Lee LofasoTim RichardsonLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 22:16:24
1798Bill McGarrityAllRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 15:17:00
1797Lee LofasoAllRevolution of Love2017-01-27 19:47:03
1796Al KaiserLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 11:07:12
1795Ward DosscheAllThe count2017-01-27 12:49:28
1794Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 03:37:00
1793Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOLucky 7's2017-01-27 03:27:00
1792Lee LofasoNicholas LochScripting News2017-01-27 04:04:13
1791Lee LofasoScripting NewsLaw and Order2017-01-27 04:04:07
1790Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-27 04:04:00
1789Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1788Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1787Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1786Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1785Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1784Scripting NewsAllScripting News2017-01-26 20:18:09
1783Scripting NewsAllLaw and Order2017-01-26 20:18:09
1782Scripting NewsAllRule 12017-01-26 20:18:09
1781Scripting NewsAllReally early morning no-coffee notes2017-01-26 20:18:09
1780Mike MillerLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-26 18:10:12
1779Lee LofasoTim RichardsonLucky 7's2017-01-26 00:21:13
1778Lee LofasoAllMary Tyler Moore RIP2017-01-25 22:26:03
1777Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOLucky 7's2017-01-24 22:24:00
1776Lee LofasoJohn GuilloryIllegitimate President2017-01-25 02:47:23
1775Lee LofasoMike MillerLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-25 00:18:18
1774Lee LofasoAllen PruntyAre You With Me?2017-01-25 00:18:08
1773Lee LofasoAl KaiserLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-25 00:17:28
1772Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-01-25 00:17:12
1771Lee LofasoBenny PedersenIllegitimate President2017-01-25 00:17:02
1770Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUnited Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-25 00:16:24
1769Allen PruntyJohn GuilloryRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-24 15:26:12
1768Al KaiserLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-24 15:53:02
1767mark lewisJoe DelahayeNasty Women2017-01-23 20:39:16
1766Joe DelahayeBenny PedersenRE: Illegitimate President2017-01-23 20:06:16
1765John GuilloryBenny PedersenRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-23 13:38:00
1764John Guillorymark lewisRe: Nasty Women2017-01-23 13:25:00
1763Benny PedersenJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-01-23 17:06:18
1762mark lewisJohn GuilloryNasty Women2017-01-23 11:26:00
1761Joe Delahayemark lewisNasty Women2017-01-23 11:25:17
1760John Guillorymark lewisRe: Nasty Women2017-01-22 22:31:00
1759Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Are You With Me?2017-01-22 23:06:03
1758mark lewisJoe DelahayeNasty Women2017-01-22 20:31:27
1757Lee LofasoAllAre You With Me?2017-01-23 01:47:20
1756Joe DelahayeLee LofasoNasty Women2017-01-22 19:28:18
1755Mike MillerLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-22 17:56:26
1754Mike MillerLee LofasoLucky 7's2017-01-22 17:54:28
1753Lee LofasoAllen PruntyLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-23 00:41:02
1752Lee LofasoWard DosscheLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-23 00:40:28
1751Lee Lofasomark lewisLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-23 00:40:25
1750Lee LofasoAllen PruntySolving Your Problem2017-01-23 00:40:21
1749FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-01-23 00:21:15
1748FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-01-23 00:21:15
1747FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-01-23 00:21:15
1746FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-01-23 00:21:15
1745FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-01-23 00:21:15
1744FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:04 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-01-23 00:21:15
1743Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUnited Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-22 20:07:27
1742Lee LofasoAllNasty Women2017-01-22 20:07:22
1741Lee LofasoAllLucky 7's2017-01-22 17:52:20
1740Lee LofasoAl KaiserLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-22 15:18:12
1739Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: United Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-21 00:35:29
1738mark lewisAllen PruntyLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-20 16:29:04
1737mark lewisAllen PruntyUnited Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-20 16:42:20
1736Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: United Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-20 21:17:17
1735Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-20 13:15:12
1734Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: United Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-20 13:14:00
1733Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-20 00:13:12
1732Lee LofasoWard DosscheLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-19 19:06:20
1731Lee LofasoWard DosscheDemocrats & Autocrats2017-01-19 19:06:16
1730Lee LofasoWard DosscheIllegitimate President2017-01-19 19:06:12
1729Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeIllegitimate President2017-01-19 19:06:08
1728Lee LofasoWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-19 19:06:05
1727Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYClueless President-Elect2017-01-19 19:06:02
1726Lee LofasoWard DosscheLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-19 19:05:28
1725Ward DosscheAl KaiserRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-19 10:12:23
1724Al KaiserLee LofasoLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-19 03:02:24
1723Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: United Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-19 01:27:25
1722Allen PruntyWard DosscheUnited Nation's Tourism / UN Purpose2017-01-18 19:07:19
1721Ward DosscheBOB ACKLEYRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-18 21:00:10
1720BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-18 11:18:15
1719BOB ACKLEYLEE LOFASOClueless President-Elect2017-01-18 11:11:24
1718Ward DosscheTim RichardsonRe: Democrats & Autocrats2017-01-17 11:00:10
1717Tim RichardsonALLDemocrats & Autocrats2017-01-17 00:13:00
1716Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Illegitimate President2017-01-17 04:53:24
1715Lee LofasoBenny PedersenIllegitimate President2017-01-17 03:22:08
1714Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Last Man On Moon Dies2017-01-17 03:18:21
1713Lee LofasoMike Miller2016 New and returned syops2017-01-17 03:01:14
1712Lee LofasoAllLast Man On Moon Dies2017-01-17 03:01:07
1711Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Illegitimate President2017-01-16 18:28:28
1710Chris JacobsChris JacobsScroll Lock2017-01-16 22:37:27
1709Mike MillerAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 14:43:23
1708Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Illegitimate President2017-01-16 13:33:22
1707Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 11:44:20
1706Allen PruntyBenny PedersenRE: Illegitimate President2017-01-16 11:42:02
1705Chris JacobsWard DosscheScroll Lock2017-01-16 17:10:15
1704Chris JacobsLee LofasoScroll Lock2017-01-16 16:58:25
1703Mike MillerAllen PruntyDemocrats & Autocrats2017-01-16 08:13:00
1702Rick ChristianAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-16 09:10:23
1701Mike MillerAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 08:08:25
1700Benny PedersenKees van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 03:48:10
1699Benny PedersenLee LofasoIllegitimate President2017-01-16 03:41:12
1698Wilfred van VelzenLee LofasoRe: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 09:42:16
1697Lee LofasoKees van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 05:25:25
1696Lee LofasoAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-16 05:25:19
1695Allen PruntyDavid DrummondScroll Lock2017-01-15 21:17:18
1694FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-01-16 02:41:23
1693FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-01-16 02:41:23
1692FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-01-16 02:41:23
1691FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-01-16 02:41:23
1690FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-01-16 02:41:23
1689FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:03 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-01-16 02:41:23
1688David DrummondAllen PruntyScroll Lock2017-01-16 11:15:09
1687Ward DosscheChris JacobsRe: Scroll Lock2017-01-16 02:07:22
1686Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: Scroll Lock2017-01-15 18:22:29
1685Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 18:21:13
1684Kees van EetenLee Lofaso2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 23:57:10
1683David DrummondWard DosscheScroll Lock2017-01-16 08:14:23
1682Lee LofasoKees van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 23:22:07
1681Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenScroll Lock2017-01-15 23:22:03
1680Lee LofasoChris JacobsScroll Lock2017-01-15 23:21:27
1679Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrats & Autocrats2017-01-15 23:21:21
1678Lee LofasoAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 23:21:17
1677Chris JacobsWard DosscheScroll Lock2017-01-15 21:34:02
1676mark lewisBj”rn FeltenScroll Lock2017-01-15 14:08:23
1675Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Democrats & Autocrats2017-01-15 14:43:09
1674Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 14:40:07
1673Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheScroll Lock2017-01-15 20:36:23
1672Lee LofasoAllDemocrats & Autocrats2017-01-15 20:18:06
1671Kees van EetenAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 19:07:28
1670Rodrigo Cesar BanharaBj”rn FeltenRe: Scroll Lock2017-01-15 15:42:00
1669Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 12:36:18
1668Allen PruntyKees Van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 12:27:17
1667Kees van EetenLee Lofaso2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 18:10:19
1666Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 13:23:05
1665Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Scroll Lock2017-01-15 13:17:27
1664Lee LofasoKees van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 16:25:07
1663Kees van EetenAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 13:24:02
1662Tommi KoivulaBj�rn FeltenScroll Lock2017-01-15 14:43:06
1661Allen PruntyKees Van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 06:37:01
1660Bj”rn FeltenAllScroll Lock2017-01-15 12:36:27
1659Kees van EetenAllen Prunty2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 11:27:27
1658Allen PruntyKees Van EetenRE: 2016 New and returned syops2017-01-14 22:53:05
1657Lee LofasoAllPlanet X2017-01-15 04:08:26
1656Lee LofasoKees van Eeten2016 New and returned syops2017-01-15 01:20:03
1655Kees van EetenAll2016 New and returned syops 2017-01-14 22:58:24
1654Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUS Troops in Poland2017-01-14 23:24:25
1653Lee LofasoAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-14 23:24:21
1652Lee LofasoAndrew LearyPresident-Elect2017-01-14 23:24:17
1651Lee LofasoAllKodachrome2017-01-14 23:24:07
1650Andrew LearyAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-13 23:28:19
1649Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: President-Elect2017-01-13 21:17:16
1648Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: US Troops in Poland2017-01-13 21:07:25
1647Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-13 21:00:24
1646Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginBad Boy Putin2017-01-14 01:38:04
1645Lee LofasoAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-14 01:28:26
1644Lee LofasoAllIllegitimate President2017-01-14 01:28:20
1643Lee LofasoDavid DrummondUS Troops in Poland2017-01-14 01:28:14
1642Lee LofasoAllen PruntyBad Boy Putin2017-01-13 22:11:29
1641Lee LofasoAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-13 22:11:16
1640Lee LofasoRick ChristianClueless President-Elect2017-01-13 22:11:02
1639David DrummondLee LofasoUS Troops in Poland2017-01-14 06:31:04
1638alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-13 21:21:02
1637Lee LofasoAllen PruntyUS Troops in Poland2017-01-13 17:59:04
1636Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-13 09:19:14
1635Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-13 07:41:15
1634mark lewisAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-12 23:15:28
1633Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: President-Elect2017-01-13 01:33:26
1632Rick ChristianAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-13 00:45:09
1631Rick ChristianAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-12 20:46:01
1630Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginBad Boy Putin2017-01-13 05:44:18
1629Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: President-Elect2017-01-12 22:19:25
1628Rick ChristianWard DosschePresident-Elect2017-01-12 20:42:07
1627Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-12 19:51:10
1626Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: President-Elect2017-01-12 19:48:05
1625Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Clueless President-El2017-01-12 15:05:27
1624Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: US Troops in Poland2017-01-12 18:25:00
1623Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-12 18:24:09
1622Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-12 16:59:19
1621Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-12 16:51:14
1620Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-12 16:12:09
1619Lee LofasoMike MillerBad Boy Putin2017-01-12 22:45:21
1618Lee LofasoWard DosschePresident-Elect2017-01-12 22:45:12
1617Lee LofasoRick ChristianPresident-Elect2017-01-12 22:45:03
1616Lee LofasoAllUS Troops in Poland2017-01-12 21:59:15
1615Mike MillerTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-12 11:26:19
1614Ward DosscheRick ChristianRe: President-Elect2017-01-12 15:55:12
1613Rick ChristianWard DosschePresident-Elect2017-01-12 08:30:25
1612Lee LofasoAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-12 14:16:11
1611Lee LofasoWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-12 14:15:28
1610Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERBad Boy Putin2017-01-12 02:17:00
1609Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Clueless President-El2017-01-12 02:16:00
1608Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-12 11:10:12
1607Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-12 11:06:22
1606Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 22:39:08
1605Rick ChristianWard DosschePresident-Elect2017-01-11 23:49:02
1604Lee LofasoWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-12 05:01:12
1603Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 19:58:23
1602Allen PruntyBob AckleyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 19:35:14
1601Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:28:03
1600Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:17:19
1599Lee LofasoWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:17:03
1598Lee LofasoEARL CROASMUNClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:16:25
1597Lee LofasoWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:16:17
1596Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:16:08
1595Lee LofasoBOB ACKLEYClueless President-Elect2017-01-11 23:16:00
1594Lee LofasoTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-11 23:15:22
1593Lee LofasoTim RichardsonDoc is Alive!2017-01-11 23:15:14
1592Lee LofasoTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-11 23:15:05
1591Mike MillerTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-11 14:46:24
1590Mike MillerTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-11 14:24:24
1589Ward DosscheBOB ACKLEYRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 20:58:27
1588Gerrit KuehnBOB ACKLEYRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 20:18:27
1587EARL CROASMUNWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 14:02:19
1586BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 11:19:25
1585Ward DosscheEARL CROASMUNRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 16:24:11
1584EARL CROASMUNWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 08:17:10
1583Ward DosscheEARL CROASMUNRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 12:01:28
1582Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 11:59:23
1581Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-11 00:00:07
1580Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERBad Boy Putin2017-01-10 21:13:00
1579Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISClueless President-Elect2017-01-10 19:13:00
1578Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERBad Boy Putin2017-01-10 20:27:00
1577EARL CROASMUNWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 23:33:14
1576Lee LofasoAllCats Will Save Us2017-01-11 05:03:27
1575Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 23:59:27
1574Ward DosscheGaylen HintzRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 23:59:05
1573Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 15:27:27
1572Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 11:05:17
1571Gaylen HintzWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-10 11:00:00
1570BOB ACKLEYALLEN PRUNTYRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 11:42:27
1569BOB ACKLEYWARD DOSSCHERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 11:38:10
1568BOB ACKLEYALLEN PRUNTYRE: President-Elect2017-01-10 11:32:18
1567Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 08:12:26
1566Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 13:34:05
1565Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 06:42:18
1564Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 09:15:10
1563mark lewisWard DosscheClueless President-Elect2017-01-09 20:45:07
1562Lee LofasoWard DosscheTurnout2017-01-10 01:39:03
1561Lee LofasoAllHurrah for Meryl!2017-01-10 01:38:24
1560Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-10 00:50:20
1559Mike MillerTim RichardsonBad Boy Putin2017-01-09 17:33:05
1558Gregory DeyssAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-09 15:08:22
1557Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-09 16:02:18
1556Ward DosscheTim RichardsonRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-09 21:33:03
1555Tim RichardsonALLBad Boy Putin2017-01-08 17:56:00
1554Mike MillerAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-09 08:54:23
1553Joe DelahayeMike MillerHacking & The Donald2017-01-09 08:11:10
1552Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: President-Elect2017-01-09 02:15:01
1551Allen PruntyBen RitcheyRe: President-Elect2017-01-09 02:10:27
1550Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: President-Elect2017-01-09 02:08:28
1549Mike MillerAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-08 21:25:08
1548Mike MillerJoe DelahayeHacking & The Donald2017-01-08 21:21:23
1547FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2017-01-09 03:38:03
1546FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [04/05]: Special Interest2017-01-09 03:38:03
1545FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-01-09 03:38:03
1544FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-01-09 03:38:03
1543FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-01-09 03:38:03
1542FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:02 [00/05]: The Front Page2017-01-09 03:38:03
1541Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-08 20:58:21
1540Joe DelahayeBill McGarrityRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 20:57:19
1539Ben RitcheyAllen PruntyRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 19:39:13
1538Allen PruntyMark LewisPresident-Elect2017-01-08 19:08:08
1537Bill McGarrityJoe DelahayeRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 18:43:00
1536Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 18:31:00
1535Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 15:42:07
1534mark lewisAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-08 09:19:28
1533Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 10:03:16
1532Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 10:00:29
1531Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 09:55:17
1530Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 09:20:14
1529Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 09:18:20
1528Joe DelahayeMike MillerHacking & The Donald2017-01-08 09:16:09
1527Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: President-Elect2017-01-08 08:45:00
1526alexander koryaginAllen PruntyRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-08 14:33:28
1525Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 04:18:25
1524David DrummondAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-07 14:47:26
1523Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 02:23:24
1522Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-08 02:19:28
1521mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-07 21:32:27
1520Mike MillerAllen PruntyHacking & The Donald2017-01-07 19:22:02
1519Mike MillerJoe DelahayeHacking & The Donald2017-01-07 19:21:08
1518Mike MillerRick ChristianPresident-Elect2017-01-07 19:17:28
1517Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-07 17:31:26
1516Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-07 19:30:22
1515Joe DelahayeMike MillerHacking & The Donald2017-01-07 19:16:01
1514Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-07 19:09:28
1513Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: Hacking & The Donald2017-01-07 18:52:18
1512Allen PruntyAlexander KoryaginRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-07 18:48:16
1511Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-07 17:57:07
1510Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-07 17:51:06
1509Mike MillerJoe DelahayeHacking & The Donald2017-01-07 16:36:15
1508Mike MillerAllen PruntyHacking & The Donald2017-01-07 16:36:02
1507Allen PruntyRick ChristianNo "National" language needed.2017-01-07 17:38:28
1506mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-07 15:56:22
1505alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Bad Boy Putin2017-01-07 22:16:02
1504Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-07 10:18:15
1503Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-07 11:51:14
1502Rick ChristianJoe DelahayePresident-Elect2017-01-06 23:20:23
1501Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-07 00:39:14
1500Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-06 22:29:28
1499Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-06 17:51:01
1498Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-06 17:20:20
1497Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-06 16:41:17
1496Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-06 17:45:19
1495Lee LofasoDavid DrummondA Christian Nation?2017-01-06 23:18:09
1494Lee LofasoAllBad Boy Putin2017-01-06 23:18:00
1493Joe DelahayeMike MillerHacking & The Donald2017-01-06 10:01:04
1492Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-06 09:59:10
1491Allen PruntyMike MillerRE: Hacking & The Donald2017-01-05 20:07:21
1490Lee LofasoAllGrow Up!2017-01-06 01:53:17
1489Mike MillerWard DosscheHacking & The Donald2017-01-05 16:41:25
1488Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-05 16:26:01
1487Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-05 15:42:15
1486Nicholas BoelWard DosscheHacking & The Donald2017-01-05 13:36:02
1485Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Hacking & The Donald2017-01-05 20:09:17
1484Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Hacking & The Donald2017-01-05 12:27:15
1483Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Doc is Alive!2017-01-05 12:25:05
1482Ward DosscheTim RichardsonRe: Hacking & The Donald2017-01-05 12:13:03
1481Ward DosscheDavid DrummondRe: Turnout2017-01-05 12:11:06
1480Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Clueless President-El2017-01-05 03:02:00
1479Tim RichardsonALLHacking & The Donald2017-01-05 01:26:00
1478Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Clueless President-El2017-01-05 00:58:00
1477Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASODoc is Alive!2017-01-05 00:38:00
1476Tim RichardsonED KOONClueless President-Elect2017-01-05 02:54:00
1475Tim RichardsonJOE DELAHAYERe: Clueless President-El2017-01-05 02:47:00
1474Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASODoc is Alive!2017-01-05 00:13:00
1473Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOWake Me Up2017-01-04 23:45:00
1472David DrummondWard DosscheTurnout2017-01-05 20:25:01
1471David DrummondLee LofasoA Christian Nation?2017-01-05 20:20:11
1470Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Turnout2017-01-05 09:04:21
1469Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-04 23:03:29
1468Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-04 22:50:05
1467Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-04 22:44:25
1466Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-04 22:32:19
1465Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: President-Elect2017-01-04 22:27:24
1464Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: President-Elect2017-01-04 22:16:01
1463Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: A Christian Nation?2017-01-04 22:14:07
1462Lee LofasoWard DosscheTurnout2017-01-05 03:25:06
1461Lee Lofasomark lewisClueless President-Elect2017-01-05 03:24:28
1460Lee LofasoGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-05 03:24:20
1459Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: President-Elect2017-01-04 18:36:19
1458Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-04 18:34:16
1457Lee LofasoRick ChristianPresident-Elect2017-01-04 22:42:07
1456Lee LofasoAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-04 22:41:28
1455Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeClueless President-Elect2017-01-04 22:41:20
1454Lee LofasoAllHacking & The Donald2017-01-04 22:41:11
1453Lee LofasoGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-04 20:36:08
1452Lee LofasoDavid DrummondA Christian Nation?2017-01-04 20:35:29
1451Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeClueless President-Elect2017-01-04 20:35:21
1450Lee LofasoGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-04 20:35:13
1449Lee LofasoAllen PruntyPresident-Elect2017-01-04 20:35:04
1448Lee LofasoJoe DelahayePresident-Elect2017-01-04 20:34:25
1447David DrummondLee LofasoA Christian Nation?2017-01-04 18:27:16
1446Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 18:33:01
1445Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: President-Elect2017-01-03 20:28:01
1444Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 20:07:16
1443Lee LofasoAllTrump Ends Sick Tradition2017-01-04 01:55:15
1442Lee LofasoAllA Christian Nation?2017-01-04 01:55:06
1441Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 18:19:05
1440Joe DelahayeRick ChristianPresident-Elect2017-01-03 18:14:01
1439Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 18:10:29
1438Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 11:24:09
1437Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 11:17:27
1436mark lewisAllen PruntyClueless President-Elect2017-01-03 10:28:01
1435mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-03 10:00:05
1434Rick ChristianJoe DelahayePresident-Elect2017-01-03 06:54:19
1433Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Turnout2017-01-03 09:04:22
1432Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 00:49:10
1431Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-02 19:55:00
1430Lee LofasoWard DosscheTurnout2017-01-03 03:32:10
1429Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenLCHF Recipe Improvement2017-01-03 03:32:03
1428Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeWhat Is A Sysop?2017-01-03 03:31:27
1427Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeWhat Is A Sysop?2017-01-03 03:31:21
1426Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeTurnout2017-01-03 03:31:15
1425Lee LofasoDavid DrummondMommy Dearest2017-01-03 03:31:09
1424Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeRicky Harris RIP2017-01-03 03:30:28
1423Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-02 20:54:22
1422Joe DelahayeGREGORY DEYSSRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-02 20:52:24
1421mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-02 15:39:29
1420mark lewisED KOONClueless President-Elect2017-01-02 15:38:10
1419Lee LofasoAllTotal Farce2017-01-02 19:20:12
1418Lee LofasoED KOONDoc is Alive!2017-01-02 19:20:08
1417Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 06:08:07
1416ED KOONMARK LEWISClueless President-Elect2017-01-02 11:52:21
1415Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-03 05:58:18
1414GREGORY DEYSSJOE DELAHAYERe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-02 11:35:19
1413Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2017-01-02 17:36:18
1412Lee LofasoTim RichardsonWake Me Up2017-01-02 17:36:15
1411Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2017-01-02 17:36:11
1410Lee LofasoAllModerator Moderator2017-01-02 17:36:08
1409ED KOONLEE LOFASORE: Doc is Alive!2017-01-02 10:01:05
1408Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-02 08:39:24
1407Lee LofasoAllen PruntyProcess of Fake Election2017-01-02 03:37:07
1406Lee LofasoEd KoonDoc is Alive!2017-01-02 03:37:04
1405Lee LofasoAllen PruntyLCHF2017-01-02 03:37:00
1404mark lewisGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-01 18:56:20
1403Lee LofasoGregory DeyssClueless President-Elect2017-01-02 01:50:18
1402FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2017-01-02 01:20:15
1401FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [06/07]: Special Interest2017-01-02 01:20:15
1400FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2017-01-02 01:20:15
1399FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2017-01-02 01:20:15
1398FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2017-01-02 01:20:15
1397FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [02/07]: General Articles2017-01-02 01:20:15
1396FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [01/07]: Food For Thought2017-01-02 01:20:15
1395FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 34:01 [00/07]: The Front Page2017-01-02 01:20:15
1394Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Clueless President-Elect2017-01-01 12:09:00
1393mark lewisTim RichardsonTurnout2016-12-31 12:17:19
1392Lee LofasoAllHappy New Year2017-01-01 16:17:08
1391Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2017-01-01 00:15:03
1390David DrummondAllen PruntyRicky Harris RIP2017-01-01 08:16:05
1389Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 13:13:18
1388Joe DelahayeNicholas BoelRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 13:10:13
1387Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-31 13:03:25
1386Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-31 12:25:20
1385David DrummondNicholas BoelRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 20:45:22
1384David DrummondAllen PruntyRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 20:35:14
1383David DrummondJoe DelahayeRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 20:30:20
1382Nicholas BoelJoe DelahayeRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 22:30:14
1381Mike MillerTim RichardsonCarrie Fisher2016-12-30 21:56:18
1380Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-30 23:14:04
1379Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-30 23:13:08
1378Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-30 23:04:10
1377Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 23:00:24
1376Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 19:01:00
1375Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 18:45:00
1374Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERCarrie Fisher2016-12-30 18:35:00
1373Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 18:29:00
1372Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISTurnout2016-12-30 18:28:00
1371Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDMommy Dearest2016-12-30 18:23:00
1370Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-30 18:04:00
1369Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERCarrie Fisher2016-12-30 19:12:00
1368Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: Turnout2016-12-30 21:34:27
1367Mike MillerDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 17:29:02
1366David DrummondJoe DelahayeWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-31 09:06:20
1365Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-31 00:05:02
1364David DrummondJoe DelahayeRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 09:04:20
1363David DrummondMike MillerRicky Harris RIP2016-12-31 09:03:19
1362Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-30 16:12:15
1361Joe DelahayeDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 16:11:02
1360Mike MillerTim RichardsonCarrie Fisher2016-12-30 06:51:12
1359Mike MillerDavid DrummondRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 06:44:28
1358mark lewisTim RichardsonTurnout2016-12-30 06:17:17
1357Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-30 01:41:15
1356David DrummondAllen PruntyWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-30 16:20:20
1355David DrummondLee LofasoMommy Dearest2016-12-30 16:09:03
1354David DrummondAllen PruntyRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 16:05:24
1353David DrummondMike MillerRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 16:03:24
1352David DrummondAllen PruntyRicky Harris RIP2016-12-30 16:01:25
1351Tim RichardsonALLTurnout2016-12-29 20:49:00
1350Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISTurnout2016-12-29 20:46:00
1349Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISCarrie Fisher2016-12-29 20:27:00
1348Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYCarrie Fisher2016-12-29 20:13:00
1347Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISRicky Harris RIP2016-12-29 20:11:00
1346Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-29 19:58:00
1345Tim RichardsonMIKE MILLERRicky Harris RIP2016-12-29 19:54:00
1344Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: What Is A Sysop?2016-12-29 21:57:09
1343Lee LofasoAllen PruntyWhat Is A Sysop?2016-12-30 01:48:01
1342Lee LofasoAllClueless President-Elect2016-12-30 01:36:23
1341Allen PruntyPaul QuinnRE: Turnout2016-12-29 12:21:28
1340Joe DelahayeLee LofasoTurnout2016-12-29 10:07:00
1339mark lewisWard DosscheTurnout2016-12-29 06:09:20
1338Paul QuinnWard DosscheTurnout2016-12-29 21:50:27
1337Ward DosschePaul QuinnRe: Turnout2016-12-29 12:05:24
1336Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Turnout2016-12-29 05:43:05
1335Paul QuinnWard DosscheTurnout2016-12-29 20:38:00
1334Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Turnout2016-12-29 11:27:26
1333Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Turnout2016-12-29 05:18:25
1332Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Turnout2016-12-29 10:22:04
1331mark lewisAllen PruntyCarrie Fisher2016-12-28 20:51:11
1330Lee LofasoWard DosscheTurnout2016-12-29 04:47:04
1329Lee LofasoTim Richardson16 Measly Votes2016-12-29 04:47:01
1328Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCarrie Fisher2016-12-29 04:46:27
1327Lee LofasoAllMommy Dearest2016-12-29 04:46:23
1326Lee LofasoAllen PruntyRicky Harris RIP2016-12-29 01:20:04
1325Lee LofasoAllLike a Virgin2016-12-29 01:20:00
1324Allen PruntyMark LewisCarrie Fisher2016-12-28 16:28:18
1323Mike Millermark lewisRicky Harris RIP2016-12-28 14:45:20
1322mark lewisMike MillerRicky Harris RIP2016-12-28 11:03:19
1321Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-28 03:26:20
1320Mike MillerTim RichardsonRicky Harris RIP2016-12-28 00:51:22
1319Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASO16 Measly Votes2016-12-27 18:51:00
1318Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-27 18:44:00
1317Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOWake Me Up2016-12-27 18:38:00
1316Lee LofasoAll16 Measly Votes2016-12-27 23:01:27
1315Lee LofasoAllObama!2016-12-27 23:01:24
1314Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Ricky Harris RIP2016-12-27 15:57:09
1313Mike MillerBj”rn FeltenIntellectual property -- what a hoax2016-12-27 11:29:07
1312Lee LofasoAllElection Coordinator2016-12-27 18:37:24
1311Lee LofasoAllOh My God2016-12-27 18:37:20
1310Lee LofasoAllBoxing Day2016-12-27 14:53:06
1309Lee LofasoAllRicky Harris RIP2016-12-27 14:53:02
1308Lee LofasoGregory DeyssChristmas Day2016-12-27 07:25:23
1307Lee LofasoAllAnd The Winner Is ...2016-12-27 07:25:18
1306Lee Lofasomark lewisMaking Shit Up2016-12-27 02:01:28
1305Lee LofasoAllen PruntyKentucky Hot Brown2016-12-27 02:01:24
1304Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Kentucky Hot Brown2016-12-26 18:03:24
1303Lee LofasoAllen PruntyKentucky Hot Brown2016-12-26 16:33:24
1302Lee Lofasomark lewisTrumpistan2016-12-26 00:55:26
1301Lee LofasoAllWake Me Up2016-12-26 00:55:21
1300FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2016-12-26 00:22:15
1299FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [06/07]: Special Interest2016-12-26 00:22:15
1298FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-12-26 00:22:15
1297FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-12-26 00:22:15
1296FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-12-26 00:22:15
1295FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [02/07]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-26 00:22:15
1294FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [01/07]: Food For Thought2016-12-26 00:22:15
1293FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:52 [00/07]: The Front Page2016-12-26 00:22:15
1292Gregory DeyssAllChristmas Day2016-12-25 10:17:22
1291Lee LofasoAll2 Post R Not 2 Post2016-12-25 03:35:05
1290mark lewisLee LofasoTrumpistan2016-12-24 19:40:22
1289Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: Holidays2016-12-25 08:53:00
1288Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Happy Hanukkah2016-12-24 17:27:27
1287Lee LofasoAllHappy Hanukkah2016-12-24 23:11:09
1286Lee LofasoAllen PruntyGlobal Alert2016-12-24 23:02:24
1285Lee Lofasomark lewisTrumpistan2016-12-24 23:02:20
1284Lee LofasoAllen PruntyHolidays2016-12-24 19:26:24
1283Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenIntellectual property -- what a hoax2016-12-24 19:26:21
1282mark lewisLee LofasoTrumpistan2016-12-24 07:10:23
1281Allen PruntyAllHappy Holidays - and a Merry New Year2016-12-24 03:10:24
1280Mike MillerAllen PruntyGlobal Alert2016-12-24 01:19:08
1279Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Global Alert2016-12-24 00:21:28
1278Lee LofasoWard DosscheGlobal Alert2016-12-24 05:22:01
1277Lee LofasoMike MillerGlobal Alert2016-12-24 05:21:27
1276Lee LofasoAllChain of Command2016-12-24 05:21:24
1275Björn FeltenLee LofasoIntellectual property -- what a hoax2016-12-24 04:58:06
1274Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Holidays2016-12-23 21:14:07
1273Lee LofasoTony ComandiniHolidays2016-12-24 02:45:24
1272Lee LofasoBen RitcheyHolidays2016-12-24 02:45:20
1271Lee LofasoTim RichardsonTrumpistan2016-12-24 02:45:16
1270Lee Lofasomark lewisTrumpistan2016-12-24 02:45:13
1269Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThank You for Invite!2016-12-24 02:45:09
1268Allen PruntyBen RitcheyRE: Holidays2016-12-23 16:05:00
1267Tony ComandiniBen RitcheyHolidays2016-12-23 10:27:00
1266Ben RitcheyOne And AllHolidays2016-12-22 20:42:17
1265Joe DelahayeBob SeabornSwedish meatballs2016-12-22 09:52:15
1264Joe DelahayeKees van EetenSwedish meatballs2016-12-22 09:49:29
1263Ward DosscheMike MillerRe: Global Alert2016-12-22 09:32:04
1262Tim RichardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: Trumpistan2016-12-21 19:51:00
1261Allen PruntyAllI forsee a LOT of people calling in sick tomorrow.2016-12-21 22:42:19
1260Tony Langdonmark lewisRe: Big brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-22 14:10:00
1259Tony LangdonMike MillerRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-22 14:09:00
1258Nicholas BoelMike MillerSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 20:20:29
1257mark lewisLee LofasoTrumpistan2016-12-21 19:55:02
1256mark lewisTony LangdonBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-21 19:51:28
1255Mike MillerTony LangdonSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 19:41:17
1254Mike MillerWard DosscheGlobal Alert2016-12-21 19:38:22
1253Lee LofasoWard DosscheTrumpistan2016-12-21 23:53:15
1252Bob SeabornJoe DelahayeSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 16:28:00
1251Tony LangdonAllen PruntyRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-22 07:02:00
1250Tony LangdonLee LofasoRe: Merry Christmas!2016-12-22 07:01:00
1249Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: Big brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-22 06:58:00
1248Ward DosscheAllIS2016-12-21 20:58:22
1247Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Global Alert2016-12-21 20:55:15
1246Lee LofasoAllGlobal Alert2016-12-21 20:19:15
1245Lee LofasoAllMerry Christmas!2016-12-21 18:39:22
1244Kees van EetenJoe DelahayeSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 17:17:21
1243Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 11:04:03
1242Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistZweedse?2016-12-21 10:56:20
1241Nicholas BoelAllen PruntySwedish meatballs2016-12-21 08:34:04
1240Dale ShippMichiel Van Der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-21 00:19:03
1239Allen PruntyNicholas BoelRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 23:01:14
1238Nicholas BoelAllen PruntySwedish meatballs2016-12-20 21:19:28
1237Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Zweedse?2016-12-20 21:29:05
1236Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Zweedse?2016-12-20 21:13:14
1235Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Zweedse?2016-12-20 21:12:29
1234Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 21:04:11
1233Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: Homophones2016-12-20 21:03:05
1232Allen PruntyNicholas BoelRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 21:01:17
1231Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: Homophones2016-12-20 20:50:24
1230Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 20:39:00
1229David DrummondLee LofasoFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-21 10:48:25
1228David DrummondLee LofasoBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-21 10:47:00
1227David DrummondMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 10:44:01
1226David DrummondMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-21 10:41:18
1225Bj”rn FeltenWilfred van VelzenZweedse?2016-12-21 01:05:22
1224Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 22:17:21
1223Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 21:56:02
1222Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 21:27:22
1221Wilfred van VelzenMichiel van der VlistRe: Zweedse?2016-12-20 21:10:18
1220mark lewisKees van EetenSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 14:28:23
1219Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyZweedse?2016-12-20 19:56:27
1218Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 12:08:22
1217Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-20 11:59:14
1216Joe Delahayemark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 11:57:03
1215Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 11:55:23
1214Kees van Eetenmark lewisSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 17:40:07
1213Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 11:50:27
1212Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 17:25:26
1211mark lewisMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 10:06:05
1210mark lewisKees van EetenSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 10:01:28
1209Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 10:33:03
1208Kees van Eetenmark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 15:26:25
1207Ward DosscheNicholas BoelRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 15:23:29
1206Nicholas BoelWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 07:45:25
1205mark lewisMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 08:27:08
1204mark lewisMichiel van der VlistHomophones2016-12-20 08:29:14
1203mark lewisKees van EetenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 07:21:07
1202mark lewisMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 07:17:25
1201mark lewisWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 07:38:08
1200mark lewisAllen PruntyHomophones2016-12-20 07:12:09
1199mark lewisAllen PruntySwedish meatballs2016-12-20 07:10:10
1198Michiel van der VlistKees van EetenSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 14:16:20
1197Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 14:31:20
1196Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 13:32:11
1195Kees van EetenMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 13:44:19
1194Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 13:28:28
1193Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntyHomophones2016-12-20 12:33:04
1192Kees van Eetenmark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 12:23:10
1191Michiel van der VlistAllen PruntySwedish meatballs2016-12-20 12:21:16
1190Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Retraction2016-12-20 08:56:27
1189Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Trumpistan2016-12-20 08:52:29
1188Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 08:43:26
1187Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 08:08:25
1186Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Tweet of the Day2016-12-20 00:55:01
1185Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Big brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-20 00:52:11
1184Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 06:40:07
1183Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenRetraction2016-12-20 06:40:04
1182Lee LofasoAllTrumpistan2016-12-20 06:40:00
1181Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-20 06:39:27
1180Lee LofasoAllen PruntyTweet of the Day2016-12-20 06:39:24
1179Lee LofasoAllen PruntyBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-20 06:39:20
1178Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDa Rulz2016-12-20 06:39:17
1177Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRulz and More Rulz2016-12-20 06:39:14
1176Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenIntellectual property -- what a hoax2016-12-20 06:39:10
1175Lee LofasoDavid DrummondBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-20 06:39:07
1174Paul Quinnmark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 15:10:25
1173Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistHomophones2016-12-19 22:20:28
1172Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 22:15:16
1171Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-19 22:10:14
1170mark lewisBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 21:18:23
1169mark lewisJoe DelahayePlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 21:22:29
1168Paul QuinnBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 11:33:07
1167Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 02:03:16
1166Bj”rn Feltenmark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 02:25:03
1165Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 02:21:25
1164Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayePlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 02:19:27
1163Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 20:16:22
1162mark lewisPaul QuinnPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 19:19:07
1161Michiel van der VlistJoe DelahayeFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-20 02:02:13
1160Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 01:31:19
1159Joe Delahayemark lewisPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 20:01:18
1158Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 19:58:09
1157Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 19:55:06
1156Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 19:52:09
1155mark lewisMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 18:42:21
1154mark lewisBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 18:38:21
1153Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 01:07:06
1152Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 00:57:09
1151Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 00:54:12
1150Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 00:45:02
1149Bj”rn FeltenPaul QuinnPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 00:59:08
1148Paul QuinnBj”rn FeltenPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-20 09:33:13
1147Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-20 00:24:12
1146Bj”rn FeltenMichiel van der VlistSwedish meatballs2016-12-20 00:13:12
1145Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-19 23:09:19
1144Michiel van der VlistBj”rn FeltenSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 22:13:11
1143Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 22:09:16
1142Bj”rn FeltenBj”rn FeltenSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 22:04:10
1141Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntySwedish meatballs2016-12-19 21:56:22
1140Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 21:54:11
1139Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 15:25:00
1138Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-19 20:59:03
1137Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 18:41:06
1136Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: Swedish meatballs2016-12-19 12:28:01
1135Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 12:27:13
1134Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 17:19:04
1133Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Swedish meatballs2016-12-19 15:09:10
1132Bj”rn FeltenJoe DelahayeFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 17:15:06
1131Bj”rn FeltenAllPlease all English speaking persons here..2016-12-19 17:04:06
1130Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 10:26:16
1129Bj”rn FeltenAllRetraction2016-12-19 14:46:21
1128Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheSwedish meatballs2016-12-19 14:39:18
1127Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 11:48:16
1126Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 09:50:18
1125Joe DelahayeGerrit KuehnRE: Tweet of the Day2016-12-18 21:14:09
1124Allen PruntyBjorn FeltenRE: FidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-18 19:30:28
1123FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [08/08]: Fidonews Information2016-12-19 00:47:10
1122FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [07/08]: Special Interest2016-12-19 00:47:10
1121FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [06/08]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-12-19 00:47:10
1120FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [05/08]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-12-19 00:47:10
1119FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [04/08]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-12-19 00:47:10
1118FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [03/08]: Fidonet'S International Kitchen2016-12-19 00:47:10
1117FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [02/08]: Ftsc Information2016-12-19 00:47:10
1116FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [01/08]: Food For Thought2016-12-19 00:47:10
1115FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:51 [00/08]: The Front Page2016-12-19 00:47:10
1114Gerrit KuehnJoe DelahayeRE: Tweet of the Day2016-12-18 16:07:17
1113Al KaiserAllMerry Christmas Happy New Year2016-12-18 07:29:08
1112Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRE: Tweet of the Day2016-12-17 22:45:29
1111Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: Republican Era2016-12-17 22:40:08
1110Tony LangdonDavid DrummondRe: Big brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-18 12:41:00
1109Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoIntellectual property -- what a hoax2016-12-18 02:54:25
1108Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Tweet of the Day2016-12-17 18:52:01
1107Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Big brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-17 18:49:12
1106David DrummondLee LofasoDa Rulz2016-12-18 09:16:06
1105David DrummondLee LofasoRulz and More Rulz2016-12-18 09:13:05
1104David DrummondLee LofasoBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-18 09:11:16
1103Lee LofasoAllTweet of the Day2016-12-17 19:23:18
1102Lee Lofasomark lewisSysop Only Silliness2016-12-17 17:19:26
1101Lee LofasoDavid DrummondDa Rulz2016-12-17 17:19:22
1100Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRulz and More Rulz2016-12-17 17:19:18
1099Lee LofasoAllen PruntySwedish Meatballs2016-12-17 17:19:14
1098Lee LofasoDavid DrummondBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-17 17:19:10
1097Lee LofasoAllBravo!2016-12-17 06:34:18
1096Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistFood & Culture2016-12-17 06:34:14
1095Allen PruntyRichard MenedetterRE: Republican Era2016-12-16 21:11:25
1094Allen PruntyDale ShippRe: Republican Era2016-12-16 20:44:14
1093Richard MenedetterAllen PruntyRepublican Era2016-12-17 02:14:05
1092David DrummondLee LofasoBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-17 08:02:04
1091Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 22:39:12
1090Dale ShippWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 23:59:02
1089Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Swedish Meatballs2016-12-15 21:04:14
1088Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOpen Access for ALL2016-12-16 02:50:07
1087Lee LofasoAllen PruntyHoliday Recipe Issue2016-12-16 02:19:08
1086Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenSwedish Meatballs2016-12-16 02:19:04
1085Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Support the Saints!2016-12-15 18:56:12
1084Lee LofasoWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-16 00:27:03
1083Lee LofasoDavid DrummondBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-16 00:26:29
1082Lee LofasoAllen PruntyRepublican Era2016-12-16 00:26:25
1081Lee LofasoAllen PruntyRepublican Era2016-12-16 00:26:21
1080Lee LofasoWard DosscheRepublican Era2016-12-16 00:26:17
1079Lee LofasoAllen PruntyFake Moderator Election2016-12-16 00:26:13
1078Lee LofasoAllen PruntySupport the Saints!2016-12-16 00:26:09
1077Lee LofasoWard DosscheStandard Set of Election Rules2016-12-16 00:26:06
1076Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 20:03:26
1075Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 11:46:26
1074Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 11:12:19
1073mark lewisGregory DeyssRepublican Era2016-12-15 05:31:05
1072mark lewisGregory DeyssRepublican Era2016-12-15 05:29:16
1071Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 10:03:02
1070Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 09:59:06
1069David DrummondAllBig brother has arrived in Australia2016-12-15 18:32:29
1068Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 01:42:02
1067Gregory DeyssJoe DelahayeRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 22:13:14
1066Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 22:06:23
1065Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Republican Era2016-12-15 01:59:16
1064Lee LofasoKurt WeiskeJohn Glenn2016-12-14 23:11:12
1063Lee LofasoKurt WeiskeJohn Glenn2016-12-14 23:11:08
1062Lee LofasoAllFriend of Vladimir2016-12-14 23:11:02
1061Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 10:40:10
1060Joe DelahayeGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 09:07:20
1059Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 13:38:20
1058Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 13:34:21
1057Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Standard Set of Election Rules2016-12-14 09:40:07
1056Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 09:38:24
1055Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: John Glenn2016-12-14 09:31:11
1054Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-14 05:18:07
1053Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-13 23:02:07
1052Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Fake Moderator Election2016-12-13 20:18:17
1051Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Support the Saints!2016-12-13 20:07:22
1050Joe DelahayeKurt WeiskeRe: John Glenn2016-12-13 20:00:12
1049Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-13 16:39:00
1048Bill McGarrityGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-13 16:36:00
1047Lee LofasoJanis KrachtFake Moderator Election2016-12-13 22:57:22
1046Lee LofasoWard DosscheMangling English Language2016-12-13 22:57:19
1045Lee LofasoBob SeabornVince's Rules of Grammar2016-12-13 22:57:15
1044Lee LofasoWard DosscheStandard Set of Election Rules2016-12-13 22:57:11
1043Lee LofasoAllen PruntyFake Moderator Election2016-12-13 22:57:07
1042Lee LofasoAllen PruntyJohn Glenn2016-12-13 22:57:04
1041Lee LofasoAllen PruntySupport the Saints!2016-12-13 22:57:00
1040Lee LofasoWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-13 22:56:27
1039Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRepublican Era2016-12-13 22:56:23
1038Lee LofasoWard DosscheRepublican Era2016-12-13 22:56:20
1037Kurt WeiskeJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-13 06:53:00
1036Kurt WeiskeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-13 06:52:00
1035Lee LofasoDavid DrummondJohn Glenn2016-12-13 15:49:17
1034Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-13 14:48:20
1033Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-12 23:40:01
1032Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-12 22:46:15
1031mark lewisWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-12 20:38:11
1030Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: John Glenn2016-12-13 00:52:23
1029mark lewisWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-12 16:17:12
1028Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-12 20:29:11
1027Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: Republican Era2016-12-12 08:24:18
1026Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-12 08:16:29
1025Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: Republican Era2016-12-12 12:53:02
1024Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Republican Era2016-12-11 23:59:20
1023Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-12 09:49:26
1022Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: John Glenn2016-12-12 09:28:05
1021Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Fake Moderator Election2016-12-12 00:18:25
1020Lee LofasoWard DosscheFake Moderator Election2016-12-12 05:09:27
1019David DrummondLee LofasoJohn Glenn2016-12-12 13:48:15
1018Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 21:59:16
1017FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2016-12-12 00:56:07
1016FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [04/05]: Special Interest2016-12-12 00:56:07
1015FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-12-12 00:56:07
1014FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-12-12 00:56:07
1013FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-12-12 00:56:07
1012FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:50 [00/05]: The Front Page2016-12-12 00:56:07
1011Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: John Glenn2016-12-11 17:47:22
1010Allen PruntyLee LofasoSupport the Saints!2016-12-11 17:45:25
1009Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeJohn Glenn2016-12-11 23:24:29
1008Lee LofasoAllen PruntyJohn Glenn2016-12-11 23:24:26
1007Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeJohn Glenn2016-12-11 23:24:22
1006Lee LofasoWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-11 23:24:19
1005Lee LofasoGregory DeyssRepublican Era2016-12-11 23:24:16
1004Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 20:52:04
1003Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 13:41:21
1002Joe DelahayeAllen PruntyRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 13:39:25
1001Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 11:13:24
1000Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-11 01:13:23
999Joe DelahayeLee LofasoJohn Glenn2016-12-10 20:39:21
998Joe DelahayeWard DosscheRe: John Glenn2016-12-10 20:37:27
997Gregory DeyssLee LofasoRe: Republican Era2016-12-10 10:28:05
996Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: John Glenn2016-12-10 20:21:26
995Lee LofasoAllen PruntyGod Speed, John Glenn R.I.P.2016-12-10 17:10:00
994Lee LofasoAllen PruntyJohn Glenn2016-12-10 17:09:26
993Lee LofasoWard DosscheJohn Glenn2016-12-10 17:09:22
992Lee LofasoJoe DelahayeJohn Glenn2016-12-10 17:09:18
991Lee LofasoMichiel van der VlistJohn Glenn2016-12-10 17:09:14
990mark lewisallcomplicated webs get woven in more ways than one2016-12-09 23:40:00
989Ward DosscheJoe DelahayeRe: John Glenn2016-12-09 21:25:26
988Lee LofasoAllSecret Election2016-12-09 17:30:18
987mark lewisAllen PruntyGod Speed, John Glenn R.I.P.2016-12-08 23:12:28
986Allen PruntyMark LewisRE: God Speed, John Glenn R.I.P.2016-12-08 21:14:22
985mark lewisallGod Speed, John Glenn R.I.P.2016-12-08 16:05:16
984Allen PruntyMichiel Van Der VlistRE: John Glenn2016-12-08 19:14:11
983Joe DelahayeMichiel van der VlistJohn Glenn2016-12-08 20:10:24
982Michiel van der VlistAllJohn Glenn2016-12-09 00:44:05
981alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Holodomor Remembrance Day2016-12-06 09:43:18
980Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCheap Date2016-12-05 23:40:28
979Lee LofasoAllen PruntyRepublican Era2016-12-05 23:40:25
978Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe American Way2016-12-05 23:40:21
977Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginHolodomor Remembrance Day2016-12-05 23:40:17
976Allen PruntyLee LofasoRepublican Era2016-12-03 02:51:27
975Allen PruntyLee LofasoThe American Way2016-12-03 02:47:27
974FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [05/05]: Fidonews Information2016-12-05 00:02:13
973FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [04/05]: Special Interest2016-12-05 00:02:13
972FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [03/05]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-12-05 00:02:13
971FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [02/05]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-12-05 00:02:13
970FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [01/05]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-12-05 00:02:13
969FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:49 [00/05]: The Front Page2016-12-05 00:02:13
968Bill McGarrityDavid DrummondRe: Republican Era2016-12-04 15:49:00
967alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Holodomor Remembrance Day2016-12-04 13:43:06
966Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Cheap Date2016-12-03 23:56:26
965mark lewisDavid DrummondElection Coordinator2016-12-03 20:52:23
964mark lewisDavid DrummondRepublican Era2016-12-03 20:51:26
963David DrummondTim RichardsonElection Coordinator2016-12-04 10:07:23
962David DrummondTim RichardsonRepublican Era2016-12-04 10:01:07
961Lee LofasoAllCheap Date2016-12-04 00:08:17
960Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDElection Coordinator2016-12-02 19:41:00
959Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASORepublican Era2016-12-02 18:21:00
958Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOElection Coordinator2016-12-02 19:17:00
957David DrummondLee LofasoElection Coordinator2016-12-03 09:37:25
956Lee LofasoTim RichardsonRepublican Era2016-12-02 19:09:07
955Lee LofasoDavid DrummondElection Coordinator2016-12-02 19:09:04
954Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe American Way2016-12-02 19:09:01
953Lee LofasoAllHolodomor Remembrance Day2016-12-02 19:08:28
952Lee LofasoTim RichardsonElection Coordinator2016-12-02 19:08:24
951Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDElection Coordinator2016-12-01 21:51:00
950Ward DosscheLee LofasoRe: The American Way2016-12-01 23:26:01
949Lee LofasoAllThe American Way2016-12-01 22:55:26
948Moderator AllRules for FIDONEWS2016-12-01 00:13:22
947David DrummondTim RichardsonElection Coordinator2016-11-30 18:08:22
946Tim RichardsonALLElection Coordinator2016-11-29 16:45:00
945Tim RichardsonALLRepublican Era2016-11-29 18:49:00
944Lee LofasoAllEl Comandante RIP2016-11-30 03:04:18
943Lee LofasoAllRepublican Era2016-11-29 00:23:09
942FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2016-11-28 03:21:23
941FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [06/07]: Special Interest2016-11-28 03:21:23
940FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-11-28 03:21:23
939FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-11-28 03:21:23
938FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-11-28 03:21:23
937FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [02/07]: Ftsc Information2016-11-28 03:21:23
936FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [01/07]: Food For Thought2016-11-28 03:21:23
935FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:48 [00/07]: The Front Page2016-11-28 03:21:23
934Lee LofasoAllEternal Life2016-11-27 19:09:26
933Lee LofasoAllJFK Mystery Solved2016-11-25 22:14:18
932Janis KrachtWard DosscheCluck cluck2016-11-24 22:00:00
931Ward DosscheAllCluck cluck2016-11-25 01:10:29
930David DrummondBen RitcheyTurkey!2016-11-25 06:16:13
929Richard MilesBen RitcheyTurkey!2016-11-24 14:30:21
928Ben RitcheyAllTurkey!2016-11-24 10:30:23
927Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: White Supremacists Celebrate2016-11-23 00:36:20
926Lee LofasoAllWhite Supremacists Celebrate2016-11-23 01:44:23
925Lee LofasoAllUS-Russia Alliance2016-11-23 01:44:17
924David DrummondLee LofasoRIP2016-11-22 20:03:15
923mark lewisLee LofasoMeme-Loving Internet Trolls2016-11-21 20:02:17
922mark lewisBj”rn FeltenThe Rock2016-11-21 19:55:21
921Lee LofasoBjörn FeltenThe Rock2016-11-22 01:21:13
920Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCivil War II2016-11-22 00:06:08
919Richard MilesAllen PruntySwede Predicts2016-11-21 15:51:23
918Björn FeltenLee LofasoThe Rock2016-11-21 21:05:00
917Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Rock2016-11-21 20:20:11
916Lee LofasoTim RichardsonMeme-Loving Internet Trolls2016-11-21 20:20:08
915Joe DelahayeBj”rn FeltenThe Rock2016-11-21 13:24:15
914Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe Rock2016-11-21 18:28:13
913Lee LofasoAllen PruntySwede Predicts2016-11-21 18:28:10
912Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenRise of Trump2016-11-21 17:28:29
911Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyThe Rock2016-11-21 15:54:14
910Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: The Rock2016-11-21 07:20:28
909Bj”rn FeltenLee LofasoThe Rock2016-11-21 07:29:11
908Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Swede Predicts2016-11-21 00:05:08
907Lee LofasoAllen PruntySwede Predicts2016-11-21 02:38:29
906Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRIP2016-11-21 02:30:29
905Lee LofasoAllen PruntyBest thing that Lee Lofaso every posted... Bravo!!!2016-11-21 02:30:26
904Lee LofasoAllMoron-in-Chief2016-11-21 02:30:23
903Lee LofasoTim RichardsonOffenders or Offendee2016-11-21 02:30:19
902Richard MenedetterAllen PruntySwede Predicts2016-11-21 00:50:27
901Allen PruntyRichard MenedetterRE: Swede Predicts2016-11-20 18:42:19
900Ward DosscheJim HaightRe: 8=)2016-11-21 00:24:17
899FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [07/07]: Fidonews Information2016-11-21 00:20:06
898FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [06/07]: Special Interest2016-11-21 00:20:06
897FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [05/07]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-11-21 00:20:06
896FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-11-21 00:20:06
895FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [03/07]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-11-21 00:20:06
894FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [02/07]: Ftsc Information2016-11-21 00:20:06
893FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [01/07]: Food For Thought2016-11-21 00:20:06
892FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:47 [00/07]: The Front Page2016-11-21 00:20:06
891Jim HaightWard DosscheRe: 8=)2016-11-20 16:56:00
890Ward DosscheJim HaightRe: 8=)2016-11-20 22:24:26
889Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-20 19:48:22
888Jim HaightWard DosscheRe: 8=)2016-11-20 12:09:00
887Ward DosscheRichard MenedetterRe: 8=)2016-11-20 15:09:09
886Richard MenedetterGregory DeyssSwede Predicts2016-11-20 14:56:02
885Richard MenedetterMark LewisThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-20 14:38:05
884Richard MenedetterWard Dossche8=)2016-11-20 14:22:07
883Gerrit KuehnBjörn FeltenRIP2016-11-19 08:31:07
882Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-18 22:53:24
881mark lewisDavid DrummondRIP2016-11-18 21:20:10
880David DrummondLee LofasoRIP2016-11-19 11:01:25
879mark lewisDavid DrummondDupe2016-11-18 17:46:11
878Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-18 14:12:00
877Allen PruntyLee LofasoBest thing that Lee Lofaso every posted... Bravo!!!2016-11-18 13:33:24
876Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: RIP2016-11-18 10:58:06
875Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: RIP2016-11-18 16:04:26
874Lee Lofasomark lewisOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-18 14:41:10
873Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-18 14:41:04
872Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenAmerican Exceptionalism2016-11-18 14:41:00
871Lee LofasoDavid DrummondRIP2016-11-18 14:40:26
870Lee LofasoMike MillerOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-18 14:40:21
869Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: RIP2016-11-18 08:26:03
868Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: RIP2016-11-18 14:13:20
867Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: RIP2016-11-18 07:12:19
866Bj”rn FeltenJanis KrachtRIP2016-11-18 10:56:16
865Tristan B. KildaireTim RichardsonRe: RIP2016-11-18 10:19:16
864Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Offenders or Offendee2016-11-17 22:20:00
863Tim RichardsonDAVID DRUMMONDRIP2016-11-17 21:22:00
862Mike MillerAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-17 22:51:16
861Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-17 20:35:25
860Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-17 19:09:00
859Mike MillerLee Lofaso8=)2016-11-17 16:02:27
858Nicholas BoelDavid DrummondRe: Dupe2016-11-17 15:56:22
857David DrummondNicholas BoelDupe2016-11-18 06:12:12
856Sampsa LaineAllThe 2016 SAMPSACOM Retro VAX TETRIS Championships has started!2016-11-17 22:09:00
855Janis KrachtBjörn FeltenRIP2016-11-17 09:49:00
854Janis KrachtAllen PruntyRIP2016-11-17 09:28:00
853Nicholas BoelDavid DrummondRe: Dupe2016-11-17 07:55:12
852David DrummondLee LofasoRIP2016-11-17 18:41:04
851David DrummondNicholas BoelDupe2016-11-17 18:40:03
850Bj”rn FeltenJanis KrachtRIP2016-11-17 09:24:20
849alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-17 10:49:09
848Allen PruntyJanis KrachtRIP2016-11-16 22:13:11
847Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: Offenders or Offendee2016-11-16 22:31:00
846Tim RichardsonALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 21:59:00
845Lee LofasoBill McGarrityThe cost of healthcar2016-11-17 05:27:04
844Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSwede Predicts2016-11-17 05:27:01
843Lee LofasoMike Miller8=)2016-11-17 05:26:28
842Lee LofasoAllen PruntySteve Banon2016-11-17 05:26:25
841Lee LofasoAllen PruntySteve Banon2016-11-17 05:26:22
840Lee LofasoAllen PruntySteve Banon2016-11-17 05:26:19
839mark lewisAllen PruntySteve Banon2016-11-16 21:00:04
838mark lewisLee LofasoOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 20:56:08
837Tony LangdonAllen PruntyRe: Dupe2016-11-17 12:20:00
836Janis KrachtAllen PruntyRIP2016-11-16 20:53:16
835Allen PruntyLee LofasoRIP2016-11-16 20:42:02
834Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 20:38:03
833Allen PruntyDavid DrummondDupe2016-11-16 19:29:01
832Lee LofasoEARL CROASMUNSwede Predicts2016-11-16 21:25:00
831Allen PruntyAlexander KoryaginRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 14:39:20
830Allen PruntyLee LofasoSteve Banon2016-11-16 14:36:13
829Nicholas BoelLee LofasoRe: Dupe2016-11-16 13:28:24
828alexander koryaginAllen PruntyRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 22:01:15
827Lee LofasoNicholas BoelDupe2016-11-16 20:15:24
826Lee LofasoAllen PruntySteve Banon2016-11-16 20:15:20
825Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 20:15:17
824Lee Lofasomark lewisDupe2016-11-16 20:15:14
823Lee LofasoBill McGarritySwede Predicts2016-11-16 20:15:10
822Lee Lofasomark lewisSwede Predicts2016-11-16 20:15:07
821Lee LofasoAllRIP2016-11-16 20:15:04
820Lee LofasoBill McGarrityOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 20:15:01
819EARL CROASMUNLEE LOFASOSwede Predicts2016-11-16 13:03:11
818EARL CROASMUNALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 12:56:29
817EARL CROASMUNALLRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 12:33:25
816Nicholas BoelDavid DrummondRe: Dupe2016-11-16 07:55:03
815Bill McGarrityLee LofasoRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 08:31:00
814Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: Offenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 08:28:00
813David DrummondNicholas BoelDupe2016-11-16 19:04:11
812Allen PruntyAlexander KoryaginRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 01:43:02
811Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-15 22:39:00
810Tim RichardsonRICHARD MILESSwede Predicts2016-11-15 21:43:00
809Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOSwede Predicts2016-11-15 21:42:00
808Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-15 12:24:00
807alexander koryaginTim RichardsonRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 08:59:06
806Allen PruntyAlexander KoryaginRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 00:44:27
805alexander koryaginRichard MilesRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-16 08:28:19
804Allen PruntyLee LofasoSteve Banon2016-11-16 00:02:27
803Allen PruntyMark LewisOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 23:53:05
802Allen PruntyLee LofasoOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 23:49:24
801mark lewisAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 21:32:02
800mark lewisLee LofasoDupe2016-11-15 21:37:29
799mark lewisLee LofasoSwede Predicts2016-11-15 21:26:18
798Lee LofasoRichard MilesDupe2016-11-16 01:09:24
797Lee LofasoRichard MilesSwede Predicts2016-11-16 01:09:20
796Lee LofasoRichard MilesSwede Predicts2016-11-16 01:09:17
795Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-16 01:09:14
794Nicholas BoelLee LofasoRe: Dupe2016-11-15 16:09:27
793Richard MilesLee LofasoDupe2016-11-15 17:02:02
792Richard MilesTim RichardsonSwede Predicts2016-11-15 17:00:02
791Richard MilesLee LofasoSwede Predicts2016-11-15 16:48:19
790Allen PruntyLee LofasoOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 16:06:03
789Lee LofasoAllen PruntyOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 21:38:23
788Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDupe2016-11-15 21:38:20
787Lee LofasoTim RichardsonSwede Predicts2016-11-15 21:38:17
786Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSwede Predicts2016-11-15 21:38:13
785alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-15 11:11:15
784Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-14 22:51:00
783Tim RichardsonLEE LOFASOSwede Predicts2016-11-14 22:34:00
782Tim RichardsonALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-14 22:31:00
781Allen PruntyDavid DrummondOffenders or Offendees - Some are professional!2016-11-15 01:58:10
780Allen PruntyMark LewisDupe2016-11-15 01:51:20
779Lee LofasoAllWhite Power2016-11-15 03:52:24
778Lee Lofasomark lewisSwede Predicts2016-11-15 02:17:04
777Lee LofasoDavid DrummondCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 23:32:09
776Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 23:32:04
775mark lewisLee LofasoSwede Predicts2016-11-14 16:20:28
774Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSwede Predicts2016-11-14 20:36:18
773Lee LofasoTim RichardsonPrisons & Reform2016-11-14 18:33:23
772Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrat Fright2016-11-14 18:33:20
771Lee Lofasoalexander koryaginSwede Predicts2016-11-14 18:33:17
770Lee LofasoTim RichardsonSwede Predicts2016-11-14 18:33:14
769Lee LofasoRichard MilesSwede Predicts2016-11-14 18:33:10
768mark lewisAllen PruntyRecycled aluminium2016-11-14 09:52:13
767Richard Milesalexander koryaginSwede Predicts2016-11-14 06:26:03
766Richard MilesDavid DrummondCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 06:25:11
765alexander koryaginTim RichardsonRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-14 13:51:18
764David DrummondAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 20:47:06
763Richard MenedetterRick ChristianDebate Fright2016-11-14 11:24:26
762Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-14 03:17:02
761Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-13 22:40:00
760Tim RichardsonALEXANDER KORYAGINRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-13 22:23:00
759Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 22:03:00
758Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 23:00:00
757Tony LangdonAllen PruntyRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 17:56:00
756Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Recycled aluminium2016-11-14 01:29:26
755Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-14 01:21:17
754Allen PruntyDavid DrummondRE: Congratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 01:19:04
753Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-14 01:13:23
752Dale ShippBj”Rn FeltenRe: Recycled aluminium2016-11-13 23:54:00
751Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: Recycled aluminium2016-11-14 01:59:20
750Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-14 01:58:07
749David DrummondAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-14 09:45:00
748Bj”rn FeltenAl KaiserThe FNEWS_PUBLISH echo2016-11-14 00:59:17
747FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [06/06]: Fidonews Information2016-11-14 00:23:09
746FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [05/06]: Special Interest2016-11-14 00:23:09
745FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [04/06]: Fidonews'S Fidonet Software Listing2016-11-14 00:23:09
744FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [03/06]: Jamnntpd Servers List2016-11-14 00:23:09
743FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [02/06]: List Of Fidonet Ipv6 Nodes2016-11-14 00:23:09
742FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [01/06]: Food For Thought2016-11-14 00:23:09
741FidoNews RobotAllFidoNews 33:46 [00/06]: The Front Page2016-11-14 00:23:09
740Paul QuinnWard DosscheDupe2016-11-14 08:56:03
739Allen PruntyPaul QuinnDupe2016-11-13 14:50:08
738Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: Recycled aluminium2016-11-13 14:44:09
737Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRecycled aluminium2016-11-13 14:34:01
736Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-13 12:09:00
735Gerrit KuehnBjörn FeltenRecycled aluminium2016-11-13 17:27:28
734Sampsa LaineAll2016 Retro VAX TETRIS Championships will start tomorrrow 2016-11-13 20:51:00
733mark lewisWard DosscheDupe2016-11-13 08:17:08
732Bj”rn FeltenGerrit KuehnRecycled aluminium2016-11-13 14:02:07
731Ward DosschePaul QuinnRe: Dupe2016-11-13 13:35:12
730Gerrit KuehnBjörn FeltenRecycled aluminium2016-11-13 11:25:17
729Paul QuinnWard DosscheDupe2016-11-13 20:43:10
728Ward DosscheAllDupe2016-11-13 11:33:21
727Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: Recycled aluminium2016-11-13 11:09:00
726Gerrit KuehnDavid DrummondVets day2016-11-13 10:40:01
725alexander koryaginLee LofasoRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-13 12:18:19
724Allen PruntyTim RichardsonCongratulations President2016-11-13 04:16:28
723Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 04:12:10
722Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 03:58:20
721Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 03:19:05
720Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 22:58:00
719Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 22:48:00
718Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYCongratulations President2016-11-12 22:42:00
717Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 22:13:00
716Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheRecycled aluminium2016-11-13 07:41:08
715Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-13 04:22:22
714Allen PruntyDavid DrummondCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-12 20:49:15
713David DrummondGerrit KuehnVets day2016-11-13 11:32:19
712David DrummondAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-13 11:30:21
711Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 19:56:24
710Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 23:52:28
709Allen PruntyGerrit Kuehn8=)2016-11-12 16:13:04
708Gerrit KuehnAllen Prunty8=)2016-11-12 21:12:07
707Joe Delahayemark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 13:59:26
706Joe DelahayeKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 13:55:25
705Allen PruntyMark LewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 13:20:03
704Allen PruntyMark LewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 13:14:28
703Allen PruntyMark Lewis8=)2016-11-12 13:06:28
702mark lewisWard DosscheDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 12:35:07
701mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 12:32:15
700mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 12:30:11
699mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 11:55:01
698Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 12:34:00
697Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 16:16:19
696Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 16:10:23
695Rick Christianmark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 09:09:19
694Rick Christianmark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 09:03:18
693Rick Christianmark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-12 08:00:13
692Gerrit KuehnDavid DrummondVets day2016-11-12 09:37:23
691Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 03:34:06
690Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 03:30:08
689Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-12 02:04:11
688Allen PruntyDavid DrummondCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-12 01:56:05
687mark lewisWard DosscheDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 23:53:09
686mark lewisKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 23:50:16
685mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 23:49:03
684mark lewisBill McGarrity8=)2016-11-11 23:42:29
683mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 23:18:12
682mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 23:08:14
681mark lewisMike Miller8=)2016-11-11 23:00:14
680mark lewisJoe DelahayeDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 22:57:00
679mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 22:23:29
678Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-11 20:35:00
677Tim RichardsonNICHOLAS BOELRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-11 20:02:00
676Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-11 19:53:00
675David DrummondBen RitcheyVets day2016-11-12 13:59:07
674David DrummondAllen PruntyScuze me but .....2016-11-12 13:58:15
673Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-11 16:52:08
672Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-11 16:48:11
671David DrummondAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-12 11:21:04
670Kees van EetenRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 22:31:13
669Rick ChristianMike MillerDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 12:21:26
668Nicholas BoelBill McGarrityRe: 8=)2016-11-11 10:22:14
667Mike MillerJoe DelahayeDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 09:48:12
666Bill McGarrityNicholas BoelRe: 8=)2016-11-11 10:28:00
665Bill McGarrityAllen PruntyRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-11 10:23:00
664Bill McGarritymark lewisRe: 8=)2016-11-11 10:22:00
663Rick ChristianJoe DelahayeDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 10:47:26
662Mike MillerLee Lofaso8=)2016-11-11 09:18:19
661Rick ChristianKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 10:01:12
660Mike MillerAllen Prunty8=)2016-11-10 10:49:04
659Joe DelahayeRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 10:12:24
658Ben RitcheyAllVets day2016-11-11 08:32:11
657Kees van EetenRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-11 14:31:29
656Allen PruntyAl KaiserScuze me but .....2016-11-11 08:35:01
655Allen PruntyTim Richardson8=)2016-11-11 08:32:25
654Rick ChristianJoe DelahayeDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 23:56:27
653Rick ChristianKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 23:54:12
652David DrummondTim RichardsonThe cost of healthcare --2016-11-11 19:47:26
651Paul QuinnAl KaiserScuze me but .....2016-11-11 18:56:14
650Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-11 03:19:17
649Al KaiserAllScuze me but .....2016-11-11 07:45:12
648Nicholas BoelTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-11 01:40:06
647Tim RichardsonALL8=)2016-11-10 22:35:00
646Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 22:00:00
645Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-10 19:57:00
644Gregory Deyssmark lewisRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-10 19:43:00
643Nicholas Boelmark lewisRe: 8=)2016-11-10 22:24:29
642Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Congratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 22:09:21
641Allen PruntyBill McgarrityRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 21:52:23
640Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 21:44:08
639Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-10 21:36:15
638Janis Krachtmark lewis8=)2016-11-10 22:02:00
637Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 14:52:25
636mark lewisBill McGarrity8=)2016-11-10 20:23:05
635Bill McGarrityLee LofasoRe: 8=)2016-11-10 19:07:00
634Bill McGarrityLee LofasoRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 19:00:00
633mark lewisTim RichardsonDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 15:29:02
632Gerrit KuehnKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 20:28:13
631Lee LofasoEARL CROASMUNSwede Predicts2016-11-10 21:14:23
630Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 21:14:19
629Lee LofasoAllen PruntySwede Predicts2016-11-10 21:14:15
628Lee LofasoBill McGarrityThe cost of healthcar2016-11-10 21:14:10
627Lee LofasoWard DosscheThe cost of healthcar2016-11-10 21:14:06
626Lee LofasoMike MillerCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 21:14:03
625Lee LofasoAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 21:13:29
624Lee LofasoEARL CROASMUNThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-10 21:13:26
623Lee LofasoMike Miller8=)2016-11-10 21:13:22
622Lee LofasoRick Christian8=)2016-11-10 21:13:18
621Lee LofasoWard Dossche8=)2016-11-10 21:13:10
620Lee LofasoBj”rn FeltenThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-10 21:13:07
619Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 21:13:02
618Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 21:12:28
617Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANCongratulations President2016-11-10 01:26:00
616Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 01:22:00
615Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSSwede Predicts2016-11-10 01:11:00
614Tim RichardsonMARK LEWISDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 01:02:00
613Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 01:52:00
612Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 00:50:00
611Tim RichardsonGREGORY DEYSSRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-10 00:48:00
610Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANCongratulations President2016-11-10 00:38:00
609Tim RichardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 00:35:00
608Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 01:54:00
607Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 01:49:00
606Kees van EetenGerrit KuehnDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 18:57:11
605Gerrit KuehnKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 17:58:06
604Mike MillerAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 10:38:02
603mark lewisRick Christian8=)2016-11-10 10:54:29
602mark lewisallNo need to fear Donald Trump...2016-11-10 10:47:16
601Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 10:36:21
600Joe DelahayeRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 10:16:21
599Kees van EetenRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 15:20:03
598mark lewisWard Dosscheaircraft bonyard (was: Democrat Fright)2016-11-10 09:52:15
597Rick Christianmark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 09:49:09
596Rick ChristianWard DosscheDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 09:41:06
595Rick ChristianMike MillerCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 09:33:14
594Rick ChristianMike MillerDemocrat Fright2016-11-10 09:24:24
593Rick ChristianMike Miller8=)2016-11-10 09:19:01
592Rick Christianmark lewisCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 09:11:17
591EARL CROASMUNALLEN PRUNTYRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-10 07:56:17
590Bill McGarrityWard DosscheRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 07:12:00
589Ward DosscheRick ChristianRe: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 12:18:13
588Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-10 12:14:13
587Ward Dosschemark lewisRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 11:56:07
586Ward DosscheGregory DeyssRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-10 11:50:16
585Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-10 11:47:22
584Allen PruntyMike MillerCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 01:11:11
583Allen PruntyMike Miller8=)2016-11-10 01:07:24
582Allen PruntyMark LewisThe cost of healthcar2016-11-10 01:02:08
581Allen PruntyMark LewisCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 00:56:22
580Allen PruntyGregory DeyssRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-10 00:48:01
579Mike MillerRick ChristianCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 22:48:10
578Mike MillerRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 22:43:10
577Mike MillerWard Dossche8=)2016-11-09 22:19:18
576Rick ChristianAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 22:05:29
575Rick ChristianAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 21:53:29
574Rick ChristianKees van EetenDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 21:47:17
573Rick ChristianWard Dossche8=)2016-11-09 21:46:22
572Rick ChristianWard DosscheCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 21:40:16
571Rick ChristianWard DosscheDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 21:33:12
570mark lewisRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 20:47:17
569mark lewisWilfred van VelzenCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 20:45:25
568mark lewisGregory DeyssDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 20:45:03
567mark lewisGregory DeyssSwede Predicts2016-11-09 20:44:15
566mark lewisGregory DeyssHow Trump Wins2016-11-09 20:43:05
565mark lewisAllen PruntyThe cost of healthcar2016-11-09 20:39:03
564mark lewisAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 20:37:27
563mark lewisAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 20:33:23
562Wilfred van Velzenmark lewisRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-10 00:31:20
561Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 16:41:15
560Gregory DeyssTim RichardsonRe: Swede Predicts2016-11-09 16:37:22
559Gregory DeyssWard DosscheRe: How Trump Wins2016-11-09 16:35:02
558mark lewisWilfred van VelzenCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 15:00:29
557Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-09 16:14:23
556Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: Congratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 16:10:21
555Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: Congratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 16:09:03
554Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 16:01:00
553Allen PruntyWard DosscheRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 15:59:03
552Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 20:50:19
551JIMMY ANDERSONMIKE MILLERRe: 2 TB USB Thumb Drive2016-11-09 11:26:00
550Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 20:27:04
549EARL CROASMUNBJ”RN FELTENThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 12:49:13
548Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 17:38:01
547mark lewisTim RichardsonDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 09:44:13
546mark lewisAllen PruntyThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 10:03:24
545Ward DosscheWilfred van VelzenRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 17:01:24
544Joe DelahayeRick ChristianCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 10:08:00
543Wilfred van VelzenWard DosscheRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 15:53:22
542Kees van EetenRick ChristianDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 15:39:17
541Ward DosscheTo My American Friends8=)2016-11-09 15:45:21
540Ward DosscheMichiel van der VlistRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-09 15:43:14
539Ward DosscheRick ChristianRe: Congratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 15:39:19
538Michiel van der VlistWard DosscheThe cost of healthcar2016-11-09 14:42:24
537Rick Christianmark lewisDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 07:51:24
536Rick ChristianTim RichardsonCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 07:42:02
535Rick ChristianAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-Elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 07:37:21
534Rick ChristianAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-eLect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 07:35:02
533Rick ChristianAllen PruntyCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 07:32:24
532Rick ChristianWard DosscheCongratulations President Trump! Re-elect Trump 2020!2016-11-09 07:28:11
531Ward DosscheTim RichardsonRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-09 14:30:23
530Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 14:25:19
529Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRE: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 13:17:02
528Ward DosscheBj”rn FeltenRe: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 13:13:21
527Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-09 07:12:00
526Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 07:03:28
525Allen PruntyTim RichardsonRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 06:55:24
524Tim RichardsonWARD DOSSCHERe: The cost of healthcar2016-11-09 03:42:00
523Tim RichardsonALLEN PRUNTYRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 03:00:00
522Tim RichardsonBJöRN FELTENThe cost of healthcare --2016-11-09 02:51:00
521Tim RichardsonRICK CHRISTIANDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 02:41:00
520Tim RichardsonBJöRN FELTENThe cost of healthcare --2016-11-09 02:28:00
519Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 06:18:16
518Bj”rn FeltenAllen PruntyThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 11:57:20
517Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 02:36:26
516Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 02:34:25
515Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-09 02:32:13
514Allen PruntyLee LofasoRE: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 00:57:22
513Bj”rn FeltenWard DosscheThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 08:57:29
512Ward DosscheAllen PruntyRe: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 04:40:01
511Lee LofasoWilfred van VelzenEliminate Echo2016-11-09 04:35:05
510Lee LofasoBill McGarrityDebate Fright2016-11-09 04:35:02
509Lee LofasoBill McGarrityDebate Fright2016-11-09 04:34:29
508Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 04:34:26
507Lee LofasoAllen PruntyDemocrat Fright2016-11-09 04:34:23
506Lee LofasoAllen PruntyThe cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-09 04:34:20
505Allen PruntyWard DosscheRe: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-08 21:43:24
504Allen PruntyRichard MilesRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-08 21:41:16
503Allen PruntyRick ChristianRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-08 21:38:02
502Allen PruntyBj”rn FeltenRE: The cost of healthcare -- and who'll pay for it?2016-11-08 21:37:05
501Allen PruntyJoe DelahayeRE: Democrat Fright2016-11-08 21:12:02