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ml> e-of-Maryland-v-Donald-J-Trump
ml> -or-

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ml> Jun 14, 2017 - Democratic lawmakers are suing President Donald Trump
ml> over foreign money flowing into his global business empire.

Of course they are Democratic law makers who don't agree with him being in
there in the first place, they will stop at nothing, but they will make no
traction and their efforts will be a miserably waste of time and money.

ml> Almost 200 senators and representatives are plaintiffs in a lawsuit
ml> alleging Trump is violating the so-called emoluments clause of the
ml> constitution. It's being filed early Wednesday in U.S. District Court
ml> for the District of Columbia, the lawmakers said.
ml> The plaintiffs argue they have standing to sue because the clause says
ml> only Congress may approve foreign gifts and payments.
ml> "The framers gave Congress a unique role, a unique right and
ml> responsibility," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat
ml> who helped organize the lawsuit.
ml> Although Trump turned over control of his real estate development,
ml> management and marketing company to his adult sons and a senior
ml> executive, he did not divest from it. That means he stands to benefit
ml> financially from the Trump Organization's profits, including from
ml> foreign governments.

we will see where this goes.

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