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SubjI have huge problems...
...understanding the panic around carbon dioxide - which each of us exhale with
every breath, but is now considered "dangerous to the environment" or even
"poisonous" by some laymen in the media.

If they would at least demonize carbon MONOXIDE, I could understand the hype.
But no... it's like claiming oxygen is detrimental to health. Stop breathing
and you have no health problems. True, but unfortunately the "side effects"
(death) are ignored.

One of the more recent "reports" aka propaganda is at:

As a trained chemist, I don't think I'll ever understand such people. For me,
it's like demonazing acetone - which I used often enough to clean glass in the
lab (and never noticed any detrimental effects), or even water, the "poisonous"
material in all the oceans, that can be "poisonous" when inhaled instead of
air. People die of water every day of the year, yet no danger alerts are
screamed out in the media. Why not??

Are people really so gullible/ignorant that they believe really _anything_ they
read in the so-called "news media" or even in social media, that they believe
such absolute crap? Then my opinion of the human race has just dropped 20
points to something like -10. Most people don't breathe water, and ALL of us
breathe an atmosphere containing a goodly proportion of carbon dioxide withiout
keeling over. In fact, our breathing appartus doesn't function properly without
a certain level of carbon dioxuide. Ask any doctor if you don't believe that.

I despair of the human race.

Cheers, Bob

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