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SubjRe: Trump, etc.

GD>WD> You do know, I hope, that for example CNN's programming depends for
GD>WD> which part of the world it is destined. Here it is nearly as boring
GD>WD> as the BBC. If your area gets crap, well ...

GD> Yes I do get the BBC, I can watch it longer then I can watch CNN.
GD> With prolonged viewing of CNN, my TV gets nervous that I might do it
GD> harm.

See if you can get CNN-Europe somewhere and then compare. I tried if it was
available via streaming service ... nope, just the American crap ... or I
looked in the wrong spot.

GD>WD> Budgetary questions have been asked and she has
GD>WD> been told to take up residence in the White House...

GD> Seriously?
GD> News moves kinda slow where you are at huh?
GD> Melania is not in New York, she lives at the White House w/ the President
GD> and has been there for sometime now.

My statement is perfectly OK. Don't pull a Witt.


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