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SubjRe: Trump, etc.
On 06/28/18, Dale Shipp said the following...

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DS> DS> That is an irrelevant sidestep on your part. The point was that Trum
DS> DS> is making money as a result of the Secret Service staying at his reso
DS> DS> He is not turning that in. The rest of the point is that he is makin
DS> DS> money as a result of the foreign dignitaries staying there. THAT is
DS> DS> illegal.
DS> GD> IF what you say, is or was remotely true, and not more BS out of the
DS> GD> mind of a liberal. Why is the media (of which has been 99% negative)
DS> GD> why are these so called news organizations not talking about it? Why
DS> GD> cryin Chuck and others on the left not talking and yelling about this
DS> GD> Because this issue is not an issue at all, it is just more FAKE
DS> GD> manufactured hate.
DS> I guess you are only listening to one "news" channel. Because, the news
DS> organizations have talked about it. Your comment is not responsive. It
DS> is a fact that Trump owns Mar a Lago. It is a fact that Mar a Lago
DS> makes a profit, and that he gets his share of that profit.

Nice effort, but you're still wrong, the news organizations that I listen to do
not have an agenda of their own and they are not the mouth piece of the
democratic party or any party for that matter.

There is nothing over the airwaves about what you have suggested. Don't you
realize the PMSNBC and CNN are monitored by other news organizations, and their
segments are often featured on the programs that I watch.
It is clear to see within these segments from other networks such as PMSNBC
and CNN how hateful, vile and disgusting they are.

At no such time have I seen that they have complained about the potential or
the notion that Trump's Mar a lago is profiting from the housing of secret
service agents while protecting POTUS.

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