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SubjRe: Trump, etc.
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DS> Again, you seem to limit your self to a Trump-biased news source.
DS> Try doing a search for yourself to find out the facts before you start
DS> making false claims.

GD> It is not me who has to change my viewing choices, it is you.

GD> Here is a fact.
GD> The CNN's and the PMS_NBC's of the world and other organizations like

BTW, if you want to denigrate a news show, at least get its name right.
The name is msnbc, not pmsnbc.

GD> The Washington Post and lets not forget about the failed New York

Both of which are well renowned national newpapers, contrary to Donald
Trump's opinion of them.

GD> I prefer my news Fair and Balanced, I even get to see how vile and
GD> disgusting how the other networks are upto and what they are spinning
GD> and churning as pure hate.

OK, tell us just what are those unbiased news organizations you are
getting your information from.

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