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SubjThe 000 country phone number hoax
On 27/06/2018 22:02, Ward Dossche -> Kees van Eeten wrote:

Kv>> The Tanken berg, the Holter berg, the Grebbe berg, the Vaalser berg and
Kv>> a few other hills, where the names do not spring to mind. ;)

WD> In Belgium we do not have the habit of giving dunes a name, with the
WD> single exception of the "Hogen Blekker" in Koksijde ... after all,
WD> they're just dunes.

You haven't seen "Big Red", near Birdsville in western Queensland, Australia.

Big Red
Birdsville, Diamantina Area

Standing at 40 metres in height, and situated just 35km from Birdsville; this
famous sand dune provides a challenge for any four wheel drive enthusiast. The
first of 1,140 parallel dunes in the Simpson Desert, the spectacular sunsets
from the top of Big Red are an experience not to be missed.



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