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SubjFair Trade according to the Trump huggers
BA> American labor priced itself out of the world market decades ago, and
BA> most manufacturers moved their operations outside the country to take
BA> advantage of the less expensive labor.

True. It's one of the reasons that the US trade deficit, to almost every
country, has been in the billions of dollars for several decades, but never as
high as today.

I can understand why The Trump thinks he can fix it with tariffs, but I
cannot understand why he doesn't listen to his advisor telling him what the end
result will be. For instance Canada had a negative trade with the US, and so
did e.g. Sweden.

BA> American consumers shop by price, not by quality or by national
BA> origin.

So it seems. And then they come running to their congressmen complaining
about how they lost their jobs -- "but I still will be shopping for the least
buck for the dollar".

BA> Ten years ago I was working in a home improvement store, and I noted
BA> that just about everything in it - including nails - was made outside
BA> the US. Even the lumber was imported (from Canada), mostly because
BA> the "environmentalists" have driven the timber industry out of the
BA> country.

That's what Fair Trade on a global market will do. If you cannot produce
something that can compete on the global market, the only thing that will make
you survive is that your government will protect you with illegal trade walls.
And of course, that means that the taxpayers have to pay up to keep those
outdated companies afloat.

BA> One can preserve one's garden output, but most people in this country

BA> (a) have no idea how to do it, and

BA> (b) don't have the equipment - like pressure canners - to do it.

BA> Plus it's a lot of work and
BA> involves slaving over a hot stove on hot summer days

There is of course the $2-300 freeze-drying equipment that you can buy
today. Rather than storing 80% of water you can freeze dry it and still keep
all the nutritions and flavours after you just add the 80% of water when
cooking it.


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