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Hallo Richard!

RM> Microsoft calls it "Code Page 850 MS-DOS Latin 1"

Given this is the LINUX echo and that the vast majority of linux systems are
glibc based, then this should take precedence;

-={ grep "IBM850//" /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules }=-
alias CP850// IBM850//
alias 850// IBM850//
alias OSF10020352// IBM850//
module IBM850// INTERNAL IBM850 1
module INTERNAL IBM850// IBM850 1

Looks to me that IBM should be the goto guys as far as what CP850 should be
called and the only hit I could come up with that might help settle the issue


However I cannot access it since it requires javascript and I do not have a
browser that supports javascript and I have no plans to ever have a browser
with javascript capabilities. For the record the Microsoft link you gave
worked fine without javascript. Also I have no plans to convert or ever use
CP850 so it really doesn't matter what it is really called, or if it even
matters in the grand scheme of things. IBM can keep it.

Stinkin' IBM.

Het leven is goed,

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