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SubjRe: Trump, etc.
On 06/28/18, mark lewis said the following...

ml> you really really really need
ml> to read and understand the Bill of Rights... note the specific uses of
ml> "person", "persons" and "people"... also note the distinct lack of use
ml> of "citizen"... the Bill of Right expressly covers ALL PEOPLE ON US
ml> SOIL... legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, tourists,
ml> migrant workers, native peoples, naturalized citizens, natural-born
ml> citizens, etc...

You need to understand what it really means and not put it through a liberal
filter, to fit your narrative.

Where in the Bill of Rights does it talk about illegal immigrants, no where
that is where, when it mentions "people" the reference of "people" is those
who this body of text for which it governs, meaning the people here and not
those people who violate our laws and our sovereignty.

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