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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax

On 2018 Jun 26 00:08:18, you wrote to me:

KE>>> How about not using a translation table?

ml>> you /have/ to use a translation table... without it, you can't
ml>> connect to your NC or any other local call systems... you won't be
ml>> able to connect to other systems that are LD to you but not
ml>> international calls, either... this is one of the reasons why the
ml>> nodelist carries the full phone number including country code...

KE> Your fast reading mode skips to much information, that is relevant to
KE> my remarks.

i read all of what you wrote... the above line that i quoted was all that i
needed... a translation table *has* to be used or you can't even dial local
numbers... if you can't dial a local number, you can't connect to your NC to
request a node number... there is just no way around a translation table...


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