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SubjThe 000 country phon

On 2018 Jun 26 01:31:14, you wrote to Michiel Van Der Vlist:

MVDV>> But... there was no option to not dial certain numbers at all. My
MVDV>> POTS mailer, InterMail, had no documented way to tell it to never
MVDV>> attempt to dial numbers starting with 000-. Yes, I

DS> It is possible Intermail had a way to do that. One could set up cost
DS> tables. Page 16-17 of your manual. I think that there was also a way
DS> to tell intermail not to call numbers with a high cost at certain
DS> times of the day, but I cannot find that in my manual. If so, one
DS> could set a very high cost for 000 and then not allow that cost to
DS> dial at any time during the 24 hour day.

frontdoor and intermail stem from the same code... FD has a setting,
FDSETUP->Mailer->minimum undialable cost, that plays in this... intermail
should have the same or a similar setting... then there's also the cost that
can be specified when defining a mail event... you can set a minimum and a
maximum cost for the event and only those systems within that range will be
qualified... the cost set up is certainly the way to prevent intermail from
dialing systems it cannot connect with...

FD also has a section, FDSETUP->Manager->Modem, where you can define a string
to match and a string to send or an action to perform... so you might define a
string, ITN:, and set the action to "Do not dial"... this because ITN with a
colon means there's a different port so we have to handle that system
differently... by setting "Do not dial" systems with (eg) ITN:1234 will not be
dialed... on the other hand, a system with ITN can be set to "Stop scanning,
proceed with dial" so they can be dialed... i'm sure that intermail has the
modem manager like FD does but i don't think it is as robust as FD's... the
main thing the modem manager was used for was to define AT command strings for
different connections...


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