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Subjappearances are decie
Hallo Benny!

BP> if i did that you would have sayed not all use latin :)

No but instead I would have wondered what your msged uses as LATIN-1 given that
it doesn't really exist including the list you provided. ;-)

BP> ibm javascript is what google uses ? :)

Not that I am aware of. As for java I think they were using Oracle's version
which they bought from Sun when they went out of business. I know there was a
lawsuit against Google ages ago over licencing issues.

BP> a android app that create javascripts malware ?

Again not that I am aware of. I don't use any javascript up to including any
javascript apps from Google.

BP> bravo, html does not need anything other then aweb on amiga, or
BP> some other textmode browser on amiga will do

Agreed. Here I mostly use the links browser but still occasionally use lynx.
Not as much as I use to but I still have it available.

BP> i wont care if thay do, and learn :)

Sure why not? ;-)

Het leven is goed,

... Huil niet om mij, ik heb vi.
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