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SubjI have no problems defending Trump
Hello David,

GD>>>> Not to many people I know are making $20.00 an hour like I am.
GD>>>> Making $640.00 each and every week, That is $33,280.00 a year.
GD>>>> I am not complaining.

DD>>> What do you do to earn this rate?

LL>> Fuck sheep.


Good money, for those who like sheep.

DD> I never got paid for that - had to slip the occasional bribe to the sheep
DD> farmer in fact...

Do keep in mind the $20 rate is only available in "blue" states -
Bernie Sanders country. All other areas are "red" states, that only
pay minimum wage of barely over $7 per hour. Not per sheep, but
per hour. Now you do the math. How many sheep can you fuck in an

DD> I guess USAian sheep must be fugly if one has to be paid to fuck them.

It's a good way to go blind quick.


Stop Workin', Start Jerkin'

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