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SubjIt's June 25th today
Hello Michiel,

MvdV>>> 1) The republic of Ireland leaves the EU and joins the UK.
MvdV>>> 2) The Brexit is cancelled.
MvdV>>> 3) Ulster leaves the UK and joins the EU.

MvdV> Note #3
MvdV> [..]
LL>> By 2020, the population of Northern Ireland will be predominately
LL>> Catholic. What do you think this means for Protestants who live
LL>> there?

MvdV> Nothing much.

It is a simple numbers game. Do the math yourself.

In the last election (Northern Ireland 2017 ), Sinn Fein was 1,100
votes short of being the number one party. In the next election,
which is to be held in 2022, Sinn Fein will be the clear number one.

Catholics are the majority population under age 35. By 2020,
Catholics will be the majority population all age groups total.
Sinn Fein has only one thing on its agenda - reunification.

What that means is that Northern Ireland will simply cease to exist,
resulting in the reunification of Ireland by default. Which probably
explains why Gerry Adams and most Unionists already have given up.

MvdV> Catholics and protestants have peacefully lived together for over half a
MvdV> century in many parts of the world.

You are talking about Ireland, the land that gave us Michael Collins.
Irish lads (and lasses) remember him, quite fondly, as if he was still
with them today.

LL>> Get ready for a united Ireland. It is coming. A lot sooner than you
LL>> think.

MvdV> If Ulster leaves the UK and becomes part of the EU, that might be a
MvdV> possibility.

The reunification of Ireland means Ulster will be part of Ireland,
not the UK. Of that there is no doubt. Irish Catholics do not care
much to be part of the UK, and there is nothing British PM Theresa
May can do to change their minds. The Irish remember 1921 as if it
was yesterday.

MvdV> The Unionists won't like it but they me choose (in their eyes) the
lesser of
MvdV> a couple of evils.

The Unionists are becoming inconsequential, as shown in the last
elections. Sinn Fein came within 1,100 votes of being the number one
party in Northern Ireland. The next election is scheduled to take
place in 2022. The Unionists do not have a chance, Gerry Adams
has already given up, and Sinn Fein is sharpening knives ready to
carve up the pie. And you know how it will be divided.

The Republic of Ireland was neutral during WWII, mainly because
it wanted to have nothing to do with England. The Irish have long
memories, and remember what was done to them in 1921. Sinn Fein
has only one thing on its agenda - reunification. Which is why
so many Irish voted for Sinn Fein, in both Northern Ireland and in
the Republic of Ireland.

As I said earlier, it is a simple numbers game.

It is a near certainty (99.999%) that Northern Ireland will cease
to exist by 2022 (the next scheduled elections in Northern Ireland).
And an absolute certainly (100%) that the Republic of Ireland will
continue to be Catholic and pro-Sinn Fein.

That means no border. Just one Ireland for all Irish.

Will a reunited Ireland join the EU? Probably.
Since the UK has chosen to be an island unto itself,
why not be part of something bigger and better?

It is going to be even more interesting when the Scots
demand another vote for independence. They will win, bigly.
And join the EU shortly afterwards. Count on it.

Imagine that. The EU growing rather than shrinking.

British PM Theresa May is going to be jealous.


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