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SubjЧем бэкапить RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6 ?
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Они же толстые.

"Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux-6-Deployment_Guide-en-US" предлагает пользоваться

Chapter 34. Relax-and-Recover (ReaR)

When a software or hardware failure breaks the system, the system administrator
faces three tasks to
restore it to the fully functioning state on a new hardware environment:
1. booting a rescue system on the new hardware
2. replicating the original storage layout
3. restoring user and system files
Most backup software solves only the third problem. To solve the first and
second problems, use
Relax-and-Recover (ReaR), a disaster recovery and system migration utility.
Backup software creates backups. ReaR complements backup software by creating a
rescue system.
Booting the rescue system on a new hardware allows you to issue the rear reco
ver command,
which starts the recovery process. D uring this process, ReaR replicates the
partition layout and
filesystems, prompts for restoring user and system files from the backup
created by backup software,
and finally installs the boot loader. By default, the rescue system created by
ReaR only restores the
storage layout and the boot loader, but not the actual user and system files.
This chapter describes how to use ReaR.

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