FromKees van Eeten2:280/5003.4Date Write2018-06-28 18:51:02
ToWard Dossche0:0/0.0Date Arrived2018-06-28 20:21:01
SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
Hello Ward!

28 Jun 18 17:01, you wrote to me:

Kv>> DD>> Kv>> The hills in Lappland are far higher the our mountains.
Kv>> DD>> WD> Which mountains would that be ?
Kv>> DD>> The ones in the Netherlands?

Kv>> WD> When you stand on a chair, you can see the 4 corners of the country.

Ah. you believe the world is flat as well. ;)

Kv>> When we stand on a chair, we can see the French border. ;)

WD> What? No mountains in between? .=)

No, only highrises in Rotterdam, the mountains are to the east, so I cannot
see Germany. ;)

Actually when I stand on a chair, my nose is still below sea level.
The sight reduction tables tell me there is no horizon.


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