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SubjRe: Trump, etc.
On 06/29/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> GD>WD> You do know, I hope, that for example CNN's programming depends for
WD> GD>WD> which part of the world it is destined. Here it is nearly as boring
WD> GD>WD> as the BBC. If your area gets crap, well ...
WD> GD> Yes I do get the BBC, I can watch it longer then I can watch CNN.
WD> GD> With prolonged viewing of CNN, my TV gets nervous that I might do it
WD> GD> harm.
WD> See if you can get CNN-Europe somewhere and then compare. I tried if it
WD> was available via streaming service ... nope, just the American crap ...
WD> or I looked in the wrong spot.
WD> GD>WD> Budgetary questions have been asked and she has
WD> GD>WD> been told to take up residence in the White House...

what? No it had nothing to do with this, at all.
The parents of son Barron (Donald & Melania) wanted their son to
complete the school year, around the New York area.
Then after it was completed move to Washington.

WD> WD> GD> Seriously?
WD> GD> News moves kinda slow where you are at huh?
WD> GD> Melania is not in New York, she lives at the White House w/ the Presid
WD> GD> and has been there for sometime now.
WD> My statement is perfectly OK. Don't pull a Witt.

ok? yeah if your talking about that span of time,
but when talking about the whereabouts of today, then such a statement would
be out of date and therefore false and invalid.

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