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SubjTrump, etc.

On 2018 Jun 27 07:44:14, you wrote to Dale Shipp:

DS>> The point was that Trump is making money as a result of the Secret
DS>> Service staying at his resort. He is not turning that in. The rest
DS>> of the point is that he is making money as a result of the foreign
DS>> dignitaries staying there. THAT is illegal.

GD> IF what you say, is or was remotely true, and not more BS out of the mind
GD> of a liberal. Why is the media (of which has been 99% negative) why are
GD> these so called news organizations not talking about it?

they are... the emoluments thing was talked about for several weeks... right up
until the next big pile of feces was stirred up by trump to divert everyone's
attention from emoluments... then he stirred another pile to distract folks
from that one and another stirring and disctraction, etc, etc, etc...


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