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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax

On 2018 Jun 26 13:57:08, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

TL>> Here it's provider dependent. The traditional telcos still allow
TL>> local call dialing without the area code, but some VoIP providers
TL>> (like mine) insist on the full 10 digits.

KE> That is because where they connect to the grid, is not within your
KE> area code.

that may be... here in the US, the telcos switched to requiring the full 10
digits because they were running out of numbers in the exchanges so they had to
start using the area code to differentiate between exchanges that are now being
duplicated across area codes... kinda like we used to have with nets being
duplicated across zones...

anyway, at one time we were getting calls for the Sugar Mountain Police and
whatever the place was that managed our timeshare we had at Sugar Mountain...
it was quite funny, really... the problem was that our exchange and the one at
Sugar Mountain were the same and the folks dialing had to be told to use the
area code... this got worse and worse as more and more cell phones were being
used... especially if someone were in the 919 area code and only dialed the
last seven digits... they would get connected to us because the system would
default to the area code the call originated in... when everyone finally
switched to using the area code, those annoyance calls dropped way off...

i've always used the full ten digits on my cell phones because they could tell
when they had to drop the area code and when they didn't... this was important
when out on the road traveling and you need to call a number you call commonly
but now you're in a different area code while making the call... now it doesn't
matter and you have to use the area code for everything...


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