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On 06/28/18, Ward Dossche said the following...

WD> You do know, I hope, that for example CNN's programming depends for
WD> which part of the world it is destined. Here it is nearly as boring as
WD> the BBC. If your area gets crap, well ...

Yes I do get the BBC, I can watch it longer then I can watch CNN.
With prolonged viewing of CNN, my TV gets nervous that I might do it harm.

WD> GD> At no such time have I seen that they have complained about the potent
WD> GD> or the notion that Trump's Mar a lago is profiting from the housing of
WD> GD> secret service agents while protecting POTUS.
WD> Then ... you have not consulted those sources reporting it. Same as with

Here is the thing, Ward. There is no one reporting it, or at least no one
wants to go on record in the media that can be verified on the internet. or
it's yet another example of being out of the mind of a liberal who wants to
make up more phony stories that no one is talking about in the media. These
speaks volumes actually. I would wager that their current events studies and
discussions went no where fast with them bringing up random talking points.
Then only to be embarrassed as they have to be reminded in front of everyone,
that the topic was current events.

WD> the Trump Tower where the secret service rented several floors for the
WD> protection of Melania. Budgetary questions have been asked and she has
WD> been told to take up residence in the White House...

News moves kinda slow where you are at huh?
Melania is not in New York, she lives at the White House w/ the President and
has been there for sometime now.

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