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SubjRe: FTN Survey Results
Hello, Vladimir Fyodorov.
On 16.05.18 12:49 you wrote:

VF>>> Как я и предполагал, из-за отсутствия среди вариантов ответа
VF>>> hpt/husky эти варианты посчитаны как разные тоссеры: HPT hpt
VF>>> husky/hpt Husky Husky HPT HPT - Husky Project Squish and
VF>>> HPT-Suite husky Hpt HPT (HUSKY)
SA>> Там даже регистр учитывался. Кстати а че такое Mystic? Это
SA>> какой-то комплект?
VF> Mystic BBS: === Mystic BBS was conceived around the year 1995 when
VF> the author became frustrated by the lack of customization
VF> available with Renegade BBS, and first released to the public in
VF> late 1997 during a period when many BBS packages were seeing a
VF> decline (or a full stop) in development. Mystic is developed from
VF> the ground up with all original source code and is intended to be
VF> the spiritual successor to both Telegard and Renegade (two of the
VF> packages the author used prior to developing Mystic BBS).
Популярная видать тема, интересно какой ббс софт в снг популярный был, торнадо?

Best regards!
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