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SubjДоступ к фидо-ресурсам из интернета
Hello, Vladimir!

Sunday July 01 2018 09:03, from Vladimir Fyodorov -> All:

VF> *Доступ к эхоконференциям через NNTP*

А вот можно ещё смёржить с списочком из фидоньюса.

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From : FidoNews Robot 2:2/2 09 Jul 18 01:17:40
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Subj : FidoNews 35:28 [03/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List

The Johan Billing JamNNTPd project

This is a list of known JamNNTPd servers working. They are essentially
the modern version of Bulletin Board Systems.

You connect to them using the newsreader of your choice and you don't
need any other software installed on your computer -- regardless of
operating system -- but that favourite mail client of yours.

Even smart phones can handle this, giving you the opportunity to get
your daily doses of fidonet on the bus, tram or train on the way to
your job, school or whatever.

Updated 2018-06-04

URL news://
NETMAIL Yes, 2:203/2

URL news://
Join Info in group +GETACCESS+
NETMAIL Yes, 3:640/384

URL news://
Join Info in group +GETACCESS+
NETMAIL Yes, 2:221/360

URL news://
NETMAIL Yes, 2:221/6

URL news://
Join Info in group +GETACCESS+
NETMAIL Yes, 1:3634/12

URL nntp://
nntps:// (secure)
Join Info in group +ACCCESS&SUPPORT+
NETMAIL Yes, 1:19/10

URL nntp://
Join Info in group, +GETACCESS+
NETMAIL Yes, 1:154/10

NETMAIL Yes, 1:266/404


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Best Regards, Nil
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