Frommark lewis1:3634/12.73Date Write2018-06-28 13:41:28
ToMichiel van der Vlist0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-06-28 22:00:20
SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax

On 2018 Jun 28 00:51:16, you wrote to Bj”rn Felten:

MV> As for "complete", the challenge was to present a configuration that
MV> could do two thing:

MV> 1) Have an Ausie POTS node call his/her NC.
MV> 2) Have an Aussie node call 000 from he nodelist.

you failed the challenge... 000- *has* to be stripped leaving the rest which
should be the IP or host name... if ANY mailer doesn't strip the leading 000-
then they cannot dial any internet numbers...


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