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DS> Who do you think owns that business. Who gets the profits *after*
DS> paying the staff (many of whom are immigrants)?
GD> Who says there is a profit generated for those Secret Service members
GD> protecting the President, regardless where he stays?

Why on earth would you think otherwise. Mar a Lago is not a non-profit
business. It is in the business of making money.

GD> Those persons who work at these resorts (that Trump owns) are not
GD> immigrants.

Think again. There are a number (70+) of immigrant workers on what is
called an H-2B visa.

GD> Again if there were don't you think that angle was already
GD> looked at and examined by those who want to tear down the President.

Again, you seem to limit your self to a Trump-biased news source.
Try doing a search for yourself to find out the facts before you start
making false claims.

Dale Shipp
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