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On 06/29/18, Dale Shipp said the following...

DS> -=> On 06-28-18 07:47, Gregory Deyss <=-
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DS> DS> Again, you seem to limit your self to a Trump-biased news source.
DS> DS> Try doing a search for yourself to find out the facts before you star
DS> DS> making false claims.

I suppose a limit is the same think as a choice, why would I a Trump
Supporter and a Republican want to watch a liberal left leaning show that
constantly rips at the President and has segments with Cryin Chuck Shummer
where he has the balls to say if you go after the intelligence communities they
have ways to to get at you six ways from Sunday. The other guests on the show
are just as vile and repulsive, it is a swarming cess pool of hate. It does
not report the news, they produce a narrative that fits their agenda.

DS> DS> GD> It is not me who has to change my viewing choices, it is you. DS>
DS> GD> Here is a fact. DS> GD> The CNN's and the PMS_NBC's of the world and
other organizations like
DS> BTW, if you want to denigrate a news show, at least get its name right.
DS> The name is msnbc, not pmsnbc.

yes I know it's a partnership, between Microsoft and NBC. MSNBC.
Apparently you have never listened to Mark Levin a constitutional scholar and
conservative radio talk so host. He refers to MSNBC as PMSNBC all the time,
probably closer to what they are.

DS> GD> I prefer my news Fair and Balanced, I even get to see how vile and
DS> GD> disgusting how the other networks are upto and what they are spinning
DS> GD> and churning as pure hate.
DS> OK, tell us just what are those unbiased news organizations you are
DS> getting your information from.

I would already think you would be well aware of who they are, or who they
could be be. They could be anyone who does not lean left or liberal.
Think who out there is the opposite of the left and their hateful liberal

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