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Hello Maurice!

13 Jun 2018 12:17, Maurice Kinal wrote to Benny Pedersen:

MK> If you would have grep'ped for LATIN-1 instead the list would have
MK> been less (zero) then what is used in fidonet, although I am still not
MK> convinced that those who claim to be using it actually are ...
MK> especially considering that it doesn't really exist.

if i did that you would have sayed not all use latin :)

BP>> who breaked this for you ? :)
MK> Nobody. I never used javascript, nevermind IBM's version of
MK> javascript.

ibm javascript is what google uses ? :)

MK> What for? Same with java which last time I looked Google
MK> was listing as the number one app producer which probably explains why
MK> there are exactly zero Google apps here.

a android app that create javascripts malware ?

MK> I use their search engine
MK> but that doesn't require javascript or a java application to work ...
MK> or at least at my end.

bravo, html does not need anything other then aweb on amiga, or some other
textmode browser on amiga will do

BP>> fun things is you showed ibm
MK> I seriously doubt they are listening.

i wont care if thay do, and learn :)

MK> Het leven is goed,
MK> Maurice


Regards Benny

... there can only be one way of life, and it works :)

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