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SubjIt's June 25th today
Michiel van der Vlist wrote to Robert Bashe on Wednesday June 27 2018 at 16:42:

MV> What worries me a bit is Ireland. Both Ireland and the UK want the
MV> border between the Republic of Ireland and Ulster to stay invisible. I
MV> see only three scenarios where this is possible:

MV> 1) The republic of Ireland leaves the EU and joins the UK.
MV> 2) The Brexit is cancelled.
MV> 3) Ulster leaves the UK and joins the EU.

MV> None of these seem very likely. But a scenario where Ireland remains
MV> in the EU and Ulster remains in the (brexitted) UK /and/ an open
MV> border between the two is impossible as I see it.

I would agree on that.

MV> It is not unthinkable that "the troubles" will return... :(

I also agree. One of the really main problems is that the border between
Ireland and Northern Ireland is not straight, but curved and in some places
there are really tight enclaves. It would require a border agreement between
Ireland and Northern Ireland to produce a clean, linear border that might be
easier to handle - but I don't see that coming, either.

Cheers, Bob

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