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SubjRe: The 000 country phone number hoax
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MvV> The Netherlands was the second country in the world to complete
MvV> automatic telephony in 1962. Switzerland was first.

Interesting. I think it took until the 90s for the last manual exchanges to
close down in Australia, but there were uncommon long before then.

MvV> I have gone to three renumbering operations since I came into my
MvV> present house in 1985. First I had a four digit local number. (8411).
MvV> When they ran out of numbers a couple of years later, all old numbers
MvV> were prefixed with a '1' and new numbers were issued in the 2xxxx
MvV> range. So my number became 18411. The five digit (including the leading
MvV> zero) area code remained the same: 03438. So by then I already had 10
MvV> digits. But there were still areas where the total number of digits
MvV> was nine, or even eight.

Only had the big renumber in the 1990s. Previous renumberings were long before
I was born (or we had a phone - didn't bother getting a phone installed until

MvV> The main objective of the 1995 big renumber operation was to get more
MvV> numbers. The 06 block was reserved for mobile. Five digit (including 0)
MvV> areas were merged into four digit areas. Usually by dropping the last
MvV> digit and adding that to the subscriber number. But not always, as some
MvV> digits like '1', '8' and '9' were reserved for special services.

Same reason for the big 1990s renumber here. Many rural areas had their old
area code changed and the new one added. For example, my parents (they've long
since moved) had the number (054) 272 888, and that became (03) 5427 2888. In
Melbourne, I had (03) 379 0193 at one stage. That number became (03) 9379

MvV> Hovever, after almost 25 years, the 06 block for mobile numbers seems
MvV> to be running out. I wonder how they are going to solve that. Probably
MvV> by reassiging something in the sparsely used 09 block...

I'm not sure how our (04) block is going with mobiles, but there is plenty of
room to expand, and there are unused ranges here.

MvV>> Also the international access code changed from 09 to 00 and
MvV>> servive numbers starting with 00 (operator, time, ect) were
MvV>> changed to numbers starting with 1 or 09.

A lot of special services start with 1 here too, with 13 being untimed national
calls, and 1800 being freecall. 19 is for premium services - where the charges
are much higher than standard.

MvV> Hmm, I wonder why they hav not followed international practise and made
MvV> 00 the international access code. It seems so logical. 0 to get out of
MvV> the village. 00 to get out of the country. And in future 000 to get off
MvV> the planet...

Dunno, but 000 will get you a fire truck, police car or ambulance. :)

MvV> Your ATA has no provisons for "translation tables"?

Haven't looked into that, though in the past, I've found many device tables to
be very limited, compared to what something like Asterisk can do (or even the
translation tables in nodelist compilers).

MvV> Here region independant numbers are increasing in popularity.
MvV> Especially for companies and institutions that operate nationaly. For
MvV> end users that move around a lot is also has advantages. No need tio
MvV> change the number when moving to another area.

I'm not aware of region independent numbers here in the way you're describing.
Companies with national reach tend to use 13 series numbers, which are
forwarded to their actual numbers, which can be done on a region by region
basis, to reach the right branch office, if needed (many companies have a
national call centre anyway).

TL>> So I would have to slightly tweak the translation tables, if I
TL>> started a POTS line.

MvV>> I dropped POTS over five years ago never missed it.

TL> I haven't setup POTS since coming back to BBSing.

MvV> Twenty years ago I also had a fax. I did not replace it when it broke.
MvV> Didn't miss it.

I had to maintain some form of fax capability until 8 years ago (last thing I
recall faxing was papers for selling the house in Melbourne). I used a fax to
email service for inbound and had an old fax machine that I made outbound calls

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