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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax

On 2018 Jun 27 14:42:38, you wrote to Michiel van der Vlist:

BF>>> I did. It can never dial 000.

MvdV>> It can't? Why not?

BF> My bad, I didn't notice that the table was incomplete.

not just incomplete but bad, too...

BF> The 9 was missing too,

and the 6...

BF> so for instance RC40 cannot be dialled. And by the time this happened
BF> a lot of other Asian nodes (many of them in 9-land) were nodelisted.

BF> We've already agreed that a misconfigured mailer can dial whatever you
BF> like.

exactly... i don't understand why everyone seems to drop the "properly
configured" aspect when this discussion comes up...


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