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SubjIt's June 25th today
Lee Lofaso wrote to Michiel van der Vlist on Wednesday June 27 2018 at 20:53:

LL> I am not sure if that is possible. NATO has become nothing more than
LL> an extension of US military, with bases serving US interests rather
LL> than those of Europe. Italy just had elections, and is becoming more
LL> isolationist.

Then there's Turkey, increasingly a dictatorship...

LL> Germany will soon call new elections, by September, the likely result
LL> being out with Merkel and in with a new chancellor who is more
LL> isolationist.

Ever hear the expression: "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched"?
From what I read, not even the AfD really wants new elections now - even though
they would probably be one of the main winners.

LL> France has a newly-elected president, but he is hedging his bets, and
LL> will do what he believes is best for France, regardless of how that
LL> might affect others.

Know of any country whose leadership behaves any differently? National leaders
aren't elected to further the interests of a union, any more that state
governers in the USA are elected to represent the interests of Washington,
rather than those of their native states.

LL> By 2020, the population of Northern Ireland will be predominately
LL> Catholic. What do you think this means for Protestants who live
LL> there? Get ready for a united Ireland. It is coming. A lot sooner
LL> than you think.

Don't hold your breath.

Cheers, Bob

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