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DS> That is an irrelevant sidestep on your part. The point was that Trump
DS> is making money as a result of the Secret Service staying at his resort.
DS> He is not turning that in. The rest of the point is that he is making
DS> money as a result of the foreign dignitaries staying there. THAT is
DS> illegal.

GD> IF what you say, is or was remotely true, and not more BS out of the
GD> mind of a liberal. Why is the media (of which has been 99% negative)
GD> why are these so called news organizations not talking about it? Why is
GD> cryin Chuck and others on the left not talking and yelling about this?
GD> Because this issue is not an issue at all, it is just more FAKE
GD> manufactured hate.

I guess you are only listening to one "news" channel. Because, the news
organizations have talked about it. Your comment is not responsive. It
is a fact that Trump owns Mar a Lago. It is a fact that Mar a Lago
makes a profit, and that he gets his share of that profit.

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