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SubjFIDONEWS: Статья памяти Alex "Red" Engelsson, 6:608/323

> В FIDONEWS за 8 января 2018 года опубликована статья Варда Дошше "Alex
> 'Red' Engelsson's story". В ней рассказывается о таиландском сисопе
> Алексе Энгельссоне, который, вероятно, погиб во время разрушительного
> цунами в бассейне Индийского океана 26 декабря 2004 года, унёсшего жизни
> более 230.000 человек. После катастрофы он не выходил на связь, его тело
> не нашли, и его имени нет даже в официальных списках погибших (а Таиланд
> был потерян для Фидонет). Поэтому эта статья призвана стать могилой
> Алекса.

The F I D O N E W S Volume 35, Number 02 08 Jan 2018

Alex "Red" Engelsson's story
Ward Dossche - 2:292/854

With help from Carol Shenkenber @ 1:275/100

On December 26th 2004 at 07:58:50am local time in Thailand a massive sub-seabed
earthquake triggered the largest tsunami of modern times killing around 230,000
people in the Indian Ocean basin.

Fidonet Zone 6 still existed and at 8am this was a valid entry in the world



When around 9am the giant wave hit the beach at Phuket, Thailand, it razed
everything as if it were a giant lawnmower. 6:608/323 was vaporized, nothing of
it, nor of its operator, was ever found again.

Carol tells me that :

At over a decade later and with no recoverable records, what we had then was a
sysop who had several bars. His common name was 'Red' and I met him once. He
was tall (probably 6ft) with red hair and a complexion that showed he had
roseacea (so always looked a little sunburned). He had a son that looked much
like him.

One of their bars was at "ground zero" where the tsunami struck hardest.

He travelled between sites, with or without his son, managing them. He had one
in Phuket which his son managed mostly I think. That is where I met 'Red'. He
was reading Bluewave packets on a laptop which is pretty distinctive so I said
"hello" and met the only face-to-face Z6 person. It was summer 2003.

In Spring of 2005, I was again in Phuket and the only thing left of his place,
was gravel from the broken cement floor along the strip where he was. The only
locals who spoke enough english for me to ask of them indicated both were
presumed washed to sea.

David Hanks' connection was lost at the same time but Bankok was not hit by the
tsunami. It cannot be determined if perhaps he was at the beach at that moment.
A vacation to Phuket would have been a likely spot for a simple family get-away
for Christmas, but we simply do not know.

Whatever did happen that day, we lost Thailand for Fidonet as it seems the
others drew off the one who died.

Alex "Red" Engelsson was the only sysop known to be lost to the 2004 tsunami.
He was never heard from again. He doesn't figure in any of the records or
statistics dealing with the disaster. Knowing that whatever we fling to the
electronic world these days becomes indexed in some way, let this article be
Alex' gravesite.

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