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Subjappearances are decieving
Hallo Richard!

RM> What exactly do you mean?

Nothing like a real life example to make the point;

-={ '<Esc>:read ~/docs/squirrels.utf8' starts }=-
UTF-8 messaging can be fun for the whole family, especially Fidonet.

Case in point is when you find squirrels in your pants and lack a suitable
search for a solution within the Fidonet family. With UTF-8 enabled then one
could send a single message with, "I've got squirrels in my pants", "Jag har
ekorrar i mina byxor", "У меня в штанах белка", "Έχω
σκίουροι στο παντελόνι μου" and "Ich habe Eichhörnchen
in meiner Hose", within a single message which covers five languages thus
vastly increasing your coverage when searching for a solution to this most
perplexing situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Enable UTF-8 Fidonet text messaging today and
join in on the fun.
-={ '<Esc>:read ~/docs/squirrels.utf8' ends }=-

Note that I have turned on the CHRS kludge. I am betting it won't make a
difference to your editor.

RM> I am using it daily and it works just fine within the scope of the
RM> implementation.

Whose implimentation? Anyhow I enabled the CHRS kludge to FTSC specs, so if
that is to be the acceptable measurement of implimentation, then a modern
golded should have no issues with this test. There is even some LATIN1 in
there but good luck converting the entire text to any 8-bit encoding including
LATIN-1 whatever that really is. :::evil grin:::

Het leven is goed,

... Huil niet om mij, ik heb vi.
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