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SubjGermans Crash Out
Lee Lofaso wrote to All on Wednesday June 27 2018 at 19:01:

LL> With greetings from Asia, South Koreans have shocked the world by
LL> denying the defending champions from reaching the round of 16 in the
LL> World Cup. That's right. Germany is toast, having lost 2-0 to little
LL> yellow people with slanty eyes. Germans really should consider
LL> removing the yellow from their national flag, and going with red and
LL> black, maybe with a touch of white, to remind them of who they are.

Nice way of hinting at the swastika, but those times are over, thank God.

But the way people were waving Gertman flags, even draping them over buildings,
was getting on my nerves, particularly since I couldn't care less about soccer.

Let those who now mourn shed their tears. I just sigh with relief.

Cheers, Bob

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