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SubjRe: Trump, etc.

GD> It is clear to see within these segments from other networks such as
GD> PMSNBC and CNN how hateful, vile and disgusting they are.

You do know, I hope, that for example CNN's programming depends for which part
of the world it is destined. Here it is nearly as boring as the BBC. If your
area gets crap, well ...

GD> At no such time have I seen that they have complained about the potential
GD> or the notion that Trump's Mar a lago is profiting from the housing of
GD> secret service agents while protecting POTUS.

Then ... you have not consulted those sources reporting it. Same as with the
Trump Tower where the secret service rented several floors for the protection
of Melania. Budgetary questions have been asked and she has been told to take
up residence in the White House ...


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