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SubjRe: I have no problems defending Trump
On 07/11/18, Lee Lofaso said the following...

LL> Hello Greg,
LL> GD>>> Not to many people I know are making $20.00 an hour like I am.
LL> GD>>> Making $640.00 each and every week, That is $33,280.00 a year.
LL> GD>>> I am not complaining.
LL> LL>> You are selling yourself short.
LL> GD> Really and here I thought that I was doing well.
LL> Well, you know how it is. Never expect a cent, but hope you
LL> make a million.
LL> LL>> I believe in the American Free Enterprise System.
LL> LL>> Not really sure what you believe in.
LL> GD> I would like to earn more, but I want to work for it, I do not believ
LL> GD> getting something unless of course I am hanging with the boys from Di
LL> GD> Staits.
LL> I do not believe in work. Nobody should have to work. Ever.
LL> Sure, there is dignity in work. And most folks do work, in order
LL> to support themselves, their families, and others. But that is
LL> a flawed philosophy, and leaves it far to easy for others to take
LL> advantage of them.

I would think would more ring true with folks who do not work.
At least with working, you get to decide a number of choices.

With no work your choices are made for you.

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