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SubjI have no problems defending Trump
> GD> when it is really about Fair Trade.
> Fair trade means that you compete on equal terms.
> When the US industry no longer can compete on the open market
> happened to the US idea of capitalism?) trying to artificially
raise the prise
> for the competition, will inevitably fail -- and it'll bite you in
the back,
> rest assured.

American labor priced itself out of the world market decades ago, and
most manufacturers moved their operations outside the country to take
advantage of the less expensive labor.

American consumers shop by price, not by quality or by national

Ten years ago I was working in a home improvement store, and I noted
that just about everything in it - including nails - was made outside
the US. Even the lumber was imported (from Canada), mostly because
the "environmentalists" have driven the timber industry out of the

> Just watch when the prises go up on almost everything you need
to buy. Your
> meager 2.4% raise will not be nearly enough to keep up your present
standard of
> living. Sorry mate, you've been had big time.
> Not even if you manage to grow your own veggies all the year
around (which I
> doubt that you can).

One can preserve one's garden output, but most people in this country
(a) have no idea how to do it, and (b) don't have the equipment -
like pressure canners - to do it. Plus it's a lot of work and
involves slaving over a hot stove on hot summer days
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