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SubjRe: I have no problems defending Trump
On 07/11/18, Lee Lofaso said the following...

LL> Hello mark,
LL> BF>>>> Oh, BTW, with such a low salary, you would be eligible for social
LL> BF>>>> welfare here in Sweden...
LL> GD>>> Not to many people I know are making $20.00 an hour like I am. Maki
LL> GD>>> $640.00 each and every week, That is $33,280.00 a year. I am not
LL> GD>>> complaining.
LL> DD>> What do you do to earn this rate?
LL> ml> better yet, does he know he's being ripped off? $20/hr is $800/wk on
LL> ml> hour week... guessing that in a year, there's 14 days that he doesn't
LL> ml> to work so that guves us 50 weeks in the year... $800/wk time 50 week
LL> ml> $40000... he's either getting ripped off and doesn't know it or he's
LL> ml> even working 40 hours a week plus any overtime and he thinks he's doi
LL> ml> good...

I do not get PTO or get paid for Holidays, if I do not work I do not get paid.
I am a independent contractor, I can take time off for vacation, but that is
also on me, I take this as non-paid time off. It is worth though I simply save
for my vacation instead of getting paid for time off. You can look at it any
why you wish to, I am making 640.00 per week for a 40 hour work week, if I work
OT than it would be calculated at time and 1/2.
which adds up pretty quickly.

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