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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
Hello mark,

On Thursday June 28 2018 11:13, you wrote to me:

BF>>> A) Be able to call your NC properly.

BF>>> B) Call 000 from the nodelist.

MV>> ; Dial translation table for InterMail 5.x for a node
MV>> ; in New South Wales (Area code 02)
MV>> ;
MV>> 61-2-
MV>> 61- 0-
MV>> 1 0011-1
MV>> 2 0011-2
MV>> 3 0011-3
MV>> 4 0011-4
MV>> 5 0011-5
MV>> 7 0011-7
MV>> 8 0011-8

ml> that a really really really bad translation table...

Thank you.

ml> why are 0, 6, and 9 left out?

They are not needed for the demo.

ml> that's just the table... how about providing a few numbers and

Bjorn asked for the table. Not for an explanation of how these tables work.

ml> eg: 61-2-9727-7775
ml> 1st line strips 61-2 so the number is 9727-7775.
ml> valid local number?

It is Scott Littles' number, so it should be...

ml> but we continue...

No, we don't because the translation process terminates at the first match.

ml> 4th line changes 2 to 0011-2 so the number is
ml> 970011-27-7775.
ml> valid local number?
ml> valid domestic number?
ml> valid international number?

No of course not. Even if it continues, it does not work like that. The 2 in
the first line only compares against the first digit in the number. No match.


ml> AFAICS, the only one that is valid is the first part that strips 61-2-
ml> off the number... the rest of the translations are all invalid which
ml> tells even more about the table being bad...

You either have no idea how the tables in InterMail work or you are just
trolling again. Since you are very familiar with FrontDoor and InterMail is a
fork of FD, I have great difficulty accepting the idea that you have no idea
how InterMail deals with the phone translation table.

ml> with that table, the NC cannot be called and neither can any other
ml> local or domestic numbers...

Of course they can. Numbers in area code 02 are translated as follows:

61-x-yyyy-zzzz -> yyyy-zzzz

Numbers in aother area codes are translated as:

61-x-yyyy-zzzz -> 0x-yyyy-zzzz

The hypothetical POTS node in New South Wales runing InterMail and using this
translation table can call any other POTS node in Australia.

ml> show how their flow through the table could result in 000 so others
ml> can see what actually happens and how?

Simple. There is no default prefix defined and a number starting with zero
generates no match in the table. So a number starting with 000 is dialled "as

But you know that...

Cheers, Michiel

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