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SubjTrump, etc.

On 2018 Jun 27 08:01:18, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

GD>>> Trump Properties, the American Tax Payer is paying this bill (just
GD>>> as they have for every other POTUS) for services rendered, the money
GD>>> coming in is just like any other business,

DS>> Who do you think owns that business. Who gets the profits *after*
DS>> paying the staff (many of whom are immigrants)?

GD> Who says there is a profit generated for those Secret Service members
GD> protecting the President, regardless where he stays?

there profit is not generated FOR the secret service... it is generated FROM
the $$$ paid for them to stay there...

GD> Those persons who work at these resorts (that Trump owns) are not
GD> immigrants.

they're not all US Citizens... especially the ones doing menial labor...


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