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SubjRe: The 000 country phone number hoax
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DD> On 28/06/2018 13:21, Tony Langdon -> Kees van Eeten wrote:

TL> Yes, when I had SIP open, the probes were constant, another reason to just
TL> block them at the firewall.

DD> How does your VOIP work if you have the SIP port blocked?

Different feed. I actually have 4 networks running here on the one wire.

The primary Internet connection carries IPv6, and runs NAT to the LAN. The
router that handles the main connection is also the IP PBX. No SIP filtering

The other two networks are:

A /28 brought in by VPN from another network. This is how I get public IPv4
addresses for both BBSs. This network is where the SIP filtering is
implemented in iptables on the VPN router.

A /24 which is an AMPRnet feed (44.x.x.x ham radio IPs). This uses an IPIP
tunnel mesh to probide optimal routing to other 44.x nodes over the Internet.
This also has its own filtering, though it's a bit more complex, because
there's a lot of weird and annoying probes on this net via the main gateway in
the US.

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