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SubjTrump, etc.
On 28/06/2018 12:36, Gregory Deyss -> David Drummond wrote:

DD>> So... non-US citizens are not protected by US law when they are in US,
DD>> but they can be prosecuted by US law when there?

DD>> You don't see that as a little one-sided?

GD> That was not my intention to Dale, he made it sound like illegal
immigrants are
GD> afforded the same due process, and have the same the same protections as
GD> American Citizen, clearly they do not. They are not afforded laws or
GD> as written within the U.S. Constitution. But to your point if you would
come to
GD> the U.S. I would think you would have a passport, if so then you would not
GD> a problem getting into the country, but you would still be subject to our

Would I be protected by those same laws?

GD> If you want to visit the American Embassy I am sure they could provide you
GD> with whatever information that you wish to know.

There is no American Embassy in Australia, however the is a United States of
America Embassy.

My visiting the USA is less likely that world peace being declared while the
USA still exists.



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