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SubjRe: I have no problems defending Trump
On 07/11/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> On 2018 Jul 10 20:47:06, you wrote to Lee Lofaso:
ml> GD> I would like to earn more, but I want to work for it, I do not believ
ml> GD> in getting something unless of course I am hanging with the boys from
ml> GD> Dire Staits.
ml> and yet you accepted a supposed raise based on supposed changes made by
ml> trump... you sure seem to be happy with getting that something for
ml> nothing... some folk are still trying to figure out how trump's changes
ml> even came close to affecting your (engineering) industry...

It's not a raise but a aftermath of the tax re-structuring. It also has
nothing with targeting the engineering industry, in-fact this re-structuring
is across the entire United States.

I am making the same hourly rate of pay, I am just keeping more of what I

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