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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax

On 2018 Jun 28 13:34:00, you wrote to Michiel van der Vlist:

MvV>> Here the areas are much smaller, usually a radius of some 10 km. So
MvV>> for the mobile phones it is a dire necessity to be able to always
MvV>> dial including the area code, since most of the time you do not know
MvV>> in which area code you are.

TL> Area codes are now one or more entire states:

TL> 02 - NSW and ACT
TL> 03 - Victoria and Tasmania
TL> 04 - all mobiles
TL> 07 - Queensland
TL> 08 - WA, NT, SA.

to dial your area codes, do you have to dial the 0, too?

international - 61-2-9727-7775
domestic - 02-9727-7775
local - 9727-7775

if so, that shows that michael's dial translation was even more broken than
first seen...


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