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On 2018 Jun 29 08:08:06, you wrote to me:

KE>>> Why, isn't the US steel and aluminum industry going to jump in and
KE>>> supply equal quality goods within a fortnight for the same price?

ml>> the same price as what? the cheap chinese steel? why do you think it
ml>> is being imported instead of being purchased domesticaly?

DD> Surely the US manufacturing systems are as efficient as the Chinese
DD> ones?

i think quality is one of the big factors, too... it is well known that chinese
stuff isn't as robust as other... case in point, we use a counter-top distiller
for our water... when we first got one, it was american made... it lasted 10
years or more... then the fan or heater element, i forget which, went out so we
had to buy a new one... they look the same and feel the same but within weeks
the stainless steel bowl of the new ones has rust spots and pits in it... the
original distillers never did that... even buying new kitchen or steak knives
one can see this... the chinese crap metal ones all develop rust spots and pits
on the stainless steel... they have a bad grind on the materials or
something... i've actually picked out a chunk of the material where a pit was
forming... it was like it hadn't been ground up fine enough... their QA is
quite a lot of drek...

DD> Without the international freight component one would expect the
DD> product to be cheaper than the Chinese could land it in USA.

if that were the case, folks would be buying american steel instead of crap
chinese steel...


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