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SubjTrump, etc.

On 2018 Jun 27 22:36:42, you wrote to David Drummond:

DD>> So... non-US citizens are not protected by US law when they are in US,
DD>> but they can be prosecuted by US law when there?
DD>> You don't see that as a little one-sided?

GD> That was not my intention to Dale, he made it sound like illegal
GD> are afforded the same due process, and have the same the same protections
GD> as an American Citizen, clearly they do not.

you are still missing it... clearly they DO have the same protections and due
process... if they did not, they could be thrown in jail and never processed
through the courts... that's the "right to speedy trial" part... they have the
same protections, too... they cannot be tried twice for the same violation, for

GD> They are not afforded laws or rights as written within the U.S.
GD> Constitution.

they are absolutely afforded those rights and protections... did you read the
Bill of Rights? i just posted it to you...

GD> But to your point if you would come to the U.S.

there you go side-stepping again... david did not say anything about coming to
the US in his post...


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