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SubjRe: The 000 country phone number hoax
-=> On 06-27-18 12:18, Kees van Eeten wrote to Tony Langdon <=-

KvE> I cannot block Sip, as I hase users on the WAN with dynamic adresses.
KvE> I do use a dynamic generation of blocking rules on my firewall, but
KvE> those

I have no external SIP users, so blocking SIP was the obvious thing to do.

KvE> take time. Probes can be heavy, sometimes whole 4 mumber blocks are
KvE> scanned
KvE> within a few secconds. Another type of probes that apparenty is
KvE> automated is

Yes, when I had SIP open, the probes were constant, another reason to just
block them at the firewall.

KvE> forwarding of calls to a specific caller. If that succeeds, they have
KvE> found
KvE> the hole they are looking for and they start to offer services and
KvE> also
KvE> make long call to expensive numbers abroad, to generate income there.

KvE> My impression is that probes on SIP surpass the probes on my
KvE> mailserver in
KvE> quantity.

I'd believe that, from what I've seen eniffing incoming probes.

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