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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
Hello Paul!

28 Jun 18 08:18, you wrote to me:

KvE>> I know what you mean with the tricycle, and camping with camping
KvE>> gear,
KvE>> but my age is getting in the way. I do not think the mrs. would
KvE>> fancy
KvE>> a tricycle.

PQ> :) Fussy lady.

That is alright, she has been fussing over me for more than 45 years.

KvE>> Well I do like his truck and the camper unit he can load on it.;)
KvE>> What is up the road for you, 100 Miles?

PQ> Within 60 I think, if you want to talk the old lingo. We're fully metric,
PQ> and have been for quite a very long time. Under 100 kilometers.

Sorry, I always associate non ISO measurements with English. But even in
GB you get Liters at the fuelstation. Well gallons was confusing anyway,
ere they 3.75 L or 4.05 L. The Brits never added the Imperial prefix.

KvE>> Where you live, it is far to hot for me, N-Z would be better.

PQ> It's cold for me this winter. Some days we're not getting over the 20C
PQ> mark, and it's horrible. Although, you would laugh at the clothing we
PQ> wear/don't wear.

We are in for a hot weekend, temperatures may rise to 28C.

PQ> Yes, I agree about NZ. Again, the local expert is David D. He's a
PQ> native
PQ> kiwi who we allow to live amongst us in OZ.

Well apparently he does not fancy NZ, he has been in OZ for so long now. ;)

PQ> BTW, the Aussie dollar is worth about 64 Euro cents. The Aussie
PQ> dollar
PQ> buys about NZ$1.08, so just imagine the bargain in Euros for a trip to NZ.
PQ> The most expensive bit is getting down hereabouts, and back home.

It all depend on the prices at your end. If I go to Indonesia, I get
millions of rupia's for my Euro's but you als have to pay millions.

In my youth the official exchange rate was 3 Rupia for a Guilder. The end
value of the Guilder was about 2.2 Fl for a Euro.

But as you say, cost wise, it may be lucrative for us to spend a holiday
in OZ or NZ if you donot count the fare.


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