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Subjappearances are decieving
Hallo Richard!

RM> But I also do not have the need to send characters of languages
RM> that I do not speak.

I can relate especially considering that I haven't ever mastered the language I
speak, nevermind ones that I don't. Having said that I can see where utf-8
supported echoareas might improve the current situation in Fidonet. It is
worth a shot ... maybe.

RM> Some people tried to add UTF-8 support, but they gave up.

I don't blame them. For my part I just use an already capable editor (vim in
my case but there are many others) and took it from there. One thing I've
noticed is that it doesn't matter if a kludge is provided or not. Both golded
and msged will screw them up with or without a CHRS kludge. It is a total
waste of bytes and probably only encourages the FTSC powers that be to write
further jibberish they call "standards". :::evil grin:::

Het leven is goed,

... Huil niet om mij, ik heb vi.
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